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June 03, 2020, 11:29:09 AM

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I can’t type in it but I can change the title

2020 Jun 01 09:13:55
2020 May 31 17:37:29
HOW MANY?!?!?!
2020 May 31 17:27:11
How many numbers of the alphabet does it take to taste math?
2020 May 17 05:34:49
Terraria Server
Port: 8289
password: original king of the portal, all lowercase
Thanks Thor
2020 May 14 01:56:24
2020 May 13 17:41:23
Next person to post a shoutbox message wants to kiss me on the mouth.
2020 May 13 03:10:14
also I haven't figured out how to spoof the shoutbox and I'm jelly
2020 May 12 20:10:42
The sexiest clock award goes to..
2020 May 10 01:30:31
I don't think it's possible to spoof the shoutbox, no
2020 May 05 21:04:12
in these uncertain times, now more than ever. together.


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June 01, 2020, 09:13:55 AM

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Turning out to be a much more timely theme than could have been imagined, the latest CC collab is sweeping the portal;

Hosted by K-9 and featuring a swath of new talent, old favourites, the King, and the Pretender, all wrapped up in a captivating serialized stop motion narrative, you'd be a damn fool to miss out on this.

All participants should have received their pixel trophies at this stage. If I missed anyone, please do not hesitate to message Phantomcat.
In other news; RedbookClock is currently attempting to dethrone former Mayor AbbaZabaClock and be crowned Supreme Spam King! Be sure to keep an eye on his thread and support this absolutely insane endevour.

Have a Clockwork day!
Hi, it's me Nintendoclcok. Have you ever put a ice cube up your ass? I did. Feels good. Wow.

Big Daddy VCRClock gave me a shot to write my very own article here on the frontpage. I have plenty of things to say. I have great things to contribute. I'm a good person.

Restauraint Review: Culvetr's
by NintendoClock

I tried to order a kids' meal, but the man that works there wouldn't let me have one. He said I looked too old. I said I wasn't too old. He told me I should order something from the regular menu. I asked him if I could have a Scoopie Token, and he said no, that's only for kids' meals. I said that's why I wanted a kids' meal, but he still wouldn't let me have one. "What's the big deal," I asked, turning to face the line that had begun to form behind me. "It's only a piece of paper. It's practically free. Why can't I have one?" I pulled out my 9 Scoopie Tokens. "It wasn't a problem last time. I want to choose a prize." The man said that I was holding up the line, and besides, I needed 10 Scoopie Tokens to get a prize. "Well I'd have 10 Scoopie Tokens if you'd just give me one," I replied, like a smart person. The man looked at me with hate in his eyes and asked me what prize I wanted. I said I wanted a plush Scoopie. He went and got one for me and said "take it and get out."

I'll write Part 2 of this review once I can order from someone who'll let me have a Kids' Meal. BYE!!!!
I think World of Warcraft is super fun again now that you can play as Vulpera.

I wrote this. Me. Rob. Not PCat.
The old site was cool, you could just write a post in a particular forum and it'd get fed to the frontpage.

This shit has its own 'article' system where the shit doesn't exist as a forum post. I gotta fuck with permissions to make it so people can write Articles to post on the fuckin' frontpage.

Also I'm PCat, I wrote this. Me. Not vcrclock at all.
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