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Mrs. McGruder's House / Re: the decision is made
March 27, 2024, 10:25:24 PM
you know what they say

"you gotta eat goat to get goat"
Mrs. McGruder's House / Re: click here to log out
March 27, 2024, 07:48:54 PM
Linux adventure:

so months ago I did my fresh install of Debian Bookworm. I thought wi-fi was working fine until I went somewhere with a different wifi network. connman wasn't working. connman GUI would launch but I couldn't see or connect to any networks, so I had to Google how to use wpa_cli or something to connect via command line. which I got working, but y'know, clunky for something that should have worked out of the box, right?

i just took my laptop to a coffee shop and had another go at *really* fixing the problem. some CLI solutions involved nmcli, but I don't have that, dude, I'm supposed to be using connman but it's saying "no carrier"

found this guy who was like "I deleted isc-dhcp-client-ddns, works gr8", and I didn't have that package but thought deleting dhclient, the thing that lets my computer use DHCP, was maybe a bad idea anyway. but maybe I could... disable dhclient?

anyway that second guy was right. my home network settings for the wifi device had been written into /etc/network/interfaces, probably during the wifi-connected Debian installation process, and dhcpd was taking over that interface and not letting connman manage it. commented it out. rebooted. connman works and I didn't delete anything important in the process. victory

oh no I didn't post this here for you guys, I'm just putting it here so it comes up when some other idiot googles the problem
Mrs. McGruder's House / Re: click here to log out
March 27, 2024, 07:22:58 PM
I don't have bad things to say about any of my present coworkers

I can think of people I used to work with that one could say bad things about

Sometimes a difficult or annoying coworker lands at your job, and for one reason or another they don't last. (And until then you're waiting for them to do something that will finally get them fired.) Other times you start a job somewhere and the annoying person has been there forever and might not be leaving anytime soon, so you just have to learn how to work with them without setting them off.

I would muse that maybe the harder a job is to get, the less likely that shitty people will make it onto the payroll, but then I remembered sexual harassment type software dudes, so maybe not
Mrs. McGruder's House / Re: click here to log out
March 12, 2024, 08:58:05 PM
young sheldon is MY COMFORT CHARACTER
Mrs. McGruder's House / Re: click here to log out
March 06, 2024, 09:03:55 PM
if this were ten years ago i'd have already posted an autoplay swf that redirected you to the smf logout page

i coulda been a contendah
Mrs. McGruder's House / Re: click here to log out
March 06, 2024, 08:54:37 PM
Quote from: PhantomCatClock on March 03, 2024, 10:44:28 AMIt's a waifu collector gachapon

sexy anime bitches have been a critical load-bearing feature of computer mahjong games since the 1980s. no bitches = why did you even make this game when there are so many other mahjong games with bitches

in spite of this i don't think i ever fully grasped the rules and strategy of real mahjong well enough to undress anybody
Mrs. McGruder's House / Re: click here to log out
March 06, 2024, 08:44:45 PM
Quote from: Slurpee on March 06, 2024, 03:12:51 AMbut it turns out they're like $20 at the low end

well yeah if you buy new. why don't you see if there are any local drug dealers who'd sell you a gently used phone they're no longer interested in
Mrs. McGruder's House / Re: pasta hut
February 27, 2024, 10:51:46 PM
Quote from: Slurpee on February 27, 2024, 08:56:29 PMsex inside of marriage is wrong because when you marry someone they become your family and that means it's incest

a lot of couples that think they need a marriage counselor just needed to hear this
Mrs. McGruder's House / Re: pasta hut
February 26, 2024, 12:35:59 AM
huh well that's unfortunate i guess i'll watch episode 2 in spanish with english subtitles thanks SonGoku007
Mrs. McGruder's House / Re: celebrity death thread
February 18, 2024, 12:54:32 PM
Quote from: PhantomCatClock on February 18, 2024, 09:39:50 AMraise your red solo cup in co—

i remember this song being a lot better

ok i just checked and the world's oldest living dog, tobykeith the chihuahua, now 23, appears to have outlived his namesake
anyway I like this new guy's style, now there's a precedent for "cutting loose" iykwim
Quote from: PhantomCatClock on February 15, 2024, 08:08:12 PMi-knew-it.png

I don't know how to make today's kids understand how low we were willing to stoop for interactive entertainment you didn't have to pay for

we could have come up with 2048 or Wordle at any point but noooo
Mrs. McGruder's House / Re: pasta hut
February 11, 2024, 08:01:40 PM
i was trying to recall the origin image (and exact phrasing of) that "OVER 20 LBS of PUSSY & ASS!" meme and had to use google

i welcome the terrible targeted ads that are about to be served to me and probably also my roommate
Mrs. McGruder's House / Re: pasta hut
February 07, 2024, 10:57:59 PM
Quote from: Slurpee on February 07, 2024, 12:08:44 AM

I haven't seen this anime but I am taking this to mean "David McCallum in an Astro Boy wig"

I dunno seems pretty cool
Mrs. McGruder's House / Re: pasta hut
February 04, 2024, 07:02:32 PM
Quote from: RobClock on February 04, 2024, 01:16:26 PMNS Power has managed to keep electricity going with sparse outages and quick restoration, which is frankly unbelievable

hi we're going to superimpose this on a photo of you and add it to our homepage hero slider. thanks for choosing to be an electricity customer
Mrs. McGruder's House / Re: pasta hut
February 02, 2024, 07:41:15 PM
hello ytmnd fans

this is your reminder that Paul Engemann's "Scarface (Push It To The Limit)" is currently available on streaming after being one of those annoyingly unobtainable major label songs for a long time

go! clock crew! go out and walk along the razor's edge!
Mrs. McGruder's House / Re: pasta hut
January 21, 2024, 01:09:54 PM
Quote from: FLOUNDERMAN_CLOCK on November 05, 2019, 12:15:36 AMI hope you've paid your membership dues to the National Association for the Advancement of Shit-Ass Bears
Mrs. McGruder's House / Re: pasta hut
January 18, 2024, 06:12:33 PM
yknow just using ccbt as a vessel for stuff nobody cares about

i remember seeing this 4chan greentext once where it's a story about a kid who has to do a presentation in class, but he's a Linux enjoyer and the computer won't Just Work with the classroom projector, and the teacher's all "ok hm well look maybe you can go another day who's next, and Linux kid gets all heated and says "no i can do it i just have to install the driver for the projector i swear"

in the previous post, i was playing records on a venue's turntables, but (as I said) something was fucky about how the turntables were set up, so I was all squinting at the needle trying to figure out what model it was so i could find the appropriate settings on the manufacturer's website. you may have seen this Big Bang Theory episode

in today's post, i take my laptop to work for the first time since my fresh Debian install, and discover that although i successfully configured my home wifi settings at install, the glorious Free Software program I formerly used to manage my wifi connections has been benched because it apparently depends on Python 2, so instead I've been issued a GUI network connection manager that doesn't work at all and I had to use my phone to google how to get on wifi using the cli. awesome

making things harder for myself than they need to be is the story of my life
Mrs. McGruder's House / Re: pasta hut
January 16, 2024, 09:23:20 PM
what... is your name
what... is your quest
what... is the recommended tracking force for this phono cartridge? someone messed with the counterweight. i hope this place has wifi
Mrs. McGruder's House / Re: pasta hut
January 04, 2024, 09:49:52 PM
this also made me think about what typical online conversations were like for me in high school vs. what it's like now, and the difference is crazy

high school: a lot of one-on-one IM conversations with people (both e-friends and irl friends), and then maybe being on IRC with internet friends only
now: like, absolutely no one-on-one text-based conversations -- text messages aren't a long-haul format, and unlike the "chill on AIM" era where people were either "available" or "away" and probably just fucking around on their computer, you have no idea how "available" your phone friend is at a glance. DMs with irl friends on Instagram or whatever are strictly limited to like why I haha'd at your meme. we are not going to actually talk about anything at length unless we're hanging out in person. groupchats on discord.

that's fucked up
i'm fucked up