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whatis your favoruteitet disney song my is chip skylark - shiny teeth and me

Zero to Hero or maybe Bare Necessities

Big E sure is a big guy
did you see the video I posted of how strong he is?

Yep p strong I must say

Big E sure is a big guy

I checked the NG BBS, it was 2014

I threw $100 at the joint one year, Lump did a commission for it and I got him to make a promo image for the Flash Flood. Might have been 2014?

General Discussion / Re: who wants to fuck
« on: July 15, 2019, 09:26:54 PM »
Ok but youíre bottom

I hate my fuckin job.

I was thinking about it, this forum is like my security blanket. Iíve been here since I was 12 and without fail every single night I will check it somewhere in the realm of a dozen times. More if work is quiet, more if I happen to be frustrated or in a low mood. Bless you people, the ones who tolerated me in adolescence, and the ones Iíve come to know better into my twenties, and especially VCR the glorious saviour who keeps the rent paid and evicted the aspie. Itís a turbulent point in my life right now and it means the world that I still have this rock here to cling to.

Sorry to interrupt the porn discussion


This shit is absolutely repulsive. So lifeless and generic, lacking any kind of artistic spark, nothing even so far as interesting camera placement. Disney needs to die at this point, itís macabe.

If you wonít otherwise have something Clock-related prepared for August, Iíd say itís best to wait.


Clock day is the most magical day of the year

DC Rebirth was a great time to be a Superman fan. Action Comics was fairly meh but Tomsaiís run on Superman was fantastic and Supersons was an absolute treat. I jumped ship after AC 1000 though because they gave complete control of big blue to that bald headed shitheel.

Marvel has been a disaster for years now, movie synergy is top priority and decent stories has taken a backseat to pushing Z-listers to prep the audience for whatís coming down the pipeline for MCU development.

This is some monkeyís paw shit
Bring back Legion of Super-Heroes, Bendis as a writer  :myretinas:

I am gonna make something else, but its not related to Clock Crew you see.

lol was silver shamrock
lock legion was 500 dollar steakhouse

I knew silver shamrock was lol way back but I wasnít certain. Norwegian always got a laugh out of me.

How are you?
some lady smashed into the car behind me which smashed that car into mine and now my neck is sore tbh and I donít care for it one bit
you might have whiplash
did you get her insurance information?

it ended up being like an 8 car accident so I gotta wait for dat police report to drop. just got the estimate 11k in damages and gonna take all month to repair thank god for insurance 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Well thank Christ youíre alright. Hope your insurance premium doesnít get rammed up your ass over this. No fault of your own, obviously, but insurance brokers are scum.

Well, Iím of a mind that Clock Day is a special day to release something youíve put work into specifically for the occasion. Itís nice to have something ready to go for it, but likewise itís nice to have Clock stuff just come out randomly. If itís ready for the portal, submit it! Youíve clearly got the drive, you can always make something else.

I admire your enthusiasm and productivity, this looks to be coming along wonderfully and I can't wait to play it! :thumbs:

2005 rules you guys are all banned for talking about the lock legion

up until maybe 3-4 years ago Lock Legion was word filtered to silver shamrock or something wasnt it?

if you liked that we recreated tropes from movies, tv, and video games with talking object cartoons, but hated that we didn't take it seriously, the lock legion was a guileless, uncritical execution of the same concept

Weird bb10 didnít go the lock route, thatís his mark pretty dead on

How are you?
some lady smashed into the car behind me which smashed that car into mine and now my neck is sore tbh and I donít care for it one bit
Thatís shit Iím sorry. I recommend morphine for the pain, itís good stuff.

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