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General Discussion / Re: the fire marshall has haemorrhoids
« on: August 13, 2019, 12:01:50 AM »
where the hell's all the kegs I ordered

General Discussion / Re: The most underrated 80s band?
« on: August 10, 2019, 04:37:15 PM »
Morris Day and the Time.
I was going to say Dexy's Midnight Runners but this is a better answer

Morris Day deserves so, so much better than to be remembered as Jay & Silent Bob's favorite band and being associated with Prince at one point

General Discussion / Re: NEW ROCKO
« on: August 10, 2019, 01:41:32 PM »
Oh shit, what Hey Arnold thing?
oh you ain't know about the jungle movie?

for a really long time "the jungle movie" was a kind of animation legend, like dexter's rude removal and the final episode of angry beavers. it was an end (or next step) to Hey Arnold that the series creators wanted to make, that would have tied up the whole thing with arnold's parents, grew the kids up a little bit, finally got helga to be honest about her feelings, revealed arnold's last name (which grandpa had actually been calling him for the entire show) and just, a whole bunch of cool shit that fans of the series thought would have been neat to see. there were fan petitions and stuff but I don't think anybody actually thought it was going to happen
(I can't remember exactly but somebody involved might have leaked most of the details or even an early script in the late 00's because at that point they just figured it was never going to happen, it was that sort of thing)

then a few years ago nickelodeon suddenly got cool again, and they were just like "the jungle movie? hell yeah, we're making that shit"
they got craig bartlett and as much of the original cast back as they could, and it aired on nickelodeon in 2017. it won an emmy! so that's cool

twitter is, like

*SO* bad

late but condolences dude

, but in fairness, I'm used to shitty cheap hardware and I was familiar with the issue).

I know my skills aren't worth much,

I feel like such a stupid asshole
resist this temptation to put yourself down, that's the devil talking

people don't always see how bright they shine, because to them it's just how they are, but you've got things you don't even realize not everybody else has. when the world denies you an opportunity to shine, that's the world fucking up
that goes for all of you. you show sides of yourselves here that you don't even realize you're showing, but I see you and you're beautiful. don't you ever forget it
no homo

I got a pair of Beats Studio3's as a gift

I never would have bought them myself, but apparently I am developing a reputation in my family for being the guy with the headphones (I do listen to music a lot but tbh most of the time I'm just listening to white noise to help me concentrate because my brain is broken)

anyway they're a nifty gadget, the w1 chip is really impressive, instant connection, low battery consumption, perfect wireless audio/video sync, controls are simple and intuitive, and the active noise canceling is like magic,
I would just like to confirm firsthand that the audio quality is, in fact, shit. it is not just a snobby audiophile meme, everything everybody says about Beats favoring the bass way too much are absolutely right. even just regular human speech sounds muffled. the on ear momentum 1's I've been using for like 6 years and got for like $40 have way better sound quality than this $350 let's-be-honest fashion accessory, and I don't want to seem ungrateful but who the hell just gives somebody $350 headphones without even asking? what is wrong with my family
is it an asian thing? one of those weird passive-aggressive joy luck club guilt trip things I never understood? it's... oh my god it's so much money. when I was living off my savings I'd buy a 15 lbs bag of russet potatoes for $5 and feed myself for a week. these headphones could have bought 1,050 pounds of potatoes. I'd be a king! a god!

it still seems pretty specific but I don't speak for everybody

What are your experiences with falling asleep on the couch with a cold beer in your hand, spilling it on yourself and waking up because of it?
none, but I admire the optimism of even asking about such a specific scenario


Old Town Road

17 weeks at no 1
I do believe that's the world record

putting aside changes to what counts as a sale since the onset of streaming services, and whether remixes should be counted along with the original song, it's insane that nobody has managed to produce a pop song that could dethrone this kid who, at the outset, couldn't even afford a real music video and just edited together footage from red dead redemption 2
(+the remix, featuring former walking punchline billy ray cyrus (previously seen pathetically trying to grasp onto the fading starlight of his status as a decades old one hit wonder by namedropping his own daughter's sexually charged single wrecking ball)

the jonas brothers reunited after breaking apart into three separate but individually enormously successful solo careers, couldn't put a dent in it
taylor swift released two comeback singles, one where she teamed up with the guy from panic at the disco, and one where she chased headlines by pandering to lgbt rights and burying the hatchet with katy perry– old town road stood tall
ed sheeran teamed up with justin bieber I guess(?) you know what I'm just gonna go through these or I'll be typing all night, dj khalid, shawn mendes, post malone, chris brown, drake, ed sheeran feat. khalid, halsey, blake shelton, panic at the disco, ariana grande, katy perry, daddy yankee feat katy perry and snow(?????), cardi b, five seconds of summer, marshmello, beyonce, kenny chesney, mustard, nicki minaj, ed sheeran feat camilla cabello and cardi b, carrie underwood, and that billie eilish song that a youtube guy transitioned into we are number one and now I can't hear anything else

2017 was a weird year in pop music. everybody was so bummed out it basically destroyed the careers of effortlessly cool pop stars like pitbull and justin timberlake. nobody wanted to hear that shit. a few stragglers made it through, but it's clear the teenage dream era is long behind us
after two straight years of the downbeat it's clear that the public appetite is hungry for something different, but who would come to the rescue? gaga's out here winning academy awards and shit, so she's off the table. I'm not a fan of taylor swift (except maybe blank space, it was a jam, shut up), and her ill-advised "new taylor" thing last year thankfully fizzled out, but if anybody was going to deliver us from the dreary sludge of mumblerap, buzzing bass feedback, and lorde-esque despondent singing, surely it would have to have been somebody with her sheer force of personality, right?
neigh! america has spoken- we want two minute novelty raps about riding a horse! from, some fucking teenager

lil nas x's tweets pop up on my timeline from time to time and, honestly, the kid seems like he has a good head on his shoulders, I'm happy for him... but this is just such a profoundly weird moment in pop music
I guess only time will tell if it's the kind of novelty with staying power, like hooked on a feeling, or the kind that in a few decades just makes old top 40 listings baffling and incomprehensible to look at, like convoy

Is Nier a cool word/name if you don't know it means kidney in Dutch?

it sounds like a noise you'd make if somebody asked if you enjoyed something and you started to say "no" but then changed to "yeah" but didn't really want to commit to that either so it just ends up an indistinct growl that conveys ambivalence


speaking of him, I feel I wouldn't like him nearly as much if I was playing the brother version. being a dad just makes the whole thing more meaningful than it could have been. apparently yoko taro says both versions are canon somehow?
as I understand it bro nier gets gruffer as the game goes on, and it's supposed to show how bad things get and how much of himself he's losing, as opposed to dad nier who starts out already incredibly gruff and over time just gets even more gruff

also yeah that sounds like something yoko taro would say


that figure seems low

yessss the characters are the best they are my children I adopted them
when kaine and emil talk about camping together outside of the town,
and how her attitude starts to rub off on him?
the best

START MAKING SENSE YOU ROTTEN BOOK OR etc etc, so fucking good
iirc the voice cast is largely unknowns so it's kind of insane how good they are. emil was a little cloying at first but by the end of it he was breaking my heart, and kaine and weiss, god damn

I honestly forgot tyrann was even a character

also I want to stress how tangential the connection to drakengard is: it is very, very tangential

also your remark about tulip farming brought back some painful memories. I think I straight up just gave up on the pink moonflower sidequest. fuck it! fuck you! no pink moonflowers for you!!! no pink moonflowers for anybody!!!!!!!!

just out of curiosity, what was your reaction when you met emil and he wasn't a spooky skeleton monster?

General Discussion / Re: Are there any normal guys here?
« on: July 22, 2019, 09:09:32 PM »
do you have a brother


this reference completely flew over my head for like 22 years, I am pretty sure because in 1975 the entire world quietly agreed to pretend Love Is never happened, and the simpsons staff were the only only ones who dared break the covenant (and were ever after cursed to not be as funny as they used to be)

I am also pretty sure that the thing that wrought love is back upon the world was, wikipedia. I have no evidence to support any of this, it just seems like it's probably true, to me

also vcr are you 60

how do you make a bot is it hard

I feel like I should know how but it might as well be magic to me

it looks pretty squatty

you could maybe come back from meth. nobody comes back from crack.
yeah but meth is scarier when they've lost it

crack heads are crazy like 🤪 hoodoodoodledoo!!! ahahaaaa. y'all think that's funny? it's not. haha!!! I'm just playin with you. I'm heatin up in here. I'm heatin up. I'm heatin up. I'm heatin up, no. I'm heatin up. I'm heatin up... no... 😱 no NOOOOOOO. STAY BACK DEVIL. STAY BACK DEVIL
and you're like "phyew! glad he's about 20 feet away.."

meth fiends are crazy like 🧟 wanna buy a baby?

that reminds me, your thoughts on thieves and honor among them?
I would expect that many people steal or have stolen, but don't consider themselves "thieves", the same way many people lie but wouldn't consider themselves "liars". so what are we talking about when we talk about thieves? somebody who steals for a living? or maybe steals compulsively, without thought of it?

I think the idea of there being "no honor among thieves" is that once somebody has demonstrated their noncompliance with one moral limitation, it would be reasonable to expect their noncompliance with others, but that raises the question of from where an individual derives their morality

I think most people know the difference between right and wrong, whether they know they know it or not. the only reason it ever doesn't seem that way is that humans are also very, very good at making excuses to ourselves. the way a killer might draw a line at killing women or children, or how, in prison, pedophiles are targeted by the other inmates, we all lie to ourselves every day about our complicity or complacency with things we know are wrong. I think any top-down sense of morality, like laws, taboos, and adherence to authority and tradition, primarily exist to reconcile disparate individual moralities (that are each compromised by each constituent's powerful ability to self-justify). social morality, what freud called the superego, is there so we can exist as a society without having to worry about being hurt by the people who are better at (or for whatever reason more willing to engage in) justifying their own bad behavior to themselves

opposition to thievery, then, is part of the social contract, an agreement we tacitly make to suspend the individual liberty to act only in response to our own moral compass and acknowledge some objective, universal rules that exist to prevent behaviors we'd all hate to see from others, even if we might be quite content to engage in them ourselves (jerking off in public, for instance) some extant hunter-gatherer tribes, for example, have no concept of possession, and therefore no concept of theft. to see somebody within a society, a thief, transgress those boundaries, is frightening, because the social contract has failed. that doesn't mean it's been disregarded entirely, but that possibility is now on the table. where are the limits?

well, in spite of everything, we still draw those for ourselves. I have seen a meth addict bristle at being called a "crackhead". the notion that they smoked crack was offensive. smoking crystal was something they could justify to themselves, but they drew a line at crack. going back to the killer who won't hurt women or children, and the prisoners who hate pedophiles- if you don't have some code of conduct, some lines you will not cross, then you condemn yourself to exile. no society, however low, however fringe, would harbor you

I'm not an anarchist in any sense, but I do think the anarchist philosophers are at the very least absolutely right about at least one concept: if you put a couple hundred people on an island, and take away the laws, take away the authority, take away the consequences, heck, take away the shared language? they'll be fine.
in spite of what zombie movies and the evening news would tell you, society is humankind's natural state. we gravitate toward it. every person wants to exist in a functioning society just as badly as every myopic soldier of the status quo is terrified of losing it. somebody on that island knows a little more about medicine than everyone else. someone is strong, somebody knows about construction, somebody can hunt, somebody can fish, somebody knows how to filter water, or frighten predators. if we were in the apocalypse right now, and you found a pharmacist, what would you do? rob and murder him? no. you'd probably trade with him, protect him, work to get his trust, because his knowledge is necessary to keep people you know alive. the people on the island would help each other. they'd protect the knowledge, they'd subdue any lunatics. it's what we do. it's what human beings do. we're a social species, down to the bone. language? that's what creole languages are: ad-hoc forms of communication between people with no formal understanding of each other's tongue, developed out of necessity. (hell, give it enough time, and that's where languages come from period.)
young societies can certainly tend toward primitive, even barbaric solutions to the problems a society must face, but the longer any given society prospers, the more likely they are to address those problems for the betterment of everybody within that society. of course there are always bastards, but by and large it's not lack of law, rather extreme circumstances that pushes people to desperate acts. that island of a couple hundred people? imagine it again, start from scratch, but this time, keep the laws, keep the authority, keep the consequences, keep the shared language... and take away the food. all hell would break loose

so, to get back to the question, it seems to me that to ask whether there can be honor among thieves, is to ask if the solitary societal custom of respecting individual ownership can be violated with there still existing a shared sense of morality, and the answer seems obvious

(I would submit, in fact, that the most barbaric, unconscionable acts in recorded history, the most extreme cases of man's inhumanity to man, are seldom the work of an individual disregarding societal morals, rather, societies convincing individuals to disregard their own morals, because when those societal morals are nudged, smudged, redrawn, redefined, to the exclusion of the humanity of certain subsets of people, inhuman acts can be carried out without question. this is why every great moral leader from jesus christ to john cusack's character in con air has stressed the importance of how we treat the least among us)

not like the song was stolen it was a pretty long chain of marginally related thoughts and i really don't want to get into it
it's very hard to guess the path you took to get there from the outside tbh
Zero to Hero
I wasn't crazy about the gospel approach they took for hercules, but I really really like meg's song

it's like a motown ditty, I would legit just listen to this for pleasure

i said disney you trolll

I recently realized that Winds in the East from Mary Poppins has a really similar melody to the theme song from Over the Garden Wall and I'm kind of quietly obsessed with how eery-whimsical they both are and how well they pair together

also I'm aware winds in the east is the same melody as chim chim chiree but winds in the east is legitimately pretty ominous, and nobody thinks of chim chim chiree as spooky

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