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tangential, but my favorite Lovecraft story is The Outsider, which is also the least cosmic horror-y of his stuff that I’ve read

it’s about a boy who lives in a dilapidated castle at the bottom of a massive, cavernous pit, reading books and dreaming of escape
one day the isolation gets to be too much and he decides to risk climbing out the of the pit by scaling the highest tower of the crumbling castle
and it takes a long time and he nearly dies, but he does. DISHY POSSUM
so he gets out, and he hears people
so he heads toward them, and it’s a beautiful, lavish party
but just as he enters, the party is suddenly wrecked by a horrible monster that he can’t see
the people flee in terror, and as the room empties he at last sees the source of the commotion: a grotesque shambling mockery of the human form standing in th-whoops wait that’s a mirror, shit. it was really dark down there and he just saw humans in his books and just assumed he looked like that too
and then
he’s like
“yesssssss dUDE FUCK YES. YES!!”
and there’s a huge paragraph describing how now he flies around at night with his “mocking and friendly” new ghoul pals and plays all day in hidden catacombs and forgotten valleys only rising to terrorize the surface in the moonlight because being a monster fucking rules
and that’s it that’s the end of the story

I love it so much
partly because that is exactly how I would have reacted if I got Innsmouth’d when I was a kid (or a young man (or now tbh))
but also because it’s so the opposite of all of his other conclusions, this fear and otherworldly terror of everyone and everything instead becomes “what if I’m the monsterous invader? hm that would be... pretty sweet.”

the moles are big fuck off elitists, is what they are :mad:

I apparently found 30 of a possible 29 paths, is that normal?
yeah I think that's a way of fucking with completionists or warding off incurious players

iirc there's closer to 37 or 38? somewhere in there

Ten years since the dissolution of the original 3D Realms team, I wonder who will secure the rights to Duke when this ordeal results in Gearbox going belly up?
maybe it'll be like when Midway died and Mortal Kombat went to a new company created by the people who love it

I was working on something just now and suddenly had an incredibly dumb realization

the riddle from the start of John Dies at the End:

is not the Ship of Theseus problem

the answer is no
because he wasn't slain with an axe
he was shot :facepalm:

was this intentional? am I the only one who didn't pick up on it?

I had seen Sherlock Holmes Crime and Punishments was out but I kind of left that series alone after Testament because the developers had clearly started taking some heavy influence from more recent adaptations of the character (Read: Moffat’s) which soured my interest. But a glowing recommendation may well be enough to get me to watch a YouTube lets play give it a shot.
it might be a little Moffaty jahu
the game starts out with Sherlock firing a pistol blindfolded because he's so eccentric!!
and Sherlock reading a person at a glance is played out as highlighting details in slow-motion close-ups with floating words

but idk I only watched one episode of the BBC Sherlock, and, of the stories, I've only read A Study in Scarlet and A Scandal in Bohemia, so I'm not exactly an expert

it's the game design that got me
rather than leading you by the nose, or making the mysteries trivial, the mysteries are quite complex, and it won't even tell you if you've got it right until after you've committed to a theory, but everything else about the game sort of augments your own real cognitive faculties. it won't do the thinking for you, but it gives you ways to clearly map out your thoughts and see what possibilities you've already been over, which ones you haven't considered, and what still needs to be looked into. it's a delight.
a lot of games have made me feel like I'm better at, for example, murder, than I really am(, probably), but this is the only time a game has made me feel like I'm better than I really at figuring shit out

I had to check but yes indeed Into the Breach came out last year
from the makers of FTL, it's a tactical rpg with perfect information (the only one I've ever seen) meaning as you direct your dudes around, the game tells you in no uncertain terms what the enemy is going to do, how much damage they can do, how much damage your dudes can do, where the enemies will be after you use an attack that moves them, what order the attacks will go in, etc. etc. and there's no time limit which means anything that goes wrong is exactly 100% your own fucking fault and that's great
also it's Pacific Rim

I'm also going to plug RABBIT GAME one more time. I've previously written about it here:
ok so real talk I actually love indie games probably too much, and I'm going to go off-off-broadway with my first recommendation: wet gamin's spectacularly odd RABBIT GAME, a food chain simulator cum existential nightmare. you take on a myriad of shifting roles (usually from being devoured by whatever you'll play as next) through an endless cycle of life and death through the many inhabitants of a strange, disjointed forest, crudely depicted with hastily scrawled bitmaps floating in what turns out to be a bewilderingly large and labyrinthian 3-dimensional collage. (screenshots unfortunately do not do it justice.) your journey, navigated by wiggling your mouse to progress the camera on rails and clicking on things (or carefully avoiding them to see what lies beyond), is narrated in something approaching poetic free verse which is, at turns, simple and childlike, endearingly goofy, irreverent, callously sardonic, or viscerally unsettling

it runs free in your browser, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for some truly outside the box shit. this is video games as jodorowski by way of harmony korine. it's raw, and inaccessible, and sweeping in scope, and completely unapologetic, and I thought about it for days after I played it (at least play until you meet the moles. if you're not intrigued after that, fie)
and have nothing new to say, really, except that rabbit game should be hanging in a museum

is that it? hm.
I played Resident Evil 7 to death, but the second half of me playing that was more like conquering a mountain than enjoying a hike
I replayed Bastion, Undertale, and New Vegas, but nobody wants to hear about that
I liked Night in the Woods, Oxenfree, The Magic Circle, Quadrilateral Cowboy, We Know the Devil, and a lot of Kitty Horrorshow's output, but I don't know if any of the passed the bar for goty, they were all just... very good in distinct and enjoyable but non-earth-shattering ways

oh, Sherlock Holmes Crimes & Punishments was shockingly good, and I assume the only reason nobody cares is because it's a Sherlock Holmes game and anybody can just make those if they want to. but if you'd like to really feel like a detective, I have never seen it done better in a video game

I was really digging Crossing Souls. 3/4 top down 80's-pastiche action rpg where you play as a gang of Goonies-esque child stereotypes that just unpretentiously embraces the fantasy of kids going on adventures (like, the nerdy kid straight up invented and uses a laser gun). so basically my dream game... until a bit of casual, subtextual homophobia toward the end of the demo pretty much murdered my buzz. :/ but if you're into the same kind of shit but not as sensitive to that sort of thing, this one kind of flew under the radar

the "still great but it's been great for so long I can't even remember if I gave it goty already" award goes to Kentucky Route Zero,
the "this is only a demo and I need to calm down" award goes to Deltarune,
the "I wish I played this because it's probably great" award goes to Return of the Obra Dinn,
the "I can't believe I still enjoy wasting time on this" award goes to Don't Starve and Broforce
the "I only have room for one open world game at a time and this one got in line four years ahead of Spider-Man and Red Dead" award goes to Shadow of Mordor
and the "I swear to god playing this used to be fun why am I so miserable" award goes to Overwatch, the first time the award has gone to anything other than TF2 or a WWE game, congratulations Blizzard

sounds like I need to watch Jumanji 2: The Streets

I know none of you really watch wrestling but if anyone's like a casual fan or something, last year's Royal Rumble is on a short list for greatest of all time, up there with 92 and 2001, and WWE just put it up on youtube for free. good way to kill an hour



Happy New Year to all my fans, Fuck the Hulk Hogan

I found this in an old image folder and it's cracking me up

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« on: December 29, 2018, 12:02:25 AM »
oh hey


Okay out of all of those I want an explanation of Jigen. Not 'nuff said I'm desperately curious about that one

slurpee i thought he said cute anime dudes

like good looking ones

lookk, the science is on my side
if you've got different opinions, why don't you post them, in the trash, where they belong, rebecca

Change the thread to "Which anime dude is cutest" because I was PROMISED

without further ado:

#1: Firo from baccano

this depression-era anime makes his fedora era-appropriate and its old-school style reflects the cocksure charm of this east coast accented... *checks notes* immortal, alcoholic gangster

#2 "jacuzzi", also from baccano

this is the other kind of cute ok. like cute cute, get yor mind out of the stinkin gutter
he's got a dumb facial tattoo and a dumber name and he's whiny as shit but look in those eyes and tell me you don't want to keep him safe forever you fuckin liar

#1 nagisa


#1 kogepan

as you can see, we're now back to a more grown-up understanding of the word "cute"

#1: roronoa zoro, from the mark of zoro

seen here very tired and looking at some dank nugz

#1: Jigen, from Lupin III

'nuff said

#1 Freddie from Cromartie High School

c'mon son

#1: the blood lad from blood lad

I haven't read it or watched it but look at this dork

#1: terry "the red rooster" taylor from kill la kill

I heard kill la kill goes to some weird places but keep in mind I don't really watch the anime I'm just an expert in cute dudes. all this guy needs is an eyebrow pluck and my d i g i t s

#1: this guy

but don't try to find more pics of him. that's for grown-ups

#1 Gregory from Gregory Horror Show

a controversial choice, to be sure. many would not as soon volunteer an elderly, cross-eyed, and possibly diseased talking rat rendered in n64-caliber graphics for this kind of list
but cuteness can also be about personality, and something about the way Gregory always calls strangers "my friend", and, under the domineering control of his mother, tries to ensnare them forever in his demented home for wayward souls, is guaranteed to melt hearts

#1 kamen rider

#1 Common

#1 Canti from flcl

my tall handsome tv-headed boyfriend ;3

#1 r-retro from dead leaves!?

i-it's not what it looks like!

#1 Scott Bakula

oh jeez, how did this get here?


merry christmas

The undead explanation for that was supposed to sound like "I CHOOSE THIS BECAUSE I KNOW VERY LITTLE OF THIS GAME" but it came out like "I CHOSE THIS BECAUSE I AM RETARDED LIKE THE WOLF"

it's a festivus miracle!

the best anime is Gregory Horror Show

General Discussion / Re: Help
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ftr I think you all made some good points, I just don't have anything to add

 i PiCked a cUtE oNe... >.<

...hEAt's GeTtin' 2 me. -o-
i'Ll mUrDeR u MoMeNtARilY... -_O

bUt 1sT... I NeEd a CoOl DrInK... oF iCe... WaTer x_o


... Selina? >:|

Selena Kyle! >:D
UR fired! >:]

& Bruce Wayne… y ru dressed up like Batman >:?

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