Author Topic: the burger's magic pink sauce... (recipe, story and more)  (Read 920 times)


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the burger's magic pink sauce... (recipe, story and more)
« on: April 04, 2017, 07:16:33 PM »
OK, so since this is long, funny, and it belongs to the cullinary realm, im gonna post this in here:

a few days ago, i saw grey-clock's and phantomcats posts about the mysterious foodie pink sauce:

I once ordered shrimp with cocktail sauce in America and got some red chili sauce type thing and I was like hey guy what the hell is this, why isn't it pink? They had no idea what I was talking about, but the cook threw together some mysterious pink sauce for me anyway, even though I couldn't specify the ingredients. I found out later that it's one of those little USA vs Europe differences, over here cocktail sauce is ketchup + mayonaise + paprika powder. Now I learned that that's (basically) what they call fry sauce in the U.S. It's really great with pink seafood, shrimp, salmon, crab.

actually, believe it or not, the pink sauce (that its made out of ketchup+mayonaise) is very present here in europe as well...

in fact, a greek macdonalds-like company, ''goodys'', serves this sauce in its burgers, and when i was young(er), the cook told me that this awesome pink sauce is just ketchup+mayonaise, a fact that i can confirm, since i've personally created, tested and used this kind of sauce in my food many times, up to this day.

the pink sauce goes perfectly with various meat-themed foods, such as: steak, burgers, but also for meatballs.
(however pink sauce can also work for chicken and bovine meat (even tho its better for pork meat), but its also good for adding an extra spice to your french fries/to your salads.)

with that being said, the BEST burgers imho, were the ones that were sold by the ''3-G'' burger company.
i mean, those burgers were made 100% by vegetables, and there wasnt any meat in them, but they tasted divine.
does anyone have any 3-G's in his country, or has it gone extinct on a global basis?

Isn't the McDonald's SECRET PINK SAUCE on the Big Mac and such just ketchup and mayo and like.. something.
yes. im sure that thats the case. (as shown in my post above)

tl;tr =pink sauce is good, its tasty, and you can make it with ketchup+mayonaise.
also, ''3-G''s created some of the best veggie bergers ever. (best burgers EVER!)
does anyone know/have any ''3-G''s in their country?

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