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Free BB10. Stop with the bullshit conspiracy stuff.

Gas Chamber / Free BB10Clock
« on: June 27, 2019, 03:17:32 PM »
Free BB10. Do it. It'll really make that bitchhh nintendo mad.

How much pussy do I have to suck to get a good dicking? I've suckled a boy's cock before, but not since high school. I've suckled a boy's cock a long, long time."

That's one of the most disgusting things I have ever heard of. It takes a special kind of dick to make me gag like that. It gets me all hot and bothered. I'm thinking. He's got balls. Ohh, why did he have to say that last part?

She starts rubbing her wet cunt. It does look amazing. I can't decide if it's good or bad, or if it's just the feel of her cock brushing my thighs. My body feels hot all at once. A hot little heat pulsing in my thighs.

Suddenly, She pushes herself out of bed and gets out with him in her arms, making it easy for me to slide back in myself. She smiles, a goofy grin in her eyes that is so nice on her face. She slides my big cock deeper in her pussy. I'm so glad you didn't tell them me about that, because…

Her finger hits my clit hard. I look back at her, amazed. I can remember that scene, from when I was still trying to figure out how to keep my hands off her tits. That's when she said it first, as a joke, and then after it happened, she stopped and started to choke on my cock. As she got hotter and more excited, I realized what I didn't know, though I never forgot: that this girl is fucking perfect. She hasn't had anyone fuck her for anything. She doesn't need anything to get her off. All she wants is for me, as my cock is going back and forth inside her, to shoot her hot little cum all over my cock. It took some convincing. Once the excitement wore off, I knew what she wanted, and I was ready to do it. I slide her ass up and up against my chest, so she can lie down on all fours with her ass up in the air, ready to cum. That makes for an amazing way to have my hands on her tight little asshole. But she wanted more. She wanted to cum in my ass, and I was prepared to go for it. With each stroke, her orgasm comes and out comes her glorious hot load, as if we were shooting our loads on opposite ends of the world. It made for some rather intense action as we moved around each other. When I pulled out, her huge load was sitting down on top of me, which was really arousing and helped me cum for her too. By now I was really horny, and my cock was hard as a rock. With each ejaculate, her orgasm would come and her hot load would settle on top of it and fall off my cock. I could feel it, it just sat there like my cum was finally ready for release. I put my cock into her mouth and sucked and took a deep gulp of cum, enjoying the way her beautiful load fell from my cock. "Ahhh," she breathed and then dropped to her knees again, her eyes closed for a moment, and her whole body shimmered with passion. She held my cock in one hand, pulled the top of my pants down to her pussy, then pulled down my shorts and underwear...and she was already dressed up! My cock still throbbed with eager anticipation, but it wasn't getting any harder or softer just yet! Just as she did, I grabbed her hard, firm arms and carried her into the kitchen, where She held my cock in one hand, pulled the top of my pants down to her pussy, then pulled down my shorts and underwear...and she was already dressed up! My cock still throbbed with eager anticipation, but it wasn't getting any harder or softer just yet! Just as she did, I grabbed her hard, firm arms and carried her into the kitchen, where she slid her legs around to her stomach and lifted herself to her feet. Standing on her toes and letting her breasts wobble over her toes, I pushed my cock all the way up to her cunt, and began thrusting my cock deep into her tight pussy, making her feel so good! At first, I didn't really want her pussy to be touched, so I didn't push in. But when she was ready, and she started moaning loudly with orgasms, I pulled out. I'd missed it because I'd thought it was too hard and didn't cum for a couple seconds, but after a few strokes of my cock came in with just a small trickle down my length, and my cockhead hit the entrance where my fingers had been during the sex felt like I was hitting it with my teeth! Her ass was pressed up against the sink, and she looked down, her gorgeous green eyes glittering in appreciation and a bit of surprise! It was a bit weird, seeing her in so Her ass was pressed up against the sink, and she looked down, her gorgeous green eyes glittering in appreciation and a bit of surprise! It was a bit weird, seeing her in so much pain too, seeing her bare legs sway under the weight of the water... but it wasn't too bad. Her nipples, and pussy were a bit stiffer than usual, but they still kept their shape, and she wasn't complaining. "Come here!" Her voice was low, soft and sweet, barely audible enough to be heard even by some of the men in the crowd. The woman pulled out her skirt to reveal her panties at the bottom of her slit and started playing with her hair like she had done before. She wasn't really doing anything at the moment though as her hands quickly cupped her slit and stroked around, her pussy moving slightly, and a wave of pleasure rushed up her body at that sight. She was so horny as well, her eyes almost glazed over as her hips were pumping with even greater pressure. Her eyes met mine for a moment, and then I realized that she looked so gorgeous in her sexy red and white bra and panties. "Hmmm," She mumbled in her high-pitched voice as her tongue circled around the tip of my cock in her throat, causing me to slide forward between her legs, reaching around to brush past her, and begin to suck on her clit until my cheeks burned for her eyes.

"God, I love your cunt, so good!"

"Thank you darling," She said smiling at me with an innocent look that made my hips move again.

Just a few seconds later, I felt my balls getting even harder and harder, but I needed this faster, so I slid it inside of her again, my fingers starting to wrap around the side of her panties as she pushed into me faster than any of her other lovers had ever done. Then my face became her pussy lips as her moans and moans grew shrill, and I pressed deeper, harder and higher into her as she pushed against me, my lips buried within the tight, wet folds of her cunt. She didn't seem to mind.

She pushed into me harder, and we felt each other's bodies being filled with each other's cum as she came hard, my cock almost slipping into her mouth just before she pulled it out of her, she let my finger continue in between her slick folds, her soft clit grinding against the soft skin of my penis, and she took that chance and started moving up and down on my shaft. She moaned softly and slowly, trying to bring her legs closer together, but her legs still weren't even touching the length of my dick... I slowly came, and with a deep breath I pulled her to me and started fucking her fast and deep, and pushing her up and down on my dick, and feeling her twitching as she got to feel it inside her. She started moaning as I came, grunting and grunting. "Ooh, ooh! Ohh, oohh, fuck you!" We moaned each others' names as more cum poured out of us each time she came, and then I had to stop, she was so ready already. We kept fucking for a minute then came to a stop again.

I felt my girlfriend's legs start to loosen up, she moaned louder and deeper, and then her body slowly started to relax down my cock. Her legs started to relax too. "I think I'd like that, I think you're really warm..." I looked into her eyes, and I realized she liked it. She was very close to coming. She pulled away a little bit, pulled her legs up, pulling her body out of my body. "Yes please..." she cried as she began"Aww, Mommy's sorry, she's so sorry, she's so sorry!" She cried her last words to her little sister before the baby began crying her happy sleep again. She felt the familiar feeling of her mother's hands in her lap again.

"I'll tell you, that little baby was just so much fun and all the good things in my life, and she deserved some fun too." She said softly, then she gave off a kind of gentle 'thank you' to Ruby and her mother. She smiled and waved affectionately at the little baby, then she put her hands around her sister's shoulders and started to kiss her, kissing her to her heart's content.

The baby sighed heavily and then slowly started to cry, while she was still with her mother, the baby started crying very loudly while sleeping.

"I think that will do for now. She's going to want her food, her medicine and anything else she needs, she's only going to be three now, but with you and Yang there you'll always have me." Ruby promised her mother in her soft voice.

"Ruby, you know that we have some stuff we need to get ready for, can you come back home anytime soon?" Weiss asked, trying to keep her promise. Ruby nodded her head.

You cannot fuck a girl because you have a little one / I Love You
« on: June 24, 2019, 06:05:05 PM »



So I went to Chi Chi's in Luxemborg, and was immediately drawn to the enchiladas like always. I got the one with the ground beef. This waiter showed up covered in liquor, shaking and crying but he took my order. There was a large bang in the kitchen and I didn't think anything of it so I waited, and ate five bowls of free tortillas and salsa. The police came by, and pulled his body through the front. I asked the manager what was wrong, and why my food was taking so long? That's when I found out my waiter had killed himself. The manager said I could have the food for free if I hadn't lost my appetite. I was still hungry, so I ate my entire enchilada plate, and had two fried ice creams. By that time I really had to take a shit, so I left a generous tip(To whom I don't know), and I went into the unisex bathroom. The manager came in crying, and I tried to hold my shit. I came out asking if she was ok, and she hugged me tightly and cried in my arms. She squeezed me so hard that I dropped a wet shit in my pantleg, and she looked at me in disgust. She called me a dirty American as she took off my pants, and threw them in the sink. As she got down to my ankles I let a wet shart slip through my boxers and into her face. She grabbed me through the hole of my boxers and grabbed my balls, and raised her fingers further up as she dug her fake nails into my dick. She tugged my dick to my asshole, and moved it along the hot stream of shit over her face like a hot sewage sprinkler. She dug her nails so tight into my shit covered dick that I came blood all over her uniform, and now I have a staph infection in my dick, and need to come up with €20.00 for the uniform. Should I start a gofundme for my dick?

311 Sucks is probably my favorite right now, but there are so many.

Fart fart fart fart fart.


Made you look.

Neimen Marcus has the cleanest bathrooms ever. I took my colon on a journey of great complex bowel movements, like a herd of wildebeasts on parade through my asshole. First it started off as a weak stream of hot liquid like somebody ruined a super soaker by putting hot coffee in it. Then some of the deer pebble chunky bits started shooting out with the liquid. Once I pushed all the liquid from my rectum, there was a strain. Suddenly a shit with a light airy texture like silly string had circled the toilet of brick brown water which nicely complimented the fine marble privacy walls, and the tiny door at the bottom you could peek through. I was however appalled that they expected me to wipe my ass like a commoner with toilet paper, so I used the sink as a bidet, and dried my asshole with the dyson hand dryer. I have not had that kind of gentle yet firm pressure on my butthole since that time I went to Little Caesars and wiped my ass with a piece of frozen crust in the walk in freezer. The soap I used to wash my hands had such a nice scent of rosemary and mint, that my hands didn't start smelling like dick until the fifth time in a row I jerked off without cleaning up. Thanks Neimen Marcus.


Fuck you Nintendo, made you look.

I take back what I said, send Waffle whatever the fuck you want.


If I hear about you putting porn in people's inboxes again you in deep shit.

"How much cock do I got to suck to get some fucking pussy around here? Fuck I gotta taste you!" My dick popped and  knew I might get busted if I didn't do it soon. I thought about my sister and her cock and it felt so good. It was soft with her head resting against it and her hard cock felt so good against my mouth. "I got this cock too baby" she said it was the last thing I said before my cock popped out of my pussy and hit the desk and splattered my face. With nothing other than cock between me and her pussy, my sister went off just like I did. She licked my pussy clean with her tongue, her cock sliding out of my pussy. It looked like her little sister came just like her little sister. "Oh fuck yeah" she screamed in a husky voice. "You're so naughty you suck it off my hand and lick the walls of my mouth so clean. My cunt's so tight."

How much cock do I got to suck to get some fucking pussy around here? Can I even use my tongue? Do you ever want me in my asshole fucking fuckhole? My ass? I'd fuck my ass, I'd fuck my ass out there if I had to. It'd be like an awesome birthday girl or something, if I was really horny."

In fact, you could say she wanted to fuck her own ass, the way you'd do to your sister. In an increasingly desperate bid to get off on her own ass, you'd say she couldn't wait until you finished.

She gave you a curious look, trying to figure out if she was sure she wanted to do that, but you continued your rant. "You've gotta ask your brother for a cock, if you know what I mean. You'll get his cock if you do it and then you'll get your sister's ass on the fucking table if things break the rules somehow."

I shook my head. "You won't get a cock from me."

How much cock do I got to suck to get some fucking pussy around here? Get in here!" I growled at them as I moved my cock down inside of a woman's asshole. That feeling of her ass being stretched in the air was enough to make my cock hard. I wanted to use that feeling to fuck me faster but my partner pulled out of me by the waist because of him and made fun of the way I'd just shoved my cock up her asshole as she came across me. I don't care who it's you, I'm done fucking her, I'm going to be my own fucking boss! I looked back and the woman was fucking herself harder as she stared at me. "Oooh I love fucking little girls, you wanna fuck me too?" she yelled as she came over to me. "Well that seems like a pretty good idea, right?" I asked, pulling my cock all the way out of her ass and into her throat and fucking her there. As she came, I was getting hot all over the body as my hands were going over her ass and breasts looking at her pussy.

How much cock do I got to suck to get some fucking pussy around here? - Oh no. Don't do that. I thought I wanted you to do what I do. You fucked my wet, slutty, dripping cunt a dozen times, and now you're begging me for my cock. (moaning into it) I'm going to ride you hard as fuck now, baby boy, and I'm not going to stop until I cum. (moaning and pant as you shoot your load - sounds of orgasm are gradually replaced by panting and moaning as you finish) I don't think I'm ready, my angel. No one is. (grunt as he comes) (deep breath) Oh thank god, my fucking cock felt so good. I love you so much; I don't want to stop. I will always love you. (short pause) Good boy, look at how that cock feels inside me, baby boy; you have just earned your first cockslut's virginity. (giggle) I can feel my dick slowly returning to its original size as the two of us fall

How much cock do I got to suck to get some fucking pussy around here? This is a really big cock… [pussy sucks cock deeply] I'll suck it all out of you… Fuck fuck I'll cum too soon… cum! This is real real and deep… This dick is fucking big… Fuck I'm gonna cum… cum!

How much cock do I got to suck to get some fucking pussy around here? Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck fuck!"

"Fuck me bitch, shit it is hard to get out!"

The girls then joined him in a series of moans that were accompanied by some of the most powerful fucking orgasms for a girl in a long time!

"I love you!"

"I love you too!"

This story is amazing, as well as having the girls all in the best shape of their lives. What do you guys think about the ladies here at The Nipple! Tell us in the comments section below!

That does not make you gay.

General Discussion / What is your most hated chain restaurant?
« on: March 17, 2019, 08:58:26 PM »
Fuck a Golden Corral.

You cannot fuck a girl because you have a little one / Butt Option
« on: January 26, 2019, 09:42:47 PM »
Choose your destiny.

You cannot fuck a girl because you have a little one / Vote for My Dick
« on: January 13, 2019, 07:51:08 PM »

You cannot fuck a girl because you have a little one / Chi-Chi's
« on: August 22, 2018, 01:23:17 AM »
This one time I was out at a Chi Chi's restaurant, the last one of it's kind. I ordered the three taco plate and there was this hot waitress, and when I went to the bathroom she followed me in. By that time I was already in the stall with my pants down. She grabbed my dick, and I shit all over the floor. She ran out screaming but a man came back with tortillas. He picked the feces out of my left pantleg with the tortilla, and ate it staring into my eyes intensely. I left a 20% tip, and when I came back they were closed. Closed forever.At least now when I go down the grocery store aisle, I see that brand of salsa.It makes me cry when I see it. Especially if there's soft rock on the speakers. Especially that one song about Africa by Toto. I went to a furniture store one time, and I tried an electric recliner. It was really comfortable. I sat in the chair for about 20 minutes before I realized I had to go to the bathroom. Just as I was reaching for the remote, the power in the store went off. After about 5 minutes, I took my pants off, and shat in the chair. I still ruined my pants, and I didn't get to buy the chair I wanted. I'm still very upset about it. What do you do when you get mad? I shit in urinals, and flush several times. So this old lady drops a big purple dildo out of her purse, and says "Oh I dropped my keys." Horrified the security guard says "Is that what you use to open your house with." And the old lady says "Oh nevermind that's what I use to fuck my ass with when my husband is too much of a pussy ass limp dick snowflake fuckball to give it to me hard in the ass until I shit in his dick. Sometimes I dream of going to a chinese buffet and immediately going camping. Then when I get into the outhouse I shit until the latrine is full and jerk off in the pile of shit. Then out of the pile of shit Tom Cruise is born, and he runs away from me. That's where my abandonment issues come from. If Hillary Clinton was lactating, Donald Trump would probably suck those titties behind closed doors. He ain't gonna get the magic wand going without those pills, but sucking on witch titty is more than enough devil mojo to make a zombie want to fuck the hot end of a pretzel stand. Do you think it would look cool if I did my pubes in like a leopard fur shag and tried to go to a restaurant like Chi-Chi's but different? I think I know where there's a Ken's Steakhouse. Parmesan Peppercorn, shit dick, and steak. I want the same uncomfortable stare and/or somebody touching my dick preferably at the same time. She took off my pants, and said "Sir you have to pay for those." and that's when I knew she might touch the hog. If I rode a trimotorcycle would that make up for the fact I wear sweatpants in public? Maybe if I matched it with a bolo, and cowboy boots I'd be a fucking bad ass. Do these sandals make me look too fucking sexy? I know even the dudes want to suck my toes when I wear them. I saw your dad in a Victoria's secret buying booty shorts that say "Pink" on them. Why does it say pink when they were baby blue and white? He changed in the Sears bathroom and put on the booty shorts. Shortly after he bought a ride mower for his 1/8th of an acre worth of grass. He stopped at the liquor store and bought a case of Red Dog. When he got home he drank six of them, and then he went to jack off in the pink booty shorts. As he sat down, and pulled his dick over the soft fibers of the elastic, he shit himself. Sometimes when I fist your mother, I don't let my hand out til she does her impression of Yoda. Is it normal to shove a snickers bar up your ass when you're constipated just so you feel like you took a shit? Cuz you can poop it back out and it kinda looks like a shit. So psychologically you can trick yourself into pooping more. Pooping with your mind. Sometimes when I bust a nut, I accidentally hit the walls. That Mr. Clean magic eraser sure is ruining my wallpaper. I once knew a lady who fucked a bowl of oatmeal and fed it to her dog. She called it the quaking oats. How many items is customary to buy condoms with so you aren't just that guy who wants to fuck? Did you know that whales can drink a truck's worth of Gatorade Frost, and still have enough time to kill a baby? If breathing farts makes you live longer, and that's your thing you should live in a greyhound bus. If chinese food never makes you full does then China is on the longest hunger strike. That's some serious willpower. Stay the fuck away from my flaming hot cheetos or I'm gonna skullfuck you so hard even Danzig won't want your skull.

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