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« on: March 06, 2013, 03:35:03 PM »
Now I know some of you may think it's a tad early to place Abba-Zaba in a position amongst the rest of the staff and that may concern you, but since he's first joined back in December, he's been nothing but active and incredibly eager to learn flash from the get-go and fit in amongst the rest of the crew. In fact I haven't seen a new member that has so quickly fit in the group so well right off the bat! This man's got a job he works at on a normal basis and still finds time to produce atleast two flash animations a day! That not only shows me that he's dedicated at his real life place of work and here, but also willing to take responsibilities towards both. You may also think, "Ehh.. maybe give him a couple more months around here to see if he continues to be as active as he has been." Which it's smart to be careful and feel for certain about an individual, especially when being considered for a position on staff, but I believe if Abba-Zaba was nominated at this point in time, at his current peak of being so astonishingly active all round (his forum and chat presence as well as creating flash submissions on a normal basis) he would instantly feel all of the responsibilities laid heavily on his shoulders take hold and would feel nothing but incredibly inclined to do his best as a staff member.