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I think the guy behind that got fired and tried to write his own books about his echidna fan characters. in fact I think I posted about that once and that might have been during the same line of conversation vcr posted his urkel conspiracy in, I'm pretty sure I remember that post too.
ken penders lol

yeah he's worth a google when you're in the mood for
a uh

delightful eccentric

being set in some sort of realistic world never really felt like an issue with sonic adventure. the story is kinda corny but that's about it. and it's earnestly so, like a big dumb fun anime.
yes he immediately became extremely uncool that is what I said!!

it wasn't immediate immediate but that's just hangtime
it's like oasis' third album
I've never even listened to it, I just know that, in retrospect, oasis was cool, and then their third album came out, and then they were just never cool again
somewhere out there, there's a ytp I can't fucking find that uses this scene (10:15) from the sonic saturday morning cartoon:
I think that was one of Koala's
"Robonik gives sally the aids"

looks like it's gone (there's another one with the same title but it's not by him and it's not the same and it's not as good)
I missed you too! Except... are we friends on social media? I'm friends with several clocks but I've forgotten who's who at this point.  :o
nope I am an enigma to all
except topcatyo who somehow pm'd me on facebook one time
Also, yeah, I was thinking "am I supposed to be rooting for Eggman? Because I think I'm rooting for Eggman" when I saw that trailer.
omg right?
sonic is like is invading alien force that wiped out power in the entire pacific northwest and robotnik is funnyman jim carrey playing an eccentric scientist brought in to save the day, goofing around and not respecting authority
it's so weird

i know "mobius" is thrown around in the Archie comics, but don't the games take place on earth anyway? everyone on twitter is all HUUUHEUHTUHUH IT'S WEIRD THAT THEY DID ANOTHER 'POP CULTURE THING GOES TO REAL LIFE EARTH' AND I DON'T LIKE THAT IT'S MYYYY SOOOONIC
so back in the day sega of america and sega of japan had two different takes on sonic

america put him on an earth-like planet called mobius that was inhabited by other critters like him- tails, "uncle chuck", a texan rabbot, some kind of effete french aristocrat, and a chipmunk but like a sexy chipmunk that would cause a lot of people some psychological problems down the line, etc and robotnik was taking it over with robots and sonic and co were like an anti-robot guerrilla attack squad

japan for whatever reason always decided sonic just existed alongside normal humans on normal earth and he was just... like I guess he just showed up one day or something idk I have no idea how any of that is supposed to work

the canon never really mattered in the games until sonic adventure, which distinctly put him in the japanese canon and coincidentally sonic immediately became extremely uncool and never recovered, so they might be trying to tap into the version that everybody actually liked and remembers from the early-to-mid 90's with steve urkel voicing sonic and robotnik is called robotnik and not "eggman"

but I also have a developing hypothesis that they're actively trying to manufacture a fascinating disaster
just on the surface of it it really doesn't seem to be the product of somebody trying

hi losperman I missed you :*

im going to san diego for a wedding this week and need to know the best places to eat mexican food thx
a taco truck

Once they catch up with the manga, shonen battle anime like game of thrones always go into long pointless filler arcs.

this picture doesn't even have evisceration or shitting dick nipples. I hope the years haven't made you soft, clock crew. this should be like a summer breeze to you. it should feel like coming home

Hussie used to do "art reviews" of stuff that kind of stuff, and Kurt Logan was given particularly hagiographic treatment

Conventional wisdom would have us believe itís impossible to achieve parallel acts of genius in unrelated fields. Einstein cracked the relativity riddle, but was only a so-so violinist. Hawking may be equally brilliant in physics, but he will never win any triathlons. Well let me tell you, I have found a man who defies this wisdom. His name is Kurt Logan, and while we mortals toil in the thick, choking atmosphere of Earth, he has rocketed past the stars in two distinct arenas of human achievement: both as a fine artist, and as a unique fetishist. Really, this guy makes me feel so under-whelmed with myself, I want to hang myself from the pubic hair of Old Man Disgrace.

Now youíll excuse me if Iím Kurt with you (ha, I wish!), but we have some masterpieces to behold.


This one says it all about Kurt Logan. This is a no-bullshit kind of guy. He likes his men built. He likes his men to be nude and giant. He likes his men to be women with preposterous breasts. He likes his women to have cocks that could be load-bearing pillars in a stadium. He likes his women to be horses. Or maybe some other animal. And he likes hisÖ creatures, to be murdering several humans at once with their monolithic private parts. This is Kurt Logan, this is what he stands for, and this is why God got off his fat ass and finally put some fucking talent into someone who can use it.

in The Big Lebowski, after Dude's last conversation with The Stranger, The Stranger stands up to leave walking one direction, then reconsiders and turns around to leave the other way. if you watch Dude's eyeline, when The Stranger steps back, Dude looks the direction he initially didn't go, then, as The Stranger goes the other way, Dude turns his head so, from Dude's perspective, The Stranger just ~mysteriously disappeared~
Is your copy different from mine? It's the exact opposite. (Also it's not the last conversation with the Stranger?) He looks the way The Stranger initially goes (and maybe thinks for a second ~where did he go?!~) then turns his head and looks after him as he walks away (granted The Stanger's out of frame at that point, but...)

I always liked that part because The Stranger is initially presented as this wise, cool and collected character (people even seem to think he's an angel or god or whatever) and then he stumbles around like an easily distracted idiot who spotted a penny or forgot where the door was or something... just another freak in the freak kingdom.

What if, and I'm pulling this out of my ass on the spot, The Stranger is not god or omniscient or whatever, but a real stranger in a bar telling you (the viewer) a wild(ly exaggerated) story about a guy he met a couple of times in a bowling alley? Call Cracked.

Speaking of which: I was watching The Big Sleep one of the newer Dave Chappelle specials and who's sitting there laughing in an audience reaction shot? Michael Swaim.

So I guess don't call Cracked.
welp, I checked the movie and I was talking crazy talk


Ever notice any small details or weird references or whatever in movies/series/whatever that made you go he...he he... he he ha he ha hu hu ho?

Example: I was watching The Big Short and there's this random shot of Las Vegas with a giant billboard with Martin Short on it. He he... The Big Short.
in The Big Lebowski, after Dude's last conversation with The Stranger, The Stranger stands up to leave walking one direction, then reconsiders and turns around to leave the other way.
if you watch Dude's eyeline, when The Stranger steps back, Dude looks the direction he initially didn't go, then, as The Stranger goes the other way, Dude turns his head
so, from Dude's perspective, The Stranger just ~mysteriously disappeared~

where my homies watching wrestlemania tonight at tho
holding off until I can watch it with my buddy ;(

he's tryna buy a house in the next year so he's been taking as many overtime hours as he can, so it's been rough getting our schedules to line up

no spoilers plz

here's a deleted scene from that post that was cut for time:
recently I've been getting acid reflux the morning after drinks and the internet says it's probably an alcohol allergy, but my friend Keith talked me into experimentally just doing shots one time and sure enough it was just beer that did it to me, probably a hop allergy, and listen, I'm queer, I'm a fancy lad, I like a tom collins or a mojito or a mimosa from time to time, when I'm feeling sassy, okay, I can stand contrapposto and dress good and dance and smell amazing when that's the me I want to be, but beer is my best gal, my rock, my hors d'oeuvres table at a party I don't want to be at. beer tastes like coming home after finishing up an overtime shift at the bullshit factory, it tastes like you earned it, it's crisp and cold and a little sour and it says "hey, y'know, you're doing alright. you're at the end of a long day, and tomorrow's another one, but right now you can unwind. it's all good." so I still drink beer and just hope it's not too bad in the morning, fuck it. I can deal with a little burning sensation in my tummy. I'm an adult, I can make that decision for myself. it's not like it happens every time. it's not like I have many vices. it's not like I drink all that often. I've never had a hangover and I don't seem to have inherited the addictive personality trait that runs on both sides of my family and for that I count my blessings

I like guinness it tastes like bread

most lagers taste like a crisp smooth refreshing shot of ice cold wintery piss. some of them are less pissy than others, some are closer to water, some are closer to orange juice. blue moon falls into the latter, great white the former. the standard dadbeers like coors and mgd taste like when you lick the little crevice between a guy's ballsack and and his thigh. (if you've ever done that. if you haven't all you need to know is that it tastes like mgd)
pbr tastes like water but like weird dirty water that they did a kind of good job of filtering at a settlement in the post-apocalyptic wasteland, it won't kill you but something is obviously not quite right, natty ice is disgusting and tastes like an ashtray. tecate's like a slightly less offensive version of that, sierra nevada and drake's are that except crossing the line over into good somehow?
negro modela and fat tire are like guinness but if guinness was trying to fight you a little bit

most craft beers/microbrews are either Beer: The Beer except with oatmeal or blueberries or something, or like you added slightly burned and low-sugar brownies to the way rubbing alcohol smells, OR chocolate-flavored wine (all wine tastes like rotten grape juice, don't @ me), or else just a nightmare of hops, a bitter, broiling fucking... bacterial culture, of hops, that goes down like sandpaper, the only point in its favor being that it stops burning after you swallow, and mostly gets by on having a dumb novelty name like "Barley and Me" or "Bigfoot Bathwater"

I saw a beer that was labeled an "imp stout" and was so fucking stoked to try an imp stout, like there was just a whole world of drinks out there named after whimsical fae creatures, like, Gnome Mead, or Troll Ale, or Pixie Wine, and I was going to get to try an Imp Stout which easily sounds like it would be the best of those four, and then I realized it was just an abbreviation for "imperial stout" and the disappointment I felt could have knocked the earth off its axis

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for my theme song
my leather black jeans on


I just learned pannenkoek2012 started using his powers for evil

it'd be like releasing dlc for vampire the masquerade bloodlines
well that was a weirdly specific thing to almost be wrong about

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