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you're thinking of Hannah Bull

Hannibal didnít cross the alps, he just ate some people and called Bill Cosby a rapist

I use different platforms for different things. I know academics use Twitter a lot, so I mostly tweet about video game related things, since that's what I study and will be applying for jobs about. Instagram for kitty pics, because sure? And Facebook for nothing because it's a flaming bag of shit.

if that's there I never noticed it

no the thing I'm bitching about is they literally put things your friends didn't reblog directly into your newsfeed without you or your friend's permission or wanting this to happen at all

not just the little thing in the corner where I could hover to see the dumb content they interacted with publicly
I don't know what this means, what little hover thing?

the dumb content people interact with publicly is inescapable. it just shows up for no reason, it is poison

isn't instagram for like


people point at like deliberate political subterfuge and big data but I called this descent into madness when they made it so you could see each other's likes and comments on stuff you don't follow. or, rather, are forced to see against your will no matter what you do and you can't stop it from forcing yours onto other people

we cultivate our reblogs, instinctively, because we understand that when we do that we are choosing to share something with everybody we have invited into our feed
likes are just like "heh, I agree with that", and comments are nothing, they're just these hideous pinfeathers in the chicken carcass of the internet, thye mean nothing

shoving every stupid minor thing every person you know for any reason did for any reason into your face, and tilting the algorithm for "engagement" is a recipe for disaster, and they brought it willingly
it makes no fucking sense for any reason except to make people angry because angry==more engagement
there are three ways to interact with a post, and facebook, and for that matter twitter, BURNED DOWN every single pleasant social aggregate that developed as a result of it by having two of them just randomly and for no fucking reason do what the third is supposed to do. they removed curation from what we share about ourselves with each other and the world, that's what they did. and it made us ugly and the ugliness made us mad
why is there not an alternative that just DOESN'T DO THAT? what the fuck is wrong with the internet? why can't things just be nice? fuck

why couldn't facebook just be good
it was at the start
you go on, and, say some weird shit, and agree to go see the evil dead musical

now it's a machine for making people mad at each other for disagreeing about stuff neither of them really has any control over, or, you come to me, and I say some weird shit, and that's it
nobody even likes my dumb shitposts anymore because everybody sane has left
it's just my old coworker who likes the animes, and the guy from highschool with the shitty band who's gone like lightspeed chinese communist over the last couple months in a way that's impressively insane

do you guys remember when facebook was a nice way to keep in contact with people you don't see very often

is it still that for anybody

I understand why people would not want to be there, it sucks, but it fulfilled a nice function for people like me who suck at socializing, and, what do I do instead
how do I hang out with people
what do I do if I want to see a star war? individually contact everybody who might be interested? fucking nightmare.

S'coming to Switch, too. Hello from my big computer!


Cemetery / Re: Celebrities Who Are Still Alive Thread
« on: September 14, 2019, 06:06:05 PM »
Patti LaBelle

What's this urge where, when you see like a pretty lady extra in a movie or something, you want to look her up? Not to jack off or anything base like that, just to know her name, I guess. Now what? We're gonna meet up and ride a swan boat on a lake somewhere? "What's the point?" You'll ask yourself about halfway into a Google search. Then again, I find myself asking that question more and more often, in general.
"who is she"?

it's a small meme, and usually used ironically, but it's one of those phenomenons in human experience where a bullshit internet term has to suffice because it's something we didn't really have a term for before– being dazzled by somebody at first sight and just wanting to know more

I used to do it with comic book characters
if somebody made a cameo in a comic I was reading and I thought they looked cool I'd go on the internet and learn absolutely everything about them

who is she

General Discussion / we all remember what today is right?
« on: September 11, 2019, 02:20:59 PM »
for those of you who aren't aware, because we're getting to the point where a few of you might legitimately be too young to remember, many years ago, something happened on September 11th in the United States that must never be forgotten:

Rage Against the Machine was booked to play a concert in the small town of Spanish Fork, Utah, and the residents were so terrified they boarded up their houses and shit lol

when I was waking up I felt like somebody was lying next to me in bed and I spazzed out and kicked a hole in the wall

boy I really don't feel like fixing that

also, don't date me, apparently my reaction to waking up next to a person is to hit them hard enough to put a hole in a wall

« on: September 10, 2019, 04:02:00 PM »
Elements being a Silent Hill fanatic

DarkAchron and stubbornly refusing to cop to misspelling his name / overall idiot
hahaha fuck I forgot all about these
Squeezy or Squeeky or whatever and pretending his house burned down to try and scam a bunch of money from people.

HeinekenClock and pretending to be in a wheelchair/have cancer.
Fuck, these too
Krak and his home video.

*pouring gasoline*

is that based in on the fox searchlight logo

Cemetery / Re: Celebrities Who Are Still Alive Thread
« on: September 04, 2019, 03:22:39 AM »

that's fucked up. Guest's doing fine

remember when hermione set snape on fire

Entertainment / Re: so is anyone gonna get Disney plus
« on: August 24, 2019, 04:07:09 AM »
D+ more like F

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