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I had two toys from the Mighty Ducks show and remember nothing else about it at all

disney should keep making cartoons about their investments. i want an action figure of a rag-tag team of lawyers that change the law so only disney can buy media companies
leonardo was the leader, sure, but raphael was the red one, and therefore the leader

i used my sixth wish to send slurpee to a alternate dimension where "click" is and always was pronounced phonetically and i'm starting to wonder why this genie is still here. something about a ring
you're on THE NOSTALGIA STATION one oh three point three FREEEEESNOOOO more music and LESS COMMERCIALS anyway listen about this lumpy pillow isn't that the craziest shit
My mom listened to the 40's-50's-60's NOSTAAAAAAALGIA STATION every time she got in the car, so even when I wasn't in the car with her, I'd tune it to that when I lived in California. It's all campy but it turns out songs that have survived for seventy years are occasionally super good

I've been listening to SIRIUS XM SEVENTIES ON SEVEN to and from work since getting my car (my sirius trial was supposed to have ended but i'm not gonna say anything). I always think of Slurp when i think of Carol King. That Pierre song, GOOD SHIT.

anyway it turns out she had like ten hits in the seventies, including one i occasionally just bust out with and my whole life i had no idea it was her. how bou da
i guess i could go to hell. i'm not picky, put me in whatever doesn't get got
i think it actually happened in the atlantic
so the official clock crew team, i guess

unless rob is into hockey and just quiet about it. i know pat, abs, and mfc died in that billionaire submarine accident over the summer so he's the only possible objection
oh and it means bear but what it actually means is the letter B with eight sticks coming out of it
Bruins is the Boston team, which means it's the New England team. People actually give a shit about hockey here and it's all Bruins all the time. Like, real, warm looking jerseys that have to be at least a hundred dollars, everywhere

i should get the bussi one and wear it to work. could do it on fridays and i bet nobody would notice, except to talk to me about hockey

sports IN GENERAL are a thousand times cooler in person and maybe fifty times better if you go to a party specifically for it (i never say no to a Superb Owl party) because you don't actually give a shit so you get all the highs of the cheering for both teams and get none of the lows of one team having something bad happen to them, and FREE GUACAMOLE
you remembered to start the reading Fellowship on Bilbo's birthday yesterday, right?
Mrs. McGruder's House / Re: advanced haiku thread
September 22, 2023, 10:14:14 PM
There sure are a lot of lemon-stealing whores at this beach,
I'm not at the beach. This is a bathtub!
I think you should get out of the bathtub, and we should turn around to look at our prized lemon tree.
(i also remembered)
they played it again on the way to work, today
lame ass Seventies On Seven sirius xm piece of ass-shit played it on the way TO and the way FROM work yesterday and did not play it today
Quote from: RobClock on September 19, 2023, 06:23:12 PMI read something where before the announcement the CEO offloaded a ton of stock, and then he was removed after the announcement so he made off like a thief in the night. I'm not a gamedev or anything but it seems supremely scummy all the same- it's killed any goodwill towards the engine and basically destroyed its viability as an option for indies.
the thunderstorm on Friday before last hit us exactly for from when I left the work parking lot to when I made it home
california deserves coyotes tho

come stop our new english coyotes
I got five, but was only able to correctly name one group

The second group was my madness paying off, then the third one was me guessing
I matched two groups but ran out of time, then identified three groups for a total of five points

What a cool idea