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« on: August 23, 2019, 04:07:26 AM »
boy a lot goes behind closed doors doesn’t it
all will be revealed in clocktober

« on: August 22, 2019, 05:13:05 PM »
missing,, clockgrounds, wtfnoob, internet cult, clockse/clocktopia, and clockland, but I appreciate your enthusiasm for ancient history

I don't remember what I typed
I know you were all on the edge of your seats

this would be an extremely powerful tool for making flash movies if I wasn't a cretinous deadbeat


I don't remember what I typed

me, a checkout clerk: *learns rudimentary phrases and grammar in 6 different languages to do a better job*
*memorizes 10-digit upc codes for dozens of different products*
*patient, courteous, fast, efficient*
*described by coworkers as "phenomenal"*
annual performance review from my employer: 7/10

sometimes when I think about my old job I want to burn things

but I understand enough to surprise a german-speaking customer
haben sie einen lichtbildausweis?

tienes una identificacion con foto?

avez-vou une photo d'identité?

mayroon ka bang photo ID?

aveti un ID foto?

*questioning look* *pointing at you* *bending hands inward toward chest* *c shape with dominant hand moved to flat palm of upright inward-facing non-dominant hand* *pinky up* *index finger up*

Also, you said "music is apparently the one medium where instead for some reason my reaction is holy fuck that was so intense wowww. whoa. let me go tell the clock crew", which I interpreted as music being the only medium where you get the "intense wow" reaction, rather than it being the only medium where you want to tell us when such a reaction occurs. Right? Because I find that while with music it's easy to tear up and get goosebumps and all that shit. The gut-wrench is mostly reserved for long-form stuff like movies and literature. Hence my example. Although I've gotten it from looking at a single painting as well.
right yeah

To expound on some things: do you understand German, Slurps? Like, you say "he's plain spoken" when to me, regardless of the lyrics, he sounds like a goddamn creep. Which is interesting.
I don't understand as much german as somebody who actually understands german, but I understand enough to surprise a german-speaking customer

I just meant he wasn't singing, I guess? there are probably subtleties that are lost on me
for sure in the first verse I think he starts out sounding very plain-spoken. and as he gets more emotional in the build-up to the chorus it could go either way. like... Hotline Bling? lol. "ever since I left the city, you–" like drake didn't mean to sound paternalistic and overinvested, it just happened that way. he thought he was making a song about caring

You know that feeling like there's an actual physical pain in the pit of your stomach? Is there a word for that? Gut-wrenching, in a literal sense, I guess. Webster's doesn't include that definition, but Urban Dictionary says: "[...] that your stomach feels knotted." Anywho, even though it sorta sucks and it doesn't happen that often, it's cool that a work of art can have such a powerful effect on you. I read Dostoevsky's Notes from Underground some years ago and the unnamed narrator was dogshit personified, so much so that I still get a muted version of that feeling thinking about him now.
I like the "knots in your stomach" idiom because it describes the feeling exactly
I think the feeling itself comes from sympathetic anxiety?

there should just be a word for it, though. like how you can get "the chills"
"ohh, I got the... dops. that song gave me dops"

so I hate edm and generally roll my eyes whenever I see babby's first subversion "what if disney was darker" bullshit
this actually kind of rules

it's fucking terrifying. the weird edm distortion and bass drops coming and going call to mind a spotty, disoriented conscious, and the minor key and stripping of context make the lyrics sound like a skuzzy little devil screaming wicked deeds into the head of a nightclub rapist
it reminds me of

this Falco song, called Jeanny, that sounds like an 80's power ballad in the english-language chorus ("Jeanny! / Quit livin' on dreams / Jeanny! / Life is not what it seems / Such a lonely little girl / In a cold cold world / There's someone who needs you")
but then
the verses are in german
and he's plain spoken and increasingly intense and eventually the penny kind of drops and it becomes apparent he's actually a crazed violent rapist who kidnapped he girl he's singing to

and he's all like "sie kommen, dich zu holen...sie werden dich nicht finden.

Quit livin' on dreams"

so yeah, super intense songs from the perspective of crazed rapists, that's what I'm thinking about right now?

I guess it's just weird to me because normally when an artist tries to take the reader/viewer/player/listener/whatever into the mindset of somebody doing something horrible and repugnant it either fails completely or it succeeds and just makes me feel grossed out
music is apparently the one medium where instead for some reason my reaction is holy fuck that was so intense wowww. whoa. let me go tell the clock crew

Thing is, the names were already taken as part of the popular Roman gods subgroup.
PriapusClock was a really stand-up guy
so upright and firm

I like this bird a lot

newsgrounds has changed a lot how do I vote 5 is it this

also why is alien hominid flying the colombian flag lol

slurpee you had a really good intro so i used your part first. i didn't make a title card for it, but i had some fun with the other writing credit you did
it's beautiful

at some point one of the credits said clock day 2018 but I can't remember when

also I just realized I forgot to credit the random youtube guy bitching about star wars that I used for "dialogue" but I have no idea who he was so oh well

happy cock gay ahahahabahahahagahahahahahahaha


General Discussion / Re: Clock Crew Logo
« on: August 14, 2019, 11:10:30 PM »

General Discussion / Re: Clock Crew Logo
« on: August 14, 2019, 09:24:26 PM »
I have a good logo

but yours is still kinda nice
what the heck is D

You cannot fuck a girl because you have a little one / Re: attn: nerds
« on: August 13, 2019, 04:49:33 PM »
my soulknife thanks you
soulknife is the one psionics class I know absolutely nothing about jahu

You cannot fuck a girl because you have a little one / Re: attn: nerds
« on: August 13, 2019, 04:34:44 PM »
for a psion using the shaper discipline, minor creation (psionic) is a level 1 psionic power that can be cast by a level 1 manifester
it lets you make a nonmagical, unattended object of nonliving, vegetable matter (so wood) at a maximum volume of 1 cubic ft/manifester level (1 sq ft should be more than enough material) for a duration of 1 hr/manifester level (one hour is usually enough for a single chess match, but level 2 would be a teensy bit safer if you really want to play it safe)

a chess set would easily fall within minor creation's purview, but, due to the complexity of shaping a board and all the individual pieces your DM might require you to pass a crafting check. but also crafting is a class skill (and INT, which is the class ability), and it should probably only be a DC10 (DC15 if you want it to be fancy) and it's the kind of thing that if I were DMing I would just let the player take a 20

it's restricted to the shaper discipline
and there's 5 other disciplines, and once you've committed there isn't really a way to go back on that, the disciplines are even more exclusive than classes are, so if later on you want to learn to shapeshift or teleport you're pretty much shit out of luck unless you want to multi-class as a wizard or something

e: I lied, there is a way around the discipline prohibition using the "expanded knowledge" feat
you could also roll a wilder instead of a psion but idk if wilders would be into chess you'd kind of be playing against type

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