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Quote from: Sinister Clock;1949834Do you think you're going to get enough money from Cartoon Hangover to make more episodes? I really have no idea how that would work.

If not, I'd suggest kickstarting, but you'd need a decent fan base, which you get from making more episodes, which you'd need to kickstart, etc... I would definitely pay for more of this series, but you'd probably need to pay a decent PR department to get a decent donation base. But I have no idea how much producing these cost.

The deal with Frederator is that if they decide they want more within the next year or so they'll commission us for another 5 episodes and pay the same amount for the pilot for each of them. I don't know if they're gonna just go off youtube views or use their own judgement on which would work best but for now we just have to hope they'll want more. The head of creative seems to really dig Ace but I don't know how much control he has over the decision.
Quote from: AstronautClock;1949654you think comedy central might take this? I dont know of any other channel that allows swearing in their cartoons that much.
looks amazing though munglai youre great

I think if we were gonna try and get it anywhere it would have to be somewhere more unconventional like Adult Swim. We're happy for it to stay internet-bound though, we just need more money to make more episodes.

Quote from: RomanClock;1949676Sweetness!!! Nicely done, didn't know you worked in Cartoon Hangover :thumbs:

My only problem was I found it difficult to make out what characters were saying sometimes, even on max volume! D:

Yeah, both the voice recorder and sound designer did a pretty shoddy job. The producer I was working with insisted we get pros to do it but I as I suspected, unless you pay pros the amount they're used to getting they just don't do quality work. I'd have rather got someone young and inexperienced who actually cared about the project and next time I will.

Quote from: BilliardBall10;1949745good timing.

anyway, i must ask you sir, the cartoon is great but why

-the robot is killing the dicks? is it mailfunctioned?
-the main character looks like will smith when he's young, but then turns out like weshley snipes/denzel washington when he gets older. why?

other than that, it's a good series, and should continue.

ps. at one point, you should make an episode where they land on a planet named clocktopia, with SBC as it's king. ;)

1. Yeah he's pretty much just a shit robot. Part of the backstory of the series is that all the men left Earth when emotionally attentive relationship robots were invented allowing women to take over and gay up the planet (which involved ending war and curing all diseases). Rip is an early prototype of the emotional robot but his shoddy emotion circuits just make him wildly irrational and kind of an asshole.

2. He lived hard and aged badly. If he'd been a success all his life like Earth Will Smith maybe he'd have ended up looking more like he does now.
Quote from: Sinister Clock;1949641Update: it was fufcking amazing god damn.

I'd like to know, how many of you worked on that on how long did it take you?

Thanks guy. It was all written and planned and designed by me and my bud Martin and then I worked for about a month and a half on this pilot with three animators and a background artist working on and off with me. The production on this episode was pretty quick but the idea and characters and everything has all been stewing and developing for a couple of years. We've got a billion more ideas so we really want to do more episodes.
hey you guys it's finally online
General Discussion / hey you guys draw me some costumes
February 28, 2013, 05:50:02 AM
Quote from: Sinister Clock;1940629Oh man, I would really love to see you on Cartoon Hangover. At the moment it's all just "children's cartoons but with swears!!", but you'd really bring something worth watching to the channel.

Anyway, I may or may not submit a thing. Right now I'm working on some stuff, but if I have time and I'm not drawing porn, you know what it is I shall be drawing! I'll post your thing on my uni facebook page anyway, I'm sure you'll get a few more submissions from them.

P.S. do you actually draw porn?
General Discussion / hey you guys draw me some costumes
February 28, 2013, 05:49:41 AM
Quote from: Sinister Clock;1940629Oh man, I would really love to see you on Cartoon Hangover. At the moment it's all just "children's cartoons but with swears!!", but you'd really bring something worth watching to the channel.

Anyway, I may or may not submit a thing. Right now I'm working on some stuff, but if I have time and I'm not drawing porn, you know what it is I shall be drawing! I'll post your thing on my uni facebook page anyway, I'm sure you'll get a few more submissions from them.

thanks daddio

looks like I chose a bad time to post this thread what with the giant flash flood
General Discussion / hey you guys draw me some costumes
February 27, 2013, 05:30:24 AM
sorry to push this stuff on you again but we've got a costume design contest running for my Cartoon Hangover pilot and we don't have nearly enough entries yet. I turn to you, Clock Crew, in my time of need. Draw me a costume and I'll toss flour at your dick (in a sensual kind of way).

deets here:

all the costumes submitted so far here:

picture of Julio Iglesias here:!photos/Julio_Iglesias_Main.jpg
Entertainment / Brief reviews of movies you saw recently
February 19, 2013, 07:19:59 AM
Quote from: TequilaClock;1927836Wreck-It Ralph - 85/100

Wreck-It Ralph may suffer from some fan service hype overdose ever since they announced that plenty of Capcom, Nintendo, and SEGA characters would be on the movie making cameos, and mentioned cameos really do not make that much of a big impact on the movie rather than just some clever gags that will move away of the plot fast.

That said, the movie has pretty imaginative game worlds inspired from recurring genres and quirks at the same time it delivers an interesting premise while bending plenty of logical rules you would understand from how video games work (like having a central station on a power strip), but that mentioned it becomes easily heart-touching and charming in several aspects. I believe this movie has to be seen with the feeling of wonder you had when you had no idea how a video game even worked and you would just imagine how some things happen along.

I highly recommend it.

I don't understand why they based all their rules so much on the arcade when the plot pretty much had nothing to do with it. Who cares how the game characters get around within our physical world? It's fucking magical game land! If everything in the game world had just been connected like a real world instead of some dumb theme park they could have done a proper road movie with Ralph and Vanelope traveling through different interesting environments instead of spending 90% of the film in Willy Wonka land fighting arbitrary rules that they kept having to stop and explain to us. If the overall crisis had been that the arcade was going out of business or something then sure, go for that angle, but the story was about being trapped by your role and reputation, not being physically trapped in a box.

Plus making it like the games were all weird little standalone box worlds with no impact on each other pretty much sucked the peril out of everything. Why did it matter whether the game characters had a world to go to when all they did there was pretend to fight every day and then hang around in other games? Why were those gameless characters like hobos when there wasn't any money and they could just waltz into another game world and dick around there instead? And why were there only like 5 characters with no game in the whole film? Shouldn't there be thousands? Also, why were there no games between Street Fighter and Gears of War? Where were all the shitty 90s 3D games like Time Crisis and that one where you stand on a pretend snow board? When was this supposed to be set? Why were the HD characters the same as the pixelated characters but then some of the pixelated characters moved like pixelated characters?

God damn this film pissed me off.

On the plus side that "dynamite gal" montage was pretty great.
General Discussion / prepare to be exploited
February 01, 2013, 02:07:26 PM
Quote from: BilliardBall10;1938091epic. great job munglai!

ps. will you animate a small clock movie, nowadays? i missed your stuff

I wanted to do one this year but my August was so full it was just implausible.
General Discussion / prepare to be exploited
February 01, 2013, 09:16:32 AM
Hey you guys. I haven't been here for ages. How's it going? Are you looking forward to Valentine's Day? How's that yeast infection?


Ace Discovery, a thing that I wrote with a bud o mine, has been picked up by Frederator for their Cartoon Hangover youtube channel. We've just got money to do a pilot for now but if it does well we might get to make a series out of it. The facebook page for it has just gone up and you can follow it here. If you guys could spread it around that would be absolutely wonderful. There's gonna be competitions and videos and junk up there in the upcoming weeks so watch out.

Keep on trucking.
Mrs. McGruder's House / public domain music
November 02, 2012, 07:21:51 PM
Thanks a bundle you champs.

Mrs. McGruder's House / public domain music
November 01, 2012, 06:20:26 PM
Hey you guys.

Does anyone have that album of public domain cartoon music that they used a bunch for Ren and Stimpy? I'm pretty sure someone here was flaunting it about a little while back. As a reward, this image:

General Discussion / Loop De Loop
July 15, 2012, 03:49:01 PM
This is a super neat idea, although I have to point out that most of these loops don't actually loop, they just repeat.

I might try and set up something like this at the swingin' film/animation bar over here because it's such a nice brief.
I might have a go at something. If I have to submit a few days after the 31st will that be ok? I might be able to get something done before then but it's likely I won't have access to my mic and stuff until the 1st of August.
Entertainment / Wreck-It-Ralph
June 25, 2012, 11:34:05 AM
Quote from: VuBawlsClock;1910582Oh I get what you mean now, yeah

you dumb nig
Entertainment / Wreck-It-Ralph
June 25, 2012, 10:39:13 AM
Quote from: VuBawlsClock;1910492I don't think I can sit through an hour 1/2 worth of stuff I could just look up on Newgrounds

sidenote, my only problem with this movie is it looks like there just whoring everyone out, basically saying "LOOK! VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS!!!!! WATCH OUR FILM!!!"

I'm not saying make the whole film in pixel graphics, you dumb nig, just that each character should be treated as if their design and origin has some worth instead of just making them all exactly the same.
Entertainment / Wreck-It-Ralph
June 24, 2012, 05:17:45 PM
I really don't like the look of Wreck-It Ralph. The problem for me is that whereas in Toy Story the toys all move in the way that they physically would if they were alive (and therefore the way that you moved them when you played with them as a kid), the characters in Wreck-It Ralph all have that bland, standardised style of animation which doesn't take anything about their shape or origin into consideration. They don't even look like they're from different worlds anymore. It's really disappointing after that lovely opening scene with the old pixel graphics to see Ralph transformed into a big smooth CGI Disney character, and even more disappointing to see Zangeif show up bouncing around like fucking Aladdin.

Plus: none of the jokes in the trailer are funny.
Entertainment / Prometheus Spoiler Fuckstorm thread
June 24, 2012, 07:11:50 AM
The main issue with Prometheus was that the crew was 90% unlikable. Idris was cool as the captain but barely got to do anything; Charlize was pretty intriguing as some kind of super badass but she never got a chance to use her secret badass abilities and Noomy only became at all likable after giving herself a robot abortion about two thirds into the story. David was the only one you liked the entire way through and he was kind of meant to be a bad guy. The rest of the crew just became more and more unlikable the more we saw of them, especially Noomy's boyfriend/husband who was the biggest tool ever right up to his death. I think Ridley was probably going for a kind of "hey this is real life and in real life you might end up with a ship full of assholes" approach but the real strength of the original Alien was that even though the crew were realistically assholey, you liked them all and you felt strong relationships between all of them whether it was friendship/camaraderie/respect/whatever.

The only real plot hole was why David put the alien juice in Noomy's boyfriend's drink. I mean I get that he was a huge dick so David picked him to use it on, but what was it all meant to achieve?

And yeah I think they could have done with clearing up the alien life cycle a bit. If they wanted to have loads of different creatures they could have just established that the alien juice stuff was unpredictable and did different things to different people in different situations. Having an already existing alien vagina snake and all that junk just threw everything off track. I really wanted to know more about the engineers and was a bit disappointed that he just went nuts and tried to murder everyone without revealing any secrets at all but as long as they do a decent sequel I can live with that.

Overall I thought the world and ideas were interesting enough to make up for the plot problems. I got the feeling it would be a lot more enjoyable the second time round when you're prepared for the weird pace and you can look out for all the hidden stuff they jammed in.

Quote from: FloundermanClock;1909982They didnt entirely expect a sequel while making this. The reason a lot of things were unanswered is because thats how horror works. Shit has to stay strange, foreign, and unknown. You let people understand something entirely for impact, and they gave us some realizations for that purpose. The original Alien movie didnt explain jack shit about the xenomorphs and the intentions of Weyland were still fairly vague yet sinister, yet nobody complains about that.

The reason a lot of things were unanswered is because Ridley changed his mind about what the film was half way through and got the writers to put together a new script in the middle of filming. Alien had a certain amount of mystery but all the workings of plot were fully formed in the creators' heads and you could really tell.
Update: It looks like Frederator probably want to take a longer, talkier version of Ace Discovery. We're gonna try pitching them an episode of Buck and Rick too, which is another thing we've been playing around with for ages.

Lone Wolves and Rajesh are going on the pile of ideas to be developed further. Although I might make that episode of Lone Wolves as a one off film kind of thing since people dig it so much.
I think tattoos look pretty shit unless you've got a whole load of them in one place so I would get a bunch at gunpoint. I think it'd be pretty neat to get a load of really good portraits of people who I think are really awesome -- artists, scientists, public figures, musicians etc.

I wouldn't do it without the gun though because I'd feel like kind of a dick.