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oh no my cat who doesn't know how to use the Shift key stepped on my keyboard and typed :wq[enter] and permanently saved a broken draft version over the production script that keeps the Hoover Dam working
the official A Chinese Ghost Story 2 tabletop role-playing game be like "wait why are we at this inn again weren't we just here the other day and we found out it's one of those black magic inns"

innkeeper who wants to eat your body parts: "bleah!"
ok first place in the race to watch a chinese ghost story 2 goes to: vcrclock

this is maybe not really my genre, the plot/characters didn't really grip me and the humor seemed a little flat, but yeah there's some grody monsters who drip tapioca pudding and i feel like a huge part of the budget must have been all the breakaway set pieces and explosions

also it'd be cool if being a buddhist monk was as cool as it is in this movie... oh yeah the chief difference between the sects is i like to handle my business with a freeze spell and hadouken, and you like to make 10000 swords that double as hoverboards appear out of thin air

moral of story is: if you ever fall in love with a ghost bitch named Susan, but she's unavailable because she's dead (and if she were to reincarnate as mortal, it's suggested, she'd be a baby), and you happen to meet someone who looks exactly like her, the way to bag the doppelganger is to start calling her Susan and repeatedly demonstrate that you're totally not over Susan at all. yeah kinda sucks to be Not Susan tbh, but is tagging along with a guy who loves his ex preferable to a loveless arranged marriage? find out in the final two minutes
I am glad you both got good gifts, particularly the jackets. (the walled city book is also very tite)

I did not get a jacket for Christmas this year, but my jacket story is: several years ago I wanted a work mug™, so I went to the thrift store and I bought one of those old mugs personalized with someone's name on it in Old English letters above the design. Quit the job and kept the mug, but since I have other mugs at home it mostly sat unused in my cupboard. A couple years and a couple jobs later, I open the cupboard and realize I now work with someone whose name is the one on the mug. So I gifted him the mug randomly, and then a few months later he got me back with a secondhand jacket that's not only my size, but looks like something I would have bought for myself. It is a beautiful thing

the Christmas haul: I too have a family that bugs me when I do not have anything on a wishlist. I feel their pain because I mostly do not know what to get them when they do not have anything on their wishlists. The difference is I would rather not buy a gift than guess

items bought from my wishlist:

(several volumes of) this compilation of song poems, a form of outsider music

This hasn't come in the mail yet, so I don't know if it's even good. I saw a copy at a record store, flipped it over, it's like horn rock or prog or something from Nebraska, record store's price was $50 but it was on Discogs for $20 so I wishlisted it ok

greetings fellow nerd's. 🤓🤓🤓 did you know, that upright open magazine files are not the best way to store your funnily-sized floppy publications? instead, store them laid flat in a box that is more expensive than a regular box because it is archival. I got this idea from an actual librarian. if this isn't more exciting to see under the tree than a nintendo 64 I don't know what is

also ever since their release I had wanted to buy these nice blu-rays covering the career of filmmaker Doris Wishman, but the thing is she liked making these movies with naked ladies in them, and my family are decent people. so I didn't put those on my wishlist exactly, but I asked for a Vinegar Syndrome gift card, so I could get those and whatever other physical release of a restoration of a crummy trash movie I decide I can't live without this year. I ended up with gift cards from more than one person, but fortunately it is not a hard place to spend money

The most fun I have as a gift recipient is when some motherfucker thinks they know me, and they're right, and they gift me an "I didn't even know I wanted that" kind of thing. This is also the energy I strive for when giving gifts, like, "you're not gonna see this coming." But the flip side of that coin is that it's depressing when someone in my family disables aimbot and sends me something far off the mark. If you guess what I'd like and you're right, great, you've proved you understand something about what makes me happy. If you guess what I'd like and you're close, but I don't actually like the item, I appreciate the effort, maybe you don't really understand me but you're trying. If you send me something and I'm struggling to understand how you could have come to the conclusion that I'd enjoy it at all, I now feel like you don't understand me at all, but you're willing to spend money on a bad guess in order to... what are we doing here? Maintain a relationship? Check a box? I'd sort of rather receive nothing than a gift that makes me feel like someone who's known me for most of my life doesn't know who I am. I don't know if it's my fault for not staying in touch and doing more regular character exposition monologues, or if it'd keep happening even with more monologues
contrary to popular understanding, the 'turbo' button actually slows the clock crew's processor down

most of the time when i have to go in and repair a crashed database table i find that pcat has taped down the turbo button again
christmas (est) is now permitted

please do not open any of my presents i still have an hour left
Quote from: PhantomCatClock on December 24, 2022, 05:11:10 PMif only there was a name for the 24th you heathens

can we please not talk about her until the divorce is finalized
Christmas starts the 25th

we are not a "open presents on the 24th" family

still got 9 hours of Not Christmas left

once it's Christmas, presents can be opened after 0700
I am sorry your vehicle(s) are boned RobClock; that is awfully inconvenient when you're that far from work

incidentally it occurs to me that this might be why Santa still drives a sleigh pulled by reindeer
Mrs. McGruder's House / Re: advanced haiku thread
December 17, 2022, 06:04:18 PM
homeless guy spanging
at the drive-up atm
spare a $20, man?
ok i admit it back in 2015 I migrated clockcrew from the dying server in NG's closet to a Gateway 2000 desktop in a closet at the village water treatment plant and taped a note to it that said "DONT TOUCH"

this is why frantech's monthly rates are so reasonable
hey i went to walmart, always a weird time because i don't usually shop there

i'm in the bakery section and i pick up a single-use plastic container of muffins

product of canada

the nearest canada (amherstburg, ontario) is approximately 1,144 miles away, which means that each muffin has travelled at least that many miles to get to me

walmart couldn't find a place between here and amherstburg to bake a muffin?

outsourcing muffins to canada is cheaper than outsourcing muffins to mexico??
Mrs. McGruder's House / Re: celebrity death thread
December 12, 2022, 09:38:54 PM
manuel göttsching :jazzman:
Quote from: VCRClock on December 05, 2022, 11:34:32 PMi get this job

it's nice, thought it would actually be more unpleasant and entrust me with less responsibility

I still feel like a jabroni but at least I'm now an employed jabroni

the portrayal in the cartoon is extremely accurate: i could not read what it said on the outside of the book i was holding because it was upside down

i think it's not unusual for some people to slow down on alcohol as they get older. if you feel like you're master of your own destiny at present (and wondering wtf your friends are doing) that's probably good. mr. new dad is (hopefully) aBout to experience a huge shift in priorities that'll change his everyday life (unless he decides to be shit dad and/or discovers that what he really wants is a divorce)... which does mean that he's probably not going to be coming out to the bar at a moment's notice. none of my friends are having kids, but one got puppies recently and she's had to sit out all this social stuff to accommodate their schedules. anyway everyone's interests and priorities are bound to change some as they get older
i've been to weddings, but i don't know what i'd do if my friend announced they were having a "we're having a kid" party. i feel like i might say some "what were you thinking aren't you scared" kinda stuff so maybe i'd find an excuse to not go


- hamtaro theme song
- "yeah he says he was scrungly before the word 'scrungly' was invented. kind of an elder scrungle"


i am sorry to hear you are stressed about the interview; i hope tech dude thinks you are capable and that the interaction with bossman is just kind of a "weeelll we'll take you but we have a reason or two to not start you at the high end of the wage range" bluff


got laid off basically at end of october, but with enough paycheck to last thru next week

spent a couple weeks not doing anything about it at all, except applying to a couple of respectable organizations that were only hiring for one person (not me), before starting to stare down the Great White Wall of Horrible Jobs. then i went to the website of another local co. that i could envision wanting to work for, and there was a job posted on their site for something where my experience (seasoned barely-skilled gruntworker) was applicable. just interviewed for that, and i think they're going to send me a job offer (though it'll probably pay less than i was making as Head Gruntworker at my old job).

my last job was the longest i've worked in one place... when i started, i was jumping to "safety" and personal-best pay from a job that i felt was literally killing me. that job was "stable" and i guess i thought i had my shit together... but then losing it, i realized that i still don't have any skills or qualifications that would net me more than like $36k a year. shit. so like assuming i'm not an Enterpreneur i guess the move is to get a tolerable job and hope that's enough money to pay for some courses i don't really wanna do, to gain "skills" so this don't happen again.

but if i get this job i expect to get, i won't have to suffer through actually collecting unemployment, or holding my nose crawling Indeed for things that don't suck that i might be able to talk my way into. if the pay's good enough maybe i can just sink back into complacency until the next time this happens

also one of the respectable organizations i applied to earlier just sent me (weeks later) a kind, personalized-sounding rejection email saying they'd keep my information on file, so that was nice
General Discussion / Re: [Vote Five] NEW BOOT GOOFIN'
December 05, 2022, 10:47:46 PM
deadass b 🥾🅱�😤
the senior van to Wegman's Grocery leaves at 10:30
Quote from: PhantomCatClock on November 28, 2022, 05:01:02 PMalso, since i know Richard M. Stallman, rms, googles his name all the time and 102% of the errors come from the google spider: i told someone today that "GNU stands for Linux' Not Unix" and they just nodded because I was talking fast

GNU stands for GNU's Not Unix

The G in the GNU in 'GNU's Not Unix' stands for
Quote from: PhantomCatClock on November 26, 2022, 05:38:13 PMif this isn't the last year i'm working retail i'm killing myself. related, a new song:

the twee artist name all but ensures i would not have given this a chance unless forced to listen to it

I think the worst thing about this song is probably still the song itself, because it might be 'fun to sing' but it absolutely overstays its welcome when you don't have a choice but to listen to it. you spend the last 8 days of Christmas wishing they'd hurry up

the second worst thing about this song is not the quirked up postmodern production, or the decision to fuck with the melody like they thought I was gonna believe they were jazzing it up

no, indeed, the second worst thing about this song is that despite being "from LA" (and yes her dad's famous), Inara George applies a weird nonstandard pronunciation to practically every word, which you then hear every time it's repeated. "Partr(ih)dge" becomes "partr(eh)dge." Five Golden Rangs. Something about Fren Chens.