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phantomcat! i require your immediate assistance!

its for a holy mission, so
PM me, and lets discuss the details of this amazingly awesome project.

dont fail me, phantomcat of clock.


PS: bring your potato-gun with you, we will need it in our holy mission.

well, its what is shown in the title:

we are planning on creating new TIEM issues, covering the modern years of 2014-2017, and we need YOU to help us make our issues (even) better:

we are accepting articles, short stories+comics for the new issues.

post your stories/comics/articles/CC ads in here, and/or PM me if you want to be interviewed by me, if you are an awesome, famous CC personality (yes you are! all of you)

also PM me if you wish to create more articles/stories+comics for the TIEM.
we are always happy to accept new material by the talented people of the CC.

thats all.

General Discussion / start the presses! TIEM is (finally) here!
« on: July 09, 2017, 04:58:59 PM »
well, guys, remember when i was trying to revive the old TIEM (e)magazines?

after 1000 years of anticipation, they are finally compiled, organised AND complete, thanks to yomuchan's/yomtoxic's help, who helped me to solve those actionscripting issues(pageflip stuff), (for TIEM# 1-7), while VCR-clock helped me a while ago with the long-lost TIEM-issue of 2007, AKA=TIEM#7,5.

here are the magazines, enjoy:

they span from the period of 2005-2007, and they are very cool, funny and interesting to watch.

please vote five.

whats next, you might ask me?
well, now we will start making new issues, issues that will cover the periods of 2007-2008, of 2008-2011(tri's dark reign), and from 2012 and onwards, up to the modern era, aka=this year.

we will take interviews from CC's famous personalities, people will make CC comics, they will write short articles+stories, and they will discuss old+new events.
(if you want, PM me or submit your CC articles/comics/stories in one new thread that we will create for this purpose, and we will add them in the next issues!)

anyways, this was fun, and i really liked reviving it.
please enjoy.

SPECIAL THANKS: yomuchan-clock, renegade-clock, ZL, pop-tart-clock, VCR-clock.

General Discussion / we need the 2015/2016 clockday pixel-medals...
« on: May 29, 2017, 04:23:57 PM »
so, phantomcat recently stated that we didnt had any pixel-medals created/awarded for the clockday events of 2015/2016, and i do believe that we should make those pixel awards and furthermore, those awards should be given to all participants of the 2015/2016 clockday events, AKA=to you+me, guys!
because... we all did movies for clockday, yet we didnt got any award for the 2015/2016 clcokday events...

so, if someone can design pixel-awards/badges for forums, he should make the 2015/2016 clockday medals, and then a proper thread for the awarding of the chosen condidates should be created...
(so that anyone can get his cool pixelated award in a correct method)...

as for phantomcat's good/notable remark about the lack of 2015/2016 clockday medals, look below:
I remembered there was no Clock Day medals for 2015 and 2016 and all I care about is having E-trophies, so I tried making some. I figured they didn't have to be great, it's not like medals are under any scrutiny. Gonna do 2016 first because CD15 would be an easy motif

[...]to rephrase, art is hard and I was trying the pixel kind just now.

this is the first one I was happy with, but still isn't very good. and were attempts to make it look better (I actually do like the last one) but the weak link is how bad the XV looks. in case someone can engrave worth a deng. Also, if you're wondering why I was so happy with these, it's because my first attempt looked like so really anything would've been an improvement.

also yes they are way too wide because I have no artistic integrity. Would start over again but I'm seeing a pattern, here

in conclusion, i suggest that we must create a new CC collab, AND we(or the pixel-award artist), should make a 2017 clockday medal while we're at it...

because clockday is coming.
slowly, yes, but its coming!


here it is!

(who's this?)

i dont like stalkers.

at least, i often state my reasons+my name/coalition, and if someone tells me to stop, i do.
but this guy...
he's a creep.

(and no, he's not really SBC, because i talk with SBC on skype sometimes.)


well, i was checking my profile, and i saw that its been 10+ years since i (officially) joined the CC...
10 years, can you believe it?
its so strange, and so cool.

i saw many good movies, many good collabs, and many people come and go, with various events happening, while new recruits were always eager to create new CC movies...

good stuff, good stuff.

lets keep recruiting new people, so that the CC can remain strong+alive.
as for the older members, just drop by and say ''hello'' every now and then, guys!

the CC is a wonderful place,
and its worth fighting for.

i agree with both parts.

Cemetery / d
« on: May 01, 2017, 07:35:46 PM »
im still a ghost!

lol si boo!!!!

let me in, let me in, let the party begin

Reception Desk / welcome loopsclock!
« on: April 14, 2017, 06:36:35 PM »
welcome to the CC, mr loops-clock!

yes, im talking to you, over there, with the hat:;u=16135

welcome to the hallowed halls of clocktopia, may you make up proud!
we also serve free coffee in the morning, and borscht soup every evening.

tell us a bit about yourself, and if you have any plans in animation/drawings/art/newgrounds/just chilling in here.
everything is OK, and we hope that you will have fun in here.

OK, so since this is long, funny, and it belongs to the cullinary realm, im gonna post this in here:

a few days ago, i saw grey-clock's and phantomcats posts about the mysterious foodie pink sauce:

I once ordered shrimp with cocktail sauce in America and got some red chili sauce type thing and I was like hey guy what the hell is this, why isn't it pink? They had no idea what I was talking about, but the cook threw together some mysterious pink sauce for me anyway, even though I couldn't specify the ingredients. I found out later that it's one of those little USA vs Europe differences, over here cocktail sauce is ketchup + mayonaise + paprika powder. Now I learned that that's (basically) what they call fry sauce in the U.S. It's really great with pink seafood, shrimp, salmon, crab.

actually, believe it or not, the pink sauce (that its made out of ketchup+mayonaise) is very present here in europe as well...

in fact, a greek macdonalds-like company, ''goodys'', serves this sauce in its burgers, and when i was young(er), the cook told me that this awesome pink sauce is just ketchup+mayonaise, a fact that i can confirm, since i've personally created, tested and used this kind of sauce in my food many times, up to this day.

the pink sauce goes perfectly with various meat-themed foods, such as: steak, burgers, but also for meatballs.
(however pink sauce can also work for chicken and bovine meat (even tho its better for pork meat), but its also good for adding an extra spice to your french fries/to your salads.)

with that being said, the BEST burgers imho, were the ones that were sold by the ''3-G'' burger company.
i mean, those burgers were made 100% by vegetables, and there wasnt any meat in them, but they tasted divine.
does anyone have any 3-G's in his country, or has it gone extinct on a global basis?

Isn't the McDonald's SECRET PINK SAUCE on the Big Mac and such just ketchup and mayo and like.. something.
yes. im sure that thats the case. (as shown in my post above)

tl;tr =pink sauce is good, its tasty, and you can make it with ketchup+mayonaise.
also, ''3-G''s created some of the best veggie bergers ever. (best burgers EVER!)
does anyone know/have any ''3-G''s in their country?

Gas Chamber / national womens day? cool!
« on: March 08, 2017, 06:22:21 PM »
OK, so its national womens day today, and i wanna say happy womens day to:

nef clock, shotglass clock, joliet_jane, cumquat, textbook clock, mathbook, elf clock, rose clock, plush clock, kabuu, pink clock, zeffy, ivysaur clock, io-clock, PMS clock(she exists, no pun intended), daisy clock, K3LTR0N, kitty clock, uhh peach clock, wobuffet clock, blue-koala clock, and everyone else that i've might forgotten...

happy womens day to you all!

hello, how can i download videos from newgrounds? (of NG-movies that are in video-like form)
i mean, i was successful at doing this until recently, when my vid downlading program got removed from FF(firefox), and now i cannot download vids from newgrounds anymore. (they are in a different format? im not sure, and swivup isnt helping either.).


HEEELP me! show me, how can i download videos from newgrounds? (of NG-movies that are in video-like form)
(many answers/suggestions are welcome).


so, i was wondering, does anyone have the preloader of flash flood 5? (flash flood V, aka FF of 2014)...
pop-tart had a link in the old thread, but it was hosted in, so its not available in there anymore..

i hope that someone can help me.


Gas Chamber / ok so this place is...
« on: February 02, 2017, 08:58:49 PM »
...a bit dead...

so, i guess that we should liven it up a bit, right?

badum tish

thank you, thank you.

well, i am here, and im back.

but i want to state a few things first:

i dont want to cause any trouble, and i dont like drama, so i will just chill out in here, i will check the CC's threads/posts, i will take a look on the CCBT, and i will generally try to have fun while being a reasonable and quiet person.

i just want to check out whats going on with the CC's news, and i want to be a part of it.

i would like to be able to check out the forums, to be able to vote/post on various threads, i would like to be able to create CC drawings in here, to take part in CC collabs, to create+review art, to post in the clockday event threads...
...and to generally be a part of this wonderful place.

so, let me be, and i will try my best to be a friendly, helpful and reasonable person.

oh, and to my haters: stop your nonsense. be quiet. i dont want any drama, you dont want any drama, so: chill out, mind your own business, have fun, and lets stop all this retarded bickering about how much i suck, ok?

thats all. chill out, and lets all stop this mindless hate-fest.

ok so, i was bored, and i created this.

story: you are BB10, and after a long battle with (insert CC villain here), you are trapped in a dungeon somewhere.
what do you do?

directions front/back/left/right, items inventory+items on the ground, explore items in the room as well.

lets do this!

>do this

General Discussion / BB10's clockday movies!
« on: August 15, 2016, 07:14:34 PM »
well, i have created a couple of movies for clockday! yay!

watch them here:

15 years of clockday:

tricky and bb10:

tell me what you think, leave a review and vote five! (if you want)
im so happy that the clockcrew is still going on after all those years. happy clockday! happy 15 years of B!

it seems that people in NG have established a ''kitty krew day'' in NG's calendar. WTF?!

check it out:

i suggest that we should mock the KK for good, and that we will prove the CC's superiority to the lame KK.
SBC is the king of the portal, SBC is superior to BFK.

hello guys, i was talking with one guy at NG, and he really wants to join the CC forums.

he has created lots of CC-themed art in the past, and he generally likes to draw clock-themed stuff and to take part in art collabs/in various flash projects.

his NG is:

and the strange thing is: he joined the CC forums on 2010, but he got perma-banned by a moderator for ''breaking the rules''.
can someone tell me more about this situation?

because this guy doesnt look like a lawbreaker/like a spammer or anything, and he's awfully quiet.

if everything's OK, then i think it would be good to let this guy join the CC forums.
(oh, BTW his old forum-username was luwano, but i cant find him in the members list..)

thank you.

PS: for those who dont know, luwano is the sole reason as to why the ''clock magnets'' meme got fame in, apart from our infamous cameo in the videogame ''dying light''..

dear clock friends, and clock enemies, hello.

i am BB10, and as you can tell, i got banned a month ago.

all this time i was thinking, and i realised that i must change for the good of the clockcrew.

also, a couple weeks ago, one of my friends PM'ed me on NG, and he told me some valuable lessons on how to become a better person and to not annoy people.
he told me that i should cintribute to the CC with my actions, instead of my (many) posts.
so, i will follow that advice, and i shall contribute with artwork, flash movies, flash collab parts, flash ideas, collab suggestions and with voice acting. (im also a voice-actor, hire me! :D )

i shall respect the CC rules, and i shall respect the CC charter.

-i will not PM people like i used to do. (however, to be honest, i didnt PM'ed many people in the forums during 2015-2016, at least compared to other, earlier times, back when i was alot more annoying).

-i will not make many threads, and i will only throw collab suggestions, possible ideas and i might organise a few CC collabs in order to revive our activity a bit.

-my posts will be discreet and reasonable; i might say a joke here and there sometimes, but it will not be something extreme.

all in all, i shall respect what i understood from my friends, with the magic tool called ''DISCUSSION''.
and therefore, i will respect the clockcrew's rules & terms.

let me in guys, and i will not dissapoint you.

everyone deserves a second chance, even crow-clock.

Gaming & Technology / war of the roses (PC) on steam... free game & issues.
« on: February 29, 2016, 09:22:41 AM »
ok guys, so one day, i learn that one of the coolest online knight battle games, war of the roses, is free on steam...
i am all like ''OH YEAH, FREE STUFF!'' and i download+install the game on my steam profile, i click play... and...

so, yeah.
the stupid game doesnt play because of a ''clever'' anti-cheat program not running in the system...
i tried installing and and uninstalling it again and again, but nothing is happening.

i even checked the STEAM forums for a solution, but everyone is desperate because of this stupid bug.
its a shame, because this game looks badass.
and its free.

help me clockcrew!
lets solve this mystery!

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