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It doesnt need to be something actually released last year. Neither of mine were (just the versions I played). Dark Souls Remastered and the switch port of Kero Blaster.

Dark Souls was so damn good I was willing to start over when a power surge killed my save halfway through. The dark yet beautiful fantasy atmosphere, the story and worldbuilding you have to hunt down to find, the hard but deep and fair gameplay (minus the platforming), and the interconnected almost metroid-y world all come together into something truly unique. I almost want a ps3 just for demons souls. but so far Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 have sated my hunger for more dark souls, even if they didnt quite capture me as much. Though I'm no where near done with DS3. Bloodborne was some incredible stuff but I feel the story could be just slightly more involved and used more NPCs to talk to. Dark Souls 1 struck a good balance with that. Bloodborne felt more like a series of levels with cool lore. do remember before you buy though, that the remastered version has a strangely worse and less atmospheric lighting system (though not ruinously so) but is also 60fps instead of 30 and doesnt lag like the old game apparently did in places like blighttown. Pick what you value more if you pick up the original or the remaster.

Kero Blaster is by the dude who made Cave Story, and apparently it was similar to it early in development. I bet some people would have wanted that instead of a linear platformer shooter. I sure would have enjoyed that, but I'm glad he went with something new. It's one of the most viscerally satisfying jump and shoot games I've ever played. It just FEELS good. Every weapon is fun and every upgrade changes the behavior of said weapon instead of just adding strength (thought it still does). each weapon is necessary and tactically useful throughout the game too. and when you unlock hard mode it's actually an entirely new story set after the first mode with new color pallettes enemies and platform placement for every level and boss. I love when games do shit like that. Reminds me of Kirby Dreamland 1 when all the enemies changed designs on hard mode. while understated the story and world had me curious. But you gotta dig for it and analyze it a bit to know whats going on. It isn't anything deep either, it's mainly about dealing with current and pent up anxiety as far as I can tell. apparently that anxiety turns into the monsters you fight? But it isn't bad or shallow either, it's very charming in fact. Being a bit esoteric works out for it like with dark souls, but it could have been a little more straightforward. Cave Story got it better in that sense. the pixel art is charming as all hell too, just like Cave Story and Ikachan before it.

The best thing truly released in 2018 that I actually got around to on time was Super Smashio Brothers Ultimatum because they finally put in King K Rool. He's fucking good too, not only is that crown throw thing tactically useful AND hilarious, the fat bastard has a combination reflector/counter. eat shit everyone from Fire Emblem and Starfox my boy has the golden gut. complete with invulnerability during his smash attacks what the fuck is that. that said Starfox got Wolf back, and he's got his "oh you're good but i'm better" line too. oh and spirits mode was fun too. I was hoping for more bombastic brawl-style cutscenes but god damn that world map was a fun concept and incredibly well fleshed out.

Pokemon Stadium / post here
« on: August 21, 2014, 10:10:44 PM »
get a crappy drawing. example:


My gay facebook anniversary with absintheclock. If he didnt buy me a dozen roses and a wii u I'm leaving him and taking half his money and also all the cats.

Anyone remember Clockday 2012's Pass the Spam? Fuck yes you do it's the best collab we've ever done and you know it. If you haven't seen it then watch it before bothering with this thread. Quite a few good clocks were in on it, and you all worked together so well the thing came out to be a perfectly cohesive bullshit clusterfuck and make me laugh so hard I hurt my throat. Since that collab worked out so well last time let's do that again. For those of you who a bit hazy on the details here's the theme:

Minimum thirty second spam flash that continues on the plot from the previous part, and progresses the overall plot, or doesn't, or fucks up the plot horribly. As long as it's funny, do whatever you want. That's the key thing here, focus on being funny over polished animation or even a coherent plot. Shittyness is encouraged, from small scale shittyness to elaborate and grandiose shittyness. Four parts will be designated as "quality parts" in the sense that they will be longer (90 seconds minimum) and rather than only having a day to make their part, they get three. Not just anyone is gonna get those spots either, no shoobies, pooftahs, or communists.

The first part (00. INTRODUCTION)  however is different, it will be a full effort affair that makes the viewer think they're actually going to watch something classy and competently animated, like Kombucha's part in the last PTS. Towards the end of the this part, shift to spam, or allow part one (00.) to be the abrupt, jarring drop in quality/taste. Obviously this person will get more time to make their part and it will overlap with production of parts 1-17. Again, no shooftahs.

-save your FLAs as CS5.5 or lower
-Your part must be at least 30 seconds long
-one day time limit for parts
-quality parts must be at least 90 seconds and have a three day time limit.
-Name all your symbols Yourclockname_symbol1 or something like that so they're distinct from symbols in other parts. (example: flounderman_speecharrow)
-one part per person (unless not enough people sign up or there are no shows)
-no shows will have their parts skipped or given away
-put your flash in a movie clip and set your audio to stream or you will be banned for six years

And finally, if enough people want changes to the format (more spots, more quality spots, two for everybody, different resolution size, etc) then that's what we'll do.

00 INTRODUCTION RenegadeClock
03 TropzillaClock DONE
04 RobClock DONE
05 VuvuzelaClock DONE
06 PhantomCatClock DONE
07 ScrewClock skip
08 AnkhClock DONE
10 MightybooshClock skip
11 BB10Clock DONE
11.5 Pop-TartClock DONE-ish
12 EvilBeanClock DONE
13 PolyhedronClockDONE
15 PatriotClock DONE
16 Abba-ZabaClockSkip
17 WobbuffetClock DONE
18 FloundermanClockSkip
19 AbsintheClock IS SEXY
20 QUALITY PART DurianClock if he were a chick I'd fuck it
21 Evil Bean Clock
22 SlurpeeClock
23 Pez
24 KombuchaClock
25 StrawberryClock
CREDITS. [open!]
MENU. [open!]
COMPILING. FloundermanClock




Yet more proof that meth is good for you and gives you superpowers.

You cannot fuck a girl because you have a little one / Merry Agonstica!
« on: December 25, 2013, 11:08:56 AM »
pick a side you fence-humping cowards. you agnostics make me sick.

Gas Chamber / bird
« on: December 16, 2013, 02:13:17 AM »

Gaming & Technology / CC Pokemon X&Y Tournament
« on: November 25, 2013, 07:53:08 PM »

Do you have pokemon X and Y and a 3DS that can connect to the internet? Do you want to be the very best? Like no one ever was? Then post here and sign up for this shit. After everybody is all signed up we'll assign opponents. Here's some rules

1. This is a standard single elimination tournament. You lose, you're out.
2. No legendaries you asshole
3. no hacked pokemon (obviously)
4. all pokemon will be adjusted to level 50 (thats the default setting for online and link battles anyways so you dont worry about it)
5. both parties must agree to the battle type, whether it be single, double, triple, or rotation
6. six pokemon each (also a default setting)
7. The winner gets an incredibly shitty flash made about them extolling their greatness by none other than myself. And yes, if I win I plan to make an obnoxious flash about how great I am.

And thats about it. Exchange friend codes with the opponent you get over PM IM or whatever and schedule a time for the battle, then report back to this thread with the results and I'll update the OP.


1. IronClock
2. SobeClock
3. AstronautClock 0232-8406-0877
4. FloundermanClock 0018-1279-3650
5. LumpClock 2466-2710-4187
6. AbbaZabaClock
7. TequilaClock 0404-6169-1803
8. KeyClock 1032-1631-4129
9. ScrewdriverClock
10. OcarinaClock


SobeClock[WINNER] VS AstronautClock
OcarinaClock VS KeyClock
IronClock[DRAW] VS LumpClock[DRAW]
TequilaClock VS ScrewdriverClock[WINNER]
FloundermanClock[WINNER] VS  AbbazabbaClock

General Discussion / BUTT DAY!! Voting Thread
« on: November 06, 2013, 03:14:31 AM »
Yesterday Abbazabba declared it to be BUTT DAY!! and six noble Clocks rose to the challenge. As his thread previously stated, whoever's flash is voted the best will receive the highly coveted and rarely handed out BUTT MEDAL. Get your democracy girdles on gentlemen it's time to vote!


[SWF=width=550 height=400][/SWF]


[SWF=width=420 height=400][/SWF]


[SWF=width=400 height=300][/SWF]


[SWF=width=550 height=400][/SWF]


[SWF=width=550 height=300][/SWF]


[flash=]width=480 height=270[/flash]

Entertainment / Gravity Falls is the only worthwhile show on Disney
« on: October 28, 2013, 04:07:19 AM »
I know that's not saying much Disney Channel blows but wow this show is great. I don't know why it isn't on Cartoon Network.



Here's some minisodes that are really good.



Gaming & Technology / Pokemon X and Y
« on: October 25, 2013, 02:18:47 AM »
Who here got the new pokeyman? Gimme your friend codes and battle me I lust for blood.


scan this with your 3ds camera QR code scanner and update your game. otherwise saving in lumiose city corrupts your save file

General Discussion / The First Dildo In Space
« on: October 24, 2013, 08:52:27 PM »

This is a monumental, breath taking achievement for the human race.

Cooking & Food / Halloween Candy Appreciation Thread
« on: October 09, 2013, 07:25:44 PM »
Halloween candy is the best candy. Does anyone else prefer the pumpkin/christmas tree/egg versions of candy bars to the original form? I'm told this has something to do with the balance of chocolate to filling and the consistency of said filling.

fuck mini toothpaste if you put that in a kid's basket you are an TERRIBLE person and deserve the eggs and toilet paper your house will inevitably be covered in.

what the hell are these things and where do they come from. I have never seen one come out of a bag, they just used to show up in my candy haul.

Thankfully we don't have to deal with loser candy anymore. We can just buy enough good candy on clearance the morning after halloween for the rest of the year. No more of this garbage when you finish off the the premium shit.

also these things should be skulls and stain your tongue red that'd be so perfect. Don't get me wrong I love how red velvet has snuck it's way into candy and everywhere else but there are some serious opportunities being missed here.

Nominations / Marlin for SMOD
« on: September 06, 2013, 06:09:28 PM »
-actively participates in the grid
-posts regularly everywhere else
-has been with us for eight years
-best candidate for clock pope
-if we're gonna have an election we might as well have more than one candidate on the ballot who isnt just an incumbent I mean cmon

Pokemon Stadium / Andrew Loomis art books
« on: August 24, 2013, 05:57:45 AM »
I dont care what skill level you're at or even if you're a genius or you cant draw a circle.  If you want help with any kind of illustration, whether it's realistic figure drawing or cartooning this will be great for you. His books are well written, funny, and very easy to understand. These are better than any art textbook or how to draw guide I've ever seen. Here's all his books in pdf form get them right now and flip through them, or at least one that looks interesting to you. If you want physical copies prepare to go searching cause they've been out of print for years :(

download pdfs

« on: July 23, 2013, 12:10:14 AM »
Now that we have both finally finished our flashes that we were somehow late two days on when we had two weeks to do them, it's time to vote! The winner gets a flash battle award (once a kind admin decides to upload the award) and the loser gets sent to the grinder for five days like the scum he is!

Astronaut's Flash: Magical Flounderman

Flounderman's flash: Flounderman Space Program

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