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Author Topic: Y'know what time it is?  (Read 443 times)


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Re: Y'know what time it is?
« Reply #20 on: July 06, 2020, 04:19:36 AM »
u should give nuka the ability to post directly in the gas chamber
i was thinking along the same lines: a new subforum called the kids' table where manchildren and actual children can be isolated and everything is censored, but your idea seems easier. a permaban is easier still.

real talk: i can't be the only one that's uncomfortable with these teenagers joining right? this is already a weird enough situation with a weird enough group of people... meaning the core group of people here is in their late twenties, early thirties (perhaps not mentally speaking) and members of a forum built on terrible cartoons with dick jokes.

like, not to take anything away from bio or olskoo or people like that, but those fuckers were already old when they hung out with us back when we were kids. i thought that was pretty cool back then, but now that the shoe is up the other ass, i don't like it, i don't feel like ending up one some government website because i made some lame joke about putting a shoe up my ass

I've considered this as well. It really is kinda weird when you think about it. I'm 30 atm but Nuka and redbook(?) are like half my age maybe. On one hand I like that somehow, in 2020, we're attracting new people to our (on life support) group.

On the other hand... I'd rather hang out, chat, etc with people my own age or, at the very least, adults.

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Re: Y'know what time it is?
« Reply #21 on: July 06, 2020, 04:37:25 AM »
If you guys make the subforum "The Kids" be sure to add Switch and Brazil Clock as well, i don't plan to be in that subforum with just Nuka posting memes he likes and all that >:( :o