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another good wake-up song is Build Me Up by Rhymefest because it samples it's hook from Build Me Up Buttercup,

one of my years-old unfinished flashes is a song about you to the tune of Build Me Up Buttercup and I was going to surprise you and post it with no context one of these clock days but alas

it is now has precedence and the surprise is ruined
... I swear StrangeClock made a video to that song a few years ago, but it's not on his youtube or newgrounds account
copyright takedown, maybe?

Also my alarm is Drunken Sailor by the Irish Rovers and it has never failed waking me up, I’m just poorly disciplined in dragging my ass out of bed before necessary because life is a meaningless procession of indistinguishable days that crush the spirit so completely as to suck the pleasure entirely from the weekends when I don’t have to go into work until it all bleeds together into one utterly blasé mess
try listening to Downtown by Macklemore

Slurpee's Stand:


Activates when anybody in proximity attempts a menial task requiring an unremarkable degree of competence, causing them to fail in a way that is completely undetectable except for complications that result later on

I've been in this physics class for 6 weeks and we've done a lab experiment every single week
and every single week the lab takes up way more time than the three hours that we're actually in the lab, because in every single lab, the data we record does not match the theory

we change groups every week, and it does not happen to every group, but it happens to every group that I'm in, even when I'm not physically participating in the actual labwork and am just sitting to one side taking care of the theoretical work

do I just radiate entropy or something?
I think I would actually be surprised if any of the labs from this point forward went to plan

another good wake-up song is Build Me Up by Rhymefest because it samples it's hook from Build Me Up Buttercup, but he got Ol' Dirty Bastard sing it

e: I didn't misspell "its" autocorrect just doesn't believe that that word exists
other words autocorrect hates: ill, well

I thought autocorrect was supposed to be adaptive, but somehow it has never picked up on the fact that when I'm typing a word with an apostrophe I JUST TYPE THE APOSTROPHE

all three of those are going to evolve into broad-shouldered bipedal beastmen and I'm going to hate it
stop doing this to me, pokemon
actually only two of them

sobble evolves into miserabubble

I set my alarm so I could get up do laundry, and make something to eat before work and slept until 1. My life is trainwreck.
when I was 18 or 19 or so I still couldn't get myself to wake up to an alarm effectively and I really needed to be able to do that. so I burned an hour long loop of the piclownjew scream to a cd and put it in my clock radio with the volume set to max. it sure as hell worked.
you know what works for me is making my alarm a song that I recognize, and could hum, because it activates a different part of my brain that wants to hear that song especially after the first couple notes

Megalovania is a good one, because it was my ring tone for a while, back when phone calls were still a thing, so it also activates the part of my brain that's like "who's calling me?"
for a while it was Our Retired Explorer (Dines with Michel Foucault in Paris, 1961), then it was Every Planet We Reach is Dead, then Lisa Frank 420, and right now it's The Velveteen Dream's theme from NXT lol

a song that starts slow and then builds is also good, if you're awake to hear it, because it takes you from "morning" awake to awake-awake. Downtown by Macklemore is a good one, In the House In a Heartbeat is good, "Heels" from the It Follows soundtrack is good but you might want to edit it so the sound ramps up for the first minute, also Hello by Oasis but that one I had to like edit it because for some reason the first like 12 seconds of that song is the riff from Wonderwall and my automatic response to Wonderwall is to shut it off

the other thing is just, leaving my window shades open, because the natural sunlight really, really helps tell your body it's awake time. (not sure if you guys have the sun in canada)

I'd recommend practicing good sleep hygiene but honestly I've never managed that so :shrug:

all three of those are going to evolve into broad-shouldered bipedal beastmen and I'm going to hate it
stop doing this to me, pokemon


not really digging the starters as much as previous games. they're not bad though. I'll probably go with the lizard unless the other two turn into something cool/adorable.
i'm a lagomorph, sam, look it up

There's this girl that's super into me. I know this, because she keeps making these really cheesy puns. I'll say: "I really have to clean out my chimney." She'll say: "I wish you'd clean out my chimney." Or whatever. Anyway, I looked her up on Facebook, because that's the age we live in, and I noticed something: she looks fucking nuts in all of her pictures. Like something's a little off in the eyes. That's a thing right?.


this BatteryClock emoji:

quote if you agree

Cemetery / Re: Undead Clock of the Year 2018
« on: February 21, 2019, 01:57:20 AM »
May I be your apprentice :question mark:
alright but I can't promise I'll do anything but quote yoda at you

General Discussion / Re: A message for those hangers-on
« on: February 21, 2019, 12:46:17 AM »

Cemetery / Re: Undead Clock of the Year 2018
« on: February 20, 2019, 12:54:57 PM »
ah beans! now I have to make sure Richard Chamberlain has a good year or I'll look like a real tit

Cemetery / Re: Undead Clock of the Year 2018
« on: February 20, 2019, 12:30:49 AM »
I nominate Richard Chamberlain

he's neither undead nor a clock but I think he really embodied the spirit that the award represents last year

Entertainment / Re: Hereditary
« on: February 12, 2019, 02:22:39 PM »
I only saw it once so I can't swear to it, but no, I don't think there were any jumpscares. there were times when shit gets a little wild but it always felt earned

e: full disclosure, while I get why jumpscares annoy people, they don't usually take me out a movie and I'm liable to not really notice them unless it's the only trick the movie has. in the IT remake, for instance, I didn't notice the preponderance of jump scares until somebody pointed it out. and I'm a total mark for james wan, which some people might count as jump scare-y, idk

Entertainment / Re: Hereditary
« on: February 12, 2019, 02:51:34 AM »
saw it in the theater
the scene after the... well, that scene. you know the one.
I kept expecting it to cut away, and then I was begging for it to cut away, and then I gave up on it ever cutting away. excruciating. I can't think of a single other filmmaker who wouldn't just cut for god's sake! the important stuff has happened! we feel bad enough, you brute!

I ended up really liking the movie, but that scene has grown to gargantuan proportions in my memory. not to say it wasn't bold and effective, and really a small (if significant) part of a larger film with a lot more going on– I'm really fascinated by, among other things, the compositing of the live shots with the miniatures, both thematically and in terms of how it was accomplished– but idk if I could sit through it again. I could easily see myself seriously contemplating a rewatch, thinking about that scene, and deciding to just watch The VVitch again instead. The VVitch has a similar lingering and oppressive sense of dread, but it never made me sick to my stomach. that scene, FUCK.

and for those who haven't seen it, it's... well, it's not a gore thing, put it that way.
it's more like all the most horribly awkward moments from The Office rolled up into a single stiff punch to the liver.

and a 180 from that, last night I watched Peter Jackson's new World War 1 documentary
They digitally restored old film stock from the war, blew it up to HD resolution, coloured it, used some CGI trickery to up it to a smooth frame rate, had lip readers figure out what men in the film were saying and then had voice actors dubbed in. It's stunningly engrossing. The entire film is narrated by archival interviews with British veterans of the war, talking about their experiences in it. There's no talk of grand strategy, it's a more human look at the lives of the poor bastards who stood shin deep in muddy trenches of piss shit and decaying corpses while artillery fire rained down on them. I have nothing of value I can add to a description that wouldn't spoil part of the viewing experience, but I was moved watching it and I would recommend checking it out if the trailer even slightly piques your interest.
this was good ty for the recommendation

you're roommates with a robot?

I wish I had never said fuck anything ever before in my entire life just so I had an untapped means of expressing how much fuck "mastering physics," the bastard website which I hate, right now

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