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wonder if it's gonna support CD games.  though if it does you probably wont be able to fit too many CD games in. the file size jumps from half a meg to half a gig.  That's half the TG16 roms I have too. eventually I wanna build a retropie or something.

Still under development. Konami is having trouble getting the animatronic tentacles to work. Instead of molesting people who get a high score it just bludgeons them to death. the whipped cream ejaculation system works but it fires under such immense pressure that it can cut concrete. it's really messing with their plans for an erotic spinoff of chuck e cheese. we really think there's a market for it in tokyo. but as a major shareholder on the project I've grown increasingly worried about my investment.

you will all live to see your favorite video game franchises made into high budget pachinko machines and god awful mobile games

I’m still really upset about Goemon especially since the assets for the pachinko game could have made an excellent modern goemon game AAAAAAAAAGH


dang that was a grid in post preview not just four in a row. now my day is ruined :(

“You shitpost too much”

allow me to offer the following rebuttal

thank you for your time

I skimmed about a minute or two of e3 footage and that was enough of that. why cant they just do the nintendo direct thing "hey here's some games *games* thanks for watching". instead everything has to be material for a future crowbcat video.

commander keen only has brand recognition for people who aren't going to want this. so weird!
I don't think the people who make these decisions even play video games.

I was playing Power Drill Massacre

oh hey someone is actually making old time tank control exploration focused horror games neat.  I saw one recently on steam and switch aping resident evil but apparently it sucks. good to know there's other options.

though I could also finally get around to playing dino crisis or illbleed. too many games adsfasdfasdf. but instead I think I'm gonna play Gato Roboto or Nier Automata next. The first one is a kitty metroid game. earthworm jim except you're a cat and it's metroid not run and gun and launch cows. meowtroid! the pixel art is super charming.

oh no, you guys remember how Charles Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden was gonna get a sequel via kickstarter?

it turns out all the original people from barkley 1 left and the development has been a clusterfuck for a long time. the only person left is a community manager who had nothing to do with the first time and has no writing drawing or coding experience. he "owned up" to the game not being made but didn't mention that he treated everyone else on the team like shit including the probono and OG dudes, and may have scared off some of the barkley 1 people to begin with. so basically it's an average kickstarted game. incompetent management employee mistreatment no game. standard procedure.

on a related apparently note the head guy tried to take down his old dilbert videos at some point before this? what a shame.


finally someone understands the rules

I'm not sure what the concept of dasein means, but I think when you're younger bands seem like far off idols or demigods who's only function is music, they aren't people. the music can remain that way but once you get older you grow more aware of yourself others and your place in the world and it starts feeling weird like you described and suddenly they are people, and you can't appreciate them the same way. Especially if the lyrical content is exclusively about teenage/twenties life stuff. I find the effect is lessened by instrumental music or something in a language you dont understand. it's just "music" on it's own. at least that's how I see it after thinking about it for all of five minutes. I assume everything I just said is wildly incorrect. I'll probably change my mind about all of this in half an hour.

I wonder if we have any potential as a mobile grinder gatcha app. One hundred dollars of gem purchases and some dumb kid finally got a five star seasonal variant strawberryclock after seven identical three star pube muppets and a two star shoyru. And we're ever richer for it. His parents will hide the credit card but he'll find it again. There is constantly a banner ad for a rare action steve but you can't actually get him.

they have their own shitty mobile grinder? that is the most pathetic thing I've heard about a band in years. even metallica doesn't have a mobile grinder and those scumfucks sued children who used napster for millions of dollars a piece ruining their family's lives. obviously they're not as bad as metallica but god damn that is pathetic.  and yeah I think that's the idea, scare them into folding and paying for a settlement that's at least enough for a week's worth of heroin and viagra.

oh no a video game referenced your band nobody has listened to a new album by in decades how awful. I'm gonna make several hundred thousand iron maiden bootleg CDs and tshirts, bundle them with malware and bedbugs respectively, and sell them to china, who will then sell them to america.

the new death stranding trailer talks about another world that overlapped with ours and made people lose connections with each other, and spawn monsters that aren't in this world but affect it and can hurt and pull people into theirs. you can't "shake hands" with people on the other side unless you're an extremist. one extremist group is literally called homo demons lol. we saw a member wisecracking after summoning a giant monster in a previous short trailer, sounds about right. this is the internet right? that's the metaphor? it seems kinda obvious that's what kojima is going for. this is gonna be dumb as hell. or brilliant who knows. the mads mikkelsen character seems worth the price of admission alone.

it's also kinda final fantasy spirits within without the cool monsters

regular world gameplay is survival/stealth but when you die you have to fight your way through hades third person shooter style. you battle your way back from game over into the real world of open world courier delivery. the actual action bits looked pretty boring though.

Now the only issue in my life is I moved in with someone who chose to buy a second soundbar instead of afford rent his second month here, whose hobby is playing the same song loud for hours at a time

why the hell does he need two at once?

also congratulations on your spawn renegadeclock. may he conquer many nations.

I got full body yakuza style clock crew tattoos and now they wont let me into public pools :(

how deep underground do you have to be to be out of US jurisdiction? this may affect my answer.

General Discussion / Re: Hey wow this place still exists?
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no we're still animating it's just that The Void III is being chiseled frame by frame in solid blocks of granite a mile long each at 240p ultra widescreen. it's incredibly time intensive so don't expect anything from us for at least thirty years or so. there's really not much reason to join up now if you weren't here before, but do check back in on us then when we spur the animation renaissance of 2050 and our membership swells to the point of legally being considered a religion and an ethnicity.

soap opera hd is almost eerie somehow. perfect clarity but something about it feels off.

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