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General Discussion / Re: For your movies.
« on: August 01, 2017, 05:22:21 PM »
those are some really nicely drawn couches.

surprisingly, the CC movies had a great lack of couches, a void which shall be (now) filled by you!

good job, redbook-clock!

but grey, he was using caps lock! thats screaming in internet land!


well, tuna is great, but leftover eggs are probably the culprit here. never let leftover eggs ''out'' for too long, even if its in the chilling safety of the fridge.
they go bad fast, and they can often cause... discomfort.
combine that with leftover fish, and its a deathbomb.

how do i know those things, you might ask?
well, one of my cousins tried that, and.. he had a similar experience when he went to a quiet coffee place to talk with his friends.

Entertainment / Re: BARNEY MY PEBBLES
« on: July 31, 2017, 03:49:21 PM »
damn I miss the 80's

the 80's seemed cool, at least in music+movies, that is...

good to know, jamba clock.
have a nice trip/pleasant vacations!

wow, settel downe, slurpee!111oneone

take some zanax for that, will ya?

i thought that we were good friends acquaintances, so seeing you screaming like howard dean is kinda strange.

so, whats up, guys?

you know how people say they were this or that in a former life, alexander the great or an animal of some kind, or like we've got this idea of "old souls" - people who seem to be wizened and mature beyond their years like they somehow learned a lifetime's worth of lessons before they even got started-, or "lost souls"- people who seem to just be drifting along without purpose or attachment- or a "free spirit", or just, whatever, y'know, shit like that, and it's all just sort of this way of encapsulating this ethereal sense of a person's meaning, the relationship that they're naturally fit to have with the universe, and the way it can just sort of shine out of them like a light?

I think my version of whatever that is, whatever the fuck a human being's essence is and where this sense of self comes from, I was meant to lie down on in the dark, tired but not sleepy, and quietly, comfortably, peacefully wait for the sky to drop. no panic. no hurt. just the end. that's my function. I'm a rock somebody will be able grab onto at the end of the world that they can use to steady themselves and that'll make them feel at peace as they pass into oblivion. not saying it'll happen, maybe I'm just like an emergency empathetic tranquility ration that'll never have to be opened and that'd be ok too but until then I just exist in this moment between between lying down and always having a little bit further I need to go. do you know what I mean? will anybody ever know what the fuck I mean?
that was a beautiful post, slurpee.
i dont want to brag, but i understand what you mean.

i hope that there is some sort of reincarnation/soul-recyling, because, otherwise, this whole thing would be pointless.
i mean, if, after death we only get darkness in the void, and we just sink in the final entropy of the cosmos, then thats really depressing.
but if there is some form of reincarnation, then it all makes sense, and there is a purpose in this thing.
i hope, at least.

PS: interestingly, the point of ''a living rock's thoughts+existence'' is discussed thoroughly in umberto eco's ''the island of the day before'', when roberto de la griv tries to contemplate the thoughts+''life'' of a rock, in regards to its existence, in the (impossible) case that it does have a ''soul'' (hypothetically, that is).

i say, what if we all stop fighting and just enjoy the forums?

i mean, we shouldnt fight eachother, we should make love+flash movies.


General Discussion / Re: Strawberry's Ice Cream!!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: July 28, 2017, 09:19:14 PM »
fived+reviewed! :D

also read this quote below, and answer honestly, bob:
answer me this, robert:
have i (personally) annoyed you in the last few months?
have i insulted you, or have i said anything about you, in this recent period? no.
if my mere presence annoys you, then you should stop looking at my posts (since all posts of people in your ignored list are hidden)and go on your merry way.
^^^also read carefully and follow that advice.

in conclusion:
you like the clockcrew, i also like the clockcrew.
so, stop whinning about me 24/7, move on, and start doing something productive with your free time.(such as creating good movies/drawings, and posting in the CC forums).
^^^i can't stress this enough.

stop talking about me/about my ban, you're annoying everyone with your useless drama/with your  whining.
if you cannot understand this simple plea, then someone else has a mental disability.(and its not me)

This thread was made by Miraclefruit, this thread was made by Golden, and this thread you made yourself. That's my three count. None instigated by me.)

then, WHO created this thread? hmm? h:
oh, thats right... you.
and thanks to your thread+needless drama, losperman left the forums. (along with some other clocks)

also, i can't help but notice how you instigated drama in this thread as well:

i could list many of your malicious attempts to ban me/to generate drama in the forums, but that wouldnt be very nice, and i dont wanna cause any problems.

so: stop lying, and take up the responsibility of your actions.
(also, stop generating drama, and let me be. i dont annoy you(anymore), so you shouldnt annoy me).

also, about this:
This thread was made by Miraclefruit, this thread was made by Golden, and this thread you made yourself..)
seriously? the threads that you've listed are all misleading, because: golden posted a funny thread where i had a minor squabble with grey-clock (whom i still like, all things considered), the other thread (that i created) was just me asking for some flash help from phantomcat-clock, and the ONLY legitimate thread about me getting banned was, the thread that miraclefruit did, but hey, the guy always hated me, so its not really a surprise, nor is it anything unbiased.

stop saying bullshit, and stop generating drama.

How many concurrent threads or conversations pertaining to people not liking you will it take to convince you that your presence is not appreciated? By my count there is three actively.
...and the 2 of them are made by you.

answer me this, robert:
have i (personally) annoyed you in the last few months?
have i insulted you, or have i said anything about you, in this recent period? no.
if my mere presence annoys you, then you can stop looking at my posts (since all posts of ppl in your ignored list are hidden)and go on your merry way.

you like the clockcrew, i also like the clockcrew.
so, stop whinning about me 24/7, move on, and start doing something productive with your free time.
(such as creating good movies/drawings, and posting in the CC forums).

lastly, if you (still) believe that i ''insult'' your clockcrew ''aesthetics'', then you should remind yourself that you are not strawberry clock/orange, nor any of the founding clocks.
(not to mention that posting random stuff isnt a violation of the rules: otherwise, most of the new+old-ish clocks would be banned now)
so chill out, ok?

i honestly hope that newgrounds will make the transition between the old flash format and the new HTML5/swivel-flash-to-video formats...

newgrounds is a great place, you guys, and it must remain alive.

PS: did anyone attend the game-con? tom fulp showed his newest game in there, ''nightmare cops''.

Go the fuck away
no, you go away, moron. i dont harm anybody, and you're not the boss of me.

PS: stop reading my posts, you dimwit.
what part of ''adding someone to your ignore list'' you do not understand?

yo phantomcat, PM me

this thread is pointless and stupid,
like its creator.

My name is Billiard Ball 10 Clock and I am a victim of net neutrality swordsman.

also: did we win this ''net neutrality'' thing, or is the internet's freedom doomed?
Tom has done a couple of interviews about flash's "end of life" and the news post on NG right now is addressing it
Worth reading if you give a heck
indeed, its very interesting.
it saddens me to see flash+flash sites slowly reaching the ''end'' of their ''lives'', because flash movies+games are the best thing that one can see on the internet.

if all the flash movies+games are gone, whats going to happen?
there will be only cat videos, memes and porn in the internet to watch, and while porn and memes are good, i still think that the internet will be a poorer place...

bruh wizards are going extinct don't you read pottermore
good. dreadful creatures
plot twist: slurpee is a warlock.

I wasn't born in the corner of a room you doofus. It's in reference to the ongoing talk about the remote corners of countries.

ah yes. i understand.
yes, frontier-towns have a certain charm, i really like visiting them+exploring new, ''undicovered'' areas.
(or underappreciated (small) areas in general)

As for the castle reference, it was about me feeling sheltered in a town surrounded by hills, at the end of a long road that goes through a dark tunnel of trees. As in, I can imagine having a similar feeling when you live in a castle and find yourself surrounded by thick walls and a moat or whatever. You feel me homeboy.
yeah, i know what you mean.
natural enviroments can form a nice ''castle'' of sorts, its beautiful.
in my land we have many hills+mountains, along with large forests and many (wheat) fields, so i can totally understand this feeling...

in regards to awesome birth-locations, do fortified-towns count?
i was born in a bastion, with had many castles+fortified walls around it. (since the byzantine years).
ofcourse, i wasnt born inside a castle; i was born in a hospital, one that exists within the area of the fortified town.

as for my house, it was a simple house, (not a castle by any means), but after many jobs, travels and adventures,
i now live in a (small) cozy stone house, which is the next best thing. (my new place is located on a different town tho; this is a small town/a ''large'' village, and it is a more rural place, full of large forests and nearby beaches.)

Also, you might want to try and divulge those cool stories instead of merely stating that there are in fact cool stories.
i would, but they are mostly ghost stories about haunted houses+old deaths, so it wouldnt be very pleasant.
i need to ask some of the older people tho, they know many of those stories.

I was once at the inception of something that could very well have become a myth. After school one day we walked past this small forest and some other kids came out and told us they had found something weird. So we went in and found these clumps of what looked like white fur all over the place. So our imaginations kicked into overdrive and pretty soon we had convinced ourselves that a sheep had been killed there. That subject dominated our conversations for weeks. In retrospect somebody probably brushed their dog there. OR AT LEAST THAT'S WHAT THE SERIAL SHEEP KILLER WOULD HAVE ME BELIEVE.

damn, thats an awesome story, grey!
a sheep-killing machine is on the loose! protect your sheeplings! LOL

do you have more stories like this? ^^^^^^^

I grew up in a town of about 3000 people, but there were some fucked up things going on. I remember a few more from back when I was in elementary school: this family of French immigrants lived not too far from me, a mother, a daughter and a son.[...]At one point they were evicted from their house for just shitting all over the place, which was discovered after neighbors complained about the stench. Come to think of it, we used to throw rocks at the guy, so now I've made myself feel bad. Some of these stories are very cruel
damn, this made me feel sad.
disabled people+cases of evil acts within a family (as in your attic rape story), such things always make me feel awful, so i am depressed now.

as for the skeletor lady, it saddens me to see ppl fall into the torment of anorexia.
(same thing applies for bulimia/compulsive eatings/extreme dietary habits, and any other mental condition that includes not-eating or excessive eating.)

however, it is surprising that ''skeletor lady'' lived long enough(for years) with such a harsh (daily) regiment of 1 apple+6 hours of constant running...

@phantomcat: you should write some of the best folk-stories/tales of your town, they sound interesting.

also @phantomcat: thanks for the yoyo info, i will try the N8 as soon as i will raise my yoyo-skill level...

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