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I had forgotten it too but stumbled across it the very day you appeared out of nowhere. I do believe our stars have aligned!
Aright darlin?
Godzilla: strange sentimental movie about fatherhood in which a giant destructive lizard functions as a metaphor for American military allies whose means are justified by the ends??

If you cut out the sentimental plot it would be an art movie. Someone please do this.
Cooking & Food / Sourdough Cheddar Biscuits
May 25, 2014, 05:16:41 PM
Please send a sample pack so I can evaluate the possibility of requesting another sample.
Pokemon Stadium / I need a theme song
May 24, 2014, 01:14:03 PM
If our talented userbase does not rise the occasion, there is a lot of that kind of stuff on the NG audio portal (if you search 'epic' 'orchestral').
Far be it from me to storm in and start changing things but perhaps a hazelnut burger would be more fitting. The Clock Crew annals will also have to be changed.

Annals I said
Reception Desk / 13+ years ago
January 01, 2014, 10:28:04 AM
Quote from: Buttplug;1965580good thing its our 3rd leg and its length is absolutely lewd

Sounds like business as usual :tophat:
That was pretty wild. I shed a tear at the end. ;@
General Discussion / Clocks in College
August 02, 2013, 09:16:15 AM
Quote from: clamclock;1956368nope. this offer is only valid for leekclock

I will give you 500 if you get a leekclock in a loveheart.
General Discussion / Clocks in College
July 19, 2013, 03:59:15 AM
hey clam lend me twenty bux plz/
Quote from: clamclock;1954695leek do u have anymore tattoos if so could u post pix

I thought no one was going to ask. Here is my latest:

A spring[e] is a trap for catching wandering animals. It might attract kinky penis owners too.
Quote from: ScrewdriverClock;1952917here's a full preview of what im working on

[SWF=width=375 height=250][/SWF]
because i'm probably never gonna finish it :(

Oh do!
Quote from: Marlin Clock;1954627Woodcocks have a tendency to just flush right next to you, and are really loud about it, thus making them pretty much the easiest thing to catch ever. My boss said their chicks are so resistant to moving that he accidentally stepped on one since they nest on the ground. Probably the reason why.

Thank you MarlinClock!
Vertigo... Best movie of all time? I think no. Best Hitchcock? Nor that. The city of San Francisco was the most sympathetic character in the film. And as critics seem to have noted good and well at the time of its original release, it's a poorly paced, far-fetched waste of time.

The Hijacking / Kadringen... One of those movies that seems like there is an intelligent person behind it, so you wait generously for the redeeming quality or scene, and then the credits roll. I say you wait, because there's little to engage you in the film. The experience is like waiting for a bus, which you eventually realise has been cancelled without notification.
Quote from: VCRClock;1954495Why is the lark's cabinet moist?

Cymbeline Act ii, Sc. 3:

Hark! hark! the lark at heaven's gate sings,
And Phoebus 'gins arise,
His steeds to water at those springs
On chalic'd flowers that lies;
And winking Mary-buds begin
To ope their golden eyes;
With everything that pretty is.
My lady sweet, arise:
Arise, arise.
Quote from: Slurpee;1954496when laertes is killed by his own poisoned sword, he draw comparison of himself "as a woodcock to mine own springe [...] justly killed with mine own treachery" (Hamlet Act 5, Scene 2);
1) is woodcock a funny word? cite evidence from the text
2) hi leek

1) Yes, woodcock is a very funny word indeed. The woodcock, for some unaccountable reason, was supposed to have no brains, and the name of this bird became a synonym for a fool. It is to this that Claudio alludes when he says:

'Shall I not find a woodcock too?' Much Ado about Nothing, Act v. Sc. 1



'O this woodcock! what an ass it is!' Taming of the Shrew, Act i, Sc. 2.

2) hi

Quote from: ElementsClock;1954508John will beat on.

I love you, Leek.  Forever and always.

Hello dear. These days I try more to be [the Egyptian sun god] Aton!
Quote from: BilliardBall10;1954510oh thou, i hast been waiting for thine day!
i hast been waiting for countless centuries, eons, eternal sunrises, and eternal moon shines, for thou!
but now thou have returned, and i await our next meeting with bated breath, hoping, asking, seeking, for thou to stay in the clockian-lands, forever.

-billiardiamus, ''an ode to an olde friend'' -pg.42

1.hi leek, welcome back! plz stick around, and stay!
2. will you do flash?

1. An ancient device for getting within shot of wild-fowl was 'the stalking-horse'. Hence the allusion:
'Stalk on, stalk on, the fowl sits.' Much Ado about Nothing, Act ii. Sc. 3
2. 'Why, he stalks up and down like a peacock, a stride and a stand' Trolius and Cressida, Act iii, Sc. 3

Quote from: FloundermanClock;1954512do you think shakespeare could win a fight with a cassowary?

Although he would not be familiar with the bird, I think he would have the upper hand as 'hawking' and game hunting was very much in vogue at the time. That Shakespeare was both a sportsman and a naturalist, there is much evidence to show.
Quote from: AnkhClock;1954513Does Goethe talk about birds a lot? I know they have a ton of birds in Germany.

P.S. Hi Leek

Hello, yes.
Quote from: PezDispenserclock;1954490Question 1: Will you make a clockday flash?
Question 2: Are you a voice actor?
Question 3: What made you decide to return?

1. We find the owl stigmatised at various times as the 'obscure', 'ominous', 'fearful', and 'fatal' 'bird of night'. It's doleful cry pierces the ear of Lady Macbeth while the murder is being done:

'Hark! ââ,¬â€ Peace! It was the owl that shriek'd,
The fatal bellman which gives the stern'st good night.' Macbeth, Act ii. Sc. I.

2. 'Lo here the gentle lark, weary of rest,
From his moist cabinet mounts up on high,
And wakes the morning, from whose silver breast
The sun ariseth in his majesty'. Venus and Adonis

3. A wild hawk is sometimes tamed by watching it night and day, to prevent its sleeping. 'I'll watch him tame.' Othello, Act iii, Sc. 3.
I became estranged from the ClockCrew tribe quite a while ago, but recently my ClockCrew-shaped birthmark started glowing and upon answering the call, I
General Discussion / Clocks in College
July 11, 2013, 03:39:49 PM
Quote from: GreyClock;1952712I'm currently studying art history at university, so you know my future job prospects are through the goddamn roof. I'm currently finishing up my BA, writing the last few pages of my thesis. Next year MA.

Hi GreyClock,

where over goes your thesis?