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this reference completely flew over my head for like 22 years, I am pretty sure because in 1975 the entire world quietly agreed to pretend Love Is never happened, and the simpsons staff were the only only ones who dared break the covenant (and were ever after cursed to not be as funny as they used to be)

I am also pretty sure that the thing that wrought love is back upon the world was, wikipedia. I have no evidence to support any of this, it just seems like it's probably true, to me

also vcr are you 60

how do you make a bot is it hard

I feel like I should know how but it might as well be magic to me

it looks pretty squatty

you could maybe come back from meth. nobody comes back from crack.
yeah but meth is scarier when they've lost it

crack heads are crazy like 🤪 hoodoodoodledoo!!! ahahaaaa. y'all think that's funny? it's not. haha!!! I'm just playin with you. I'm heatin up in here. I'm heatin up. I'm heatin up. I'm heatin up, no. I'm heatin up. I'm heatin up... no... 😱 no NOOOOOOO. STAY BACK DEVIL. STAY BACK DEVIL
and you're like "phyew! glad he's about 20 feet away.."

meth fiends are crazy like 🧟 wanna buy a baby?

that reminds me, your thoughts on thieves and honor among them?
I would expect that many people steal or have stolen, but don't consider themselves "thieves", the same way many people lie but wouldn't consider themselves "liars". so what are we talking about when we talk about thieves? somebody who steals for a living? or maybe steals compulsively, without thought of it?

I think the idea of there being "no honor among thieves" is that once somebody has demonstrated their noncompliance with one moral limitation, it would be reasonable to expect their noncompliance with others, but that raises the question of from where an individual derives their morality

I think most people know the difference between right and wrong, whether they know they know it or not. the only reason it ever doesn't seem that way is that humans are also very, very good at making excuses to ourselves. the way a killer might draw a line at killing women or children, or how, in prison, pedophiles are targeted by the other inmates, we all lie to ourselves every day about our complicity or complacency with things we know are wrong. I think any top-down sense of morality, like laws, taboos, and adherence to authority and tradition, primarily exist to reconcile disparate individual moralities (that are each compromised by each constituent's powerful ability to self-justify). social morality, what freud called the superego, is there so we can exist as a society without having to worry about being hurt by the people who are better at (or for whatever reason more willing to engage in) justifying their own bad behavior to themselves

opposition to thievery, then, is part of the social contract, an agreement we tacitly make to suspend the individual liberty to act only in response to our own moral compass and acknowledge some objective, universal rules that exist to prevent behaviors we'd all hate to see from others, even if we might be quite content to engage in them ourselves (jerking off in public, for instance) some extant hunter-gatherer tribes, for example, have no concept of possession, and therefore no concept of theft. to see somebody within a society, a thief, transgress those boundaries, is frightening, because the social contract has failed. that doesn't mean it's been disregarded entirely, but that possibility is now on the table. where are the limits?

well, in spite of everything, we still draw those for ourselves. I have seen a meth addict bristle at being called a "crackhead". the notion that they smoked crack was offensive. smoking crystal was something they could justify to themselves, but they drew a line at crack. going back to the killer who won't hurt women or children, and the prisoners who hate pedophiles- if you don't have some code of conduct, some lines you will not cross, then you condemn yourself to exile. no society, however low, however fringe, would harbor you

I'm not an anarchist in any sense, but I do think the anarchist philosophers are at the very least absolutely right about at least one concept: if you put a couple hundred people on an island, and take away the laws, take away the authority, take away the consequences, heck, take away the shared language? they'll be fine.
in spite of what zombie movies and the evening news would tell you, society is humankind's natural state. we gravitate toward it. every person wants to exist in a functioning society just as badly as every myopic soldier of the status quo is terrified of losing it. somebody on that island knows a little more about medicine than everyone else. someone is strong, somebody knows about construction, somebody can hunt, somebody can fish, somebody knows how to filter water, or frighten predators. if we were in the apocalypse right now, and you found a pharmacist, what would you do? rob and murder him? no. you'd probably trade with him, protect him, work to get his trust, because his knowledge is necessary to keep people you know alive. the people on the island would help each other. they'd protect the knowledge, they'd subdue any lunatics. it's what we do. it's what human beings do. we're a social species, down to the bone. language? that's what creole languages are: ad-hoc forms of communication between people with no formal understanding of each other's tongue, developed out of necessity. (hell, give it enough time, and that's where languages come from period.)
young societies can certainly tend toward primitive, even barbaric solutions to the problems a society must face, but the longer any given society prospers, the more likely they are to address those problems for the betterment of everybody within that society. of course there are always bastards, but by and large it's not lack of law, rather extreme circumstances that pushes people to desperate acts. that island of a couple hundred people? imagine it again, start from scratch, but this time, keep the laws, keep the authority, keep the consequences, keep the shared language... and take away the food. all hell would break loose

so, to get back to the question, it seems to me that to ask whether there can be honor among thieves, is to ask if the solitary societal custom of respecting individual ownership can be violated with there still existing a shared sense of morality, and the answer seems obvious

(I would submit, in fact, that the most barbaric, unconscionable acts in recorded history, the most extreme cases of man's inhumanity to man, are seldom the work of an individual disregarding societal morals, rather, societies convincing individuals to disregard their own morals, because when those societal morals are nudged, smudged, redrawn, redefined, to the exclusion of the humanity of certain subsets of people, inhuman acts can be carried out without question. this is why every great moral leader from jesus christ to john cusack's character in con air has stressed the importance of how we treat the least among us)

not like the song was stolen it was a pretty long chain of marginally related thoughts and i really don't want to get into it
it's very hard to guess the path you took to get there from the outside tbh
Zero to Hero
I wasn't crazy about the gospel approach they took for hercules, but I really really like meg's song

it's like a motown ditty, I would legit just listen to this for pleasure

i said disney you trolll

I recently realized that Winds in the East from Mary Poppins has a really similar melody to the theme song from Over the Garden Wall and I'm kind of quietly obsessed with how eery-whimsical they both are and how well they pair together

also I'm aware winds in the east is the same melody as chim chim chiree but winds in the east is legitimately pretty ominous, and nobody thinks of chim chim chiree as spooky

oh my god when did seth rollins kill randy orton


when ur mom says she's ordering pizza for dinner

I tried to find a gif of it but instead google gave me this gif of him taunting otis dozovic from heavy machinery, which is good, because #1 look at these two wide boys

and #2 it reminded me to point out that otis is OBVIOUSLY CHRIS FARLEY WHAT THE FUCK
I don't know how you faked your death for 20 years and why you would resurface now, doing this ridiculous pro wrestler character, chris farley, but how could you possibly think that we wouldn't recognize you, the beloved snl comedian and comedic film actor from our childhoods, chris farley

Big E sure is a big guy
did you see the video I posted of how strong he is?

what do you mean inside? I don't have a cat that I could check this with

look at how strong Big E is

holy mackerel

guys you're not looking!

look at how strong Big E is

holy mackerel

that's not cool man you know I was raped by scorpions

General Discussion / Re: we’re screwed
« on: July 14, 2019, 07:14:46 PM »
infinity train looks cool, I remember watching the pilot on youtube

it reminded me of this idea I had that uh
clock crew headquarters, as it's drawn, with the big white building (I think fourchinnigan originally came up with it in one of the crowclock movies) I had this idea that it would have impossible spaces inside of it, a different one on every floor. so like you'd go up the stairs to the 3rd floor, and you'd just suddenly find yourself in a multi-story parking garage, in a way that makes no sense spatially, because if you went one more floor up the stairs it'd be an arcade or a department store or something. the 13th floor would straight up be camp crystal lake, and if you went there jason voorhees would try to kill you.  it was partially inspired by the wrestling arena from pirate baby's cabana battle street fight (which itself was a play on an actual and only slightly less nonsensical level in final fight) and partially just a long-standing desire I had to make cchq an important, but also vibrant and chaotic and creatively interesting place, because it would also always be under construction, with new floors being added and removed all the time, so if anybody else wanted to pick up on the idea, they could. I'd played psychonauts recently and I was really fixated on the idea that the camp in that game was a special place to the titular team, both historically and because it had this massive deposit of psychoreactive mineral underneath it, which both bolstered their powers and was something they had to protect. the idea of clocktopia in our flash animations had always been amorphous and not always the most interestingly executed, and I wanted something like that psychonauts camp for the clock crew, just this clear idea of an important place that belonged to us, and I thought I really might have something with this whole impossible spaces angle

I had a flash animation planned to introduce it (because if you wanted to get the clock crew into an idea back in the day, you had to lead by example and do a damn good job and just hope people would be inspired) where somebody would get attacked in the parking garage (which would be the opportunity to exposit the weird spatial stuff) and it would grow into this, like, die hard meets the signal (2007)/demons 2 scenario, where the whole thing is confined to this one crazy location, but characters are seemingly going feral and attacking each other for no clear reason. but like in a funny way, it was inspired by pepsi's gun 2 which was and remains one of my favorite clock flashes. anyway, whoever the protagonists were would make it to the 13th floor, where the crazies would run into jason and there'd be an awesome fight scene, allowing the heroes to escape. they'd finally make it to the source of all the ruckus, and it would turn out that the reason ppl were losing control and attacking each other was bitclock (who I was still mad at about some dumb money making scheme he had or something) was producing and planning to sell a mail-order video series called "clocks gone wild". the whole thing would end in a complete anticlimax where bit just does a nonsense spiel in the manner of the announcer from the girls gone wild commercials that were airing a lot on comedy central around that time,,, and then the protagonist shoots him with a heretofore unmentioned gun and it just immediately ends, probably with the eskimo bob the end sound and some goofy nonsense playing over the credits

and those were my cancelled plans for clock day 2008!
wait what were we talking about

project voco honestly scared me when I first saw the video, but at this point three years on with no further details I'm assuming it was mostly smoke and mirrors, like peter molyneux's boy simulator. what a big load of horseshit "project natal" turned out to be :/

the splitscreen coop obamas bothered me too but looking at it now, and even the shining one, there are clear limits. they're at least still hovering in uncanny valley territory. I wonder if it's going to be like the progression of cgi and humans will just keep getting better at spotting fakeness. I remember when Final Fantasy The Spirits Within came out and everybody was disturbed by how lifelike they were and fucking lol

eh. a sizable chunk of the population doesn't pay attention to facts anyway, even when the truth is plain and unassailable, and we've always muddled through one way or another

I've got to wonder about the people who are developing this tech, though. like what good things do they think will happen, besides the momentary sideshow amusement of replacing all of the avengers with nic cage?

being able to plausibly lie about video evidence won't be useful to me until they can fake somebody's face chugging 8 ejaculating horse cocks

I'm bad with faces, does this not quite look like jim carrey, or is it just me?

I think I identify people partially by posture, body language, etc., so this doesn't register as jim to me, but it's also not quite jack nimblesmith, either, it's just like a totally new person who does not exist

it's kind of cool, it's like watching spanish dracula. just this slightly different version of the thing you know

I'm just gonna put this out there: The Shining is about the timelessness of violence. that's it. that's what it's about

jack hurt the kid before they went there, the previous caretaker killed his family, they go, jack tries to kill his family. he was violent before, the place was violent before, he's violent now, it's violent now. that's the skeleton of the film, and when you just think about the rest of it in terms of what that implies- ie that the movie is just saying that violence is timeless- everything snaps into place. the ghost bartender saying jack's always been the caretaker, the photo of jack showing he was there before, the thing about the genocide of the american indians, it's all just, the timelessness of violence, all of it. the psychic powers are just victims of violence recognizing the warning signs. forget the impossible spaces and discontinuity, that's all just for unsettling you. everything in the content of the movie- the lady in the tub aging into a monstrous old hag, the flashes of the young twins wanting to play forever but ending up in a bloody heap, the literal rivers of blood, shelly duvall seeing the place in cobwebs, the ghost bartender being racist- all falls into place*

I liked the documentary Room 237 but I have no idea why people think it's about minotaurs and faking the moon landing and shit other than there's something wrong with them. they don't have like intermediate media literacy or something, the last shot pretty much seals it. as long as you're not thinking in literal terms (where it doesn't make sense) it has to be symbolic, and... it can only mean one possible thing! I see people joking about it not making any sense, and, like, duh, yes, it's not supposed to make literal sense, it's dream logic, it's there to leave you with a haunting, surreal image of violence out of time, an impression of inevitability and the indelible dark side of human nature... and it succeeds! everybody walks out of the theater feeling this, even if they don't know thta that's what they're feeling

okay. I did it. I solved the shining. everybody can shut up about it forever now

oh nooooooooooo!

*except for the fursuit blowjob, that I don't know.

I just realized I could have posted this instead
forgive me, gods of simpsons references

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