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I've got to wonder about the people who are developing this tech, though. like what good things do they think will happen

"the good of the scorpion is not the good of the frog yes?"

right now it relies on staying still and looking at the camera but the tech will improve. voice synthesizing software is getting better too but you need big dedicated hardware to copy someone's voice really well at the moment. eventually we'll be in a situation you can make anyone look like they did anything with a good PC and anyone can say something they were filmed doing was a deepfake and didn't happen.
it's gonna be a fun ride.  :zoom:  :bandwagon:

I think it's because jack's skull structure and hair frames jim's face differently. maybe we identify people by the sum of the parts and how they frame each other rather than the individual features? someone can seem like an utterly different person by changing their hair enough. chimps and tell each other apart by sight and humans can't tell the difference. There's probably a whole science to how and why humans recognize each other's faces and I don't know shit about it.

if there's no dunsparce in sword and shield I ain't buying. if he's there I am. I don't even care about all the other nonsense surrounding it and the bethesda-tier bullshit pr statements from game freak dunsparce is literally the only important factor here.

dunsparce = 10 out of 10 n64 trees A++
no-dunsparce = shit out of fuck b@lls F--

also there's a bunch of games coming out later this year I want and a lot of them are sixty dollars so if I'm gonna get one it's probably gonna be links awakening. or death stranding if it turns out good. cyberpunk 2077 and that platinum games switch thing both look good though so idk.

General Discussion / Re: we’re screwed
« on: July 14, 2019, 02:16:35 PM »
cable television is even more irrelevant than we are, nobody cares about sonic mania's anniversary unless sonic mania 2 gets announced

furthermore strawberryclock is king of the portal and all possible truth in the universe directly flows from this statement. anything not aligning with this infallible holy doctrine is objectively subjectively and spiritually wrong.

stale, lifeless, guaranteed to make obscene money, yep, that's a disney live action remake for you.

can't wait to see Lilo & Stitch Mulan and Hercules get the same treatment in the 2020s. they're obviously gonna skip home on the range. maybe they'll ruin the rescuers or fantasia after? frozen could be milked further with a live action remake.

speaking of disney shit the star wars theme park is entirely food and shops. the food isn't even good. there's one ride and it's just a video game in a slightly smaller than you'd expect millenium falcon. also it's all sequel stuff except the merch. extra sad considering universal japan's nintendo park looks real nice from the leaks.

apparently the donkey kong roller coaster has some kind of stilt mechanism so it can have real tracks below and fake rickety looking tracks where the rider thinks the wheels are, so it can simulate jumps like the real mine kart levels.

also get well patriot clock 1like=1prayer get that neck looked at

I loved all the DCAU stuff from batman to justice league unlimited. idk if zeta project was any good it's been too long. the writers kept going for tv movies with their own continuity separate from the show or any of the comics but I stopped paying attention to those. I do remember Under the Red Hood being good. If you liked BTAS it's worth checking out. it's real good shit. I think the last time I paid attention to DC comics proper was during that big green lantern thing where they introduced the other colors. marvel I can't even remember. It doesn't sound like either of them have done anything great in almost a decade. I only hear about the disasters lol. I wouldn't trust either of them with their own franchises. oh well at least I've got one punch man and my hero academia to scratch that itch. mha is more like x men evolution half the time rather than any of the actual comics though. did they ever do any worthwhile xmen cartoons after that? I loved the first one and evolution as a kid.

lol was silver shamrock
lock legion was 500 dollar steakhouse

"his avatar is gonna have a keyblade isn't it"


"yep there it is"

still, good on them

lol that script was what my afternoon needed

for my part in the "between the flash" collab that I'm probably never going to finish (sorry, for anybody who has been waiting the last 7 years), I wrote you in as a screeching, tentacled space monster pretty much exactly because of this flexibility
speaking of flexibility dumpster used to use this great alternate persona called "fucking horrible clockname" where it was just any random fuckin thing. I always liked it.

also the best

I always liked drawing floundermen because their design is whatever the hell I want them to be.

there's no model to follow except grey ball red lines/fins/spikes. it just works.

I have the worst clock design ever lol.

I'm doing well enough. not phantomcat-tier buddhaesque contentedness, but above horrific robclockian abject despair since I don't currently have a cold. I'm sitting here thinking I should use my free time to practice drawing again. but nier just came in the mail this afternoon and I think I'm gonna blow it all on that.

I just cant get into lets plays and streams. I just wanna play the games myself. yet it's this massive social phenomenon. game grumps alone are a phenomenon. I like commenting on games with friends it just doesn't do it for me to watch people I dont know. I am an abnormal deviant and incompatible with normal human society.

I could have sworn they deleted silvagunner's account over copyright bullshit. glad to see he's back. I love that there's a normal video game music channel called gilvasunner and they used to have the opposite names so it's even more confusing.

thesis on the study of bb10 related psychosis

now that I think about it this is the same kind of relationship chris chan has with all the places he got banned from. in particular some video game store. I don't mean that like an insult or "lol dey bos hav autism" I mean it's legitimately uncanny. his comics on deviant art are kinda similar in structure to single page sonichu comics too. not in exact content or visual style but in the way it's written paneled and how characters interact with each other. he seems to view and obsess over certain clocks the way chris sees his IRL "villains" like his old dean as well.

General Discussion / Re: The "redesign JambaClock" thread
« on: June 29, 2019, 05:29:32 PM »
sometimes cartoons.

General Discussion / Re: The "redesign JambaClock" thread
« on: June 29, 2019, 05:28:45 PM »
the clock crew isn't an crew it's a lifestyle brand. that lifestyle being strawberryclock cult worship and human sacrifice.

I know I can dualboot to get all the shit that's windows only but getting used to a new OS is aaerasdfasdffffff and sometimes some particular kind of linux based thing will stop being good even though it was good for years so you gotta hunt down another one and I dont wanna go to a new school mom all my friends are here and michigan smells bad run on sentence

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