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That naked boy looks like a chibi Lupin III
Entertainment / Re: CATZ
« Last post by PhantomCatClock on Today at 05:46:33 AM »
it does and it will look worse once the crossover porn starts
Entertainment / CATZ
« Last post by Jamba C. on Today at 05:27:09 AM »

That Sonic movie doesn’t look so bad now, does it

this reference completely flew over my head for like 22 years, I am pretty sure because in 1975 the entire world quietly agreed to pretend Love Is never happened, and the simpsons staff were the only only ones who dared break the covenant (and were ever after cursed to not be as funny as they used to be)

I am also pretty sure that the thing that wrought love is back upon the world was, wikipedia. I have no evidence to support any of this, it just seems like it's probably true, to me

also vcr are you 60
as long aswe're here i'm hust going start colectig precous moment

"love is" cartoons also acepted here

my "total fuckign sap" contribution to disney hootenanny hoedown is "someone's waiting for you" from the rescuers

it's a product of that special time in american culture that brought you "you light up my life" and the donny & marie osmond variety show, but idk there's also something about them asmr vocals that give me this strung out late 60s vengeance of she vibe, u kno?? but fr sometimes a man gotta cry
VCR, feel free to put a donate button somewhere for upkeep. Now that I'm rich I can donate to help.

you know very well where I keep the fart jar

somebody on that island knows a little more about medicine than everyone else. someone is strong

is it big e

<img src=Copy of Copy of facebook like button (2).bmp> the wrestling posts

I wasn't crazy about the gospel approach they took for hercules, but I really really like meg's song

it's like a motown ditty, I would legit just listen to this for pleasure

IT'S AS IF YOU POSTED THIS JUST TO DISAGREE WITH ME except bit about meg's song tru tho

have you heard about oedipus?

we live in the kind of worl where it's one loose cannon chucklefuck's job to make this joke, and it's another person's job to come thru years later and be like:

Quote from: an academic
Betty Spaghetty was invented and designed by Elonne Dantzer[3] and licensed to The Ohio Art Co. and released in 1998. The doll was very popular during its launch, however the line was discontinued in 2004 due to Ohio Art's toy shipments falling to 15 percent because of weak retail markets and strong competition in the fashion doll market. But in 2007, Ohio Art announced that the dolls would return with a new look. The new Betty Spaghetty dolls were released later that year, but were discontinued a second time a year later due to lackluster sales. Moose Toys revealed at the 2016 Toy Fair that Betty Spaghetty would be sold as part of their brand in the fall of 2016.[4]

we have not collected enough information to determine whether phantomcat had reason to believe his audience was well versed enough in early 21st century doll commercials for his joke to be understood
renegade this is no laughing matter there's a place where lightning strikes like five times per minute and it's happening right now it's a lake in south america
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