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February FOTM goes to... WOBBUFFET!

Farted by pop-tart, March 13, 2014, 03:54:53 PM

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Congratulate Wobbuffet Clock! She is February 2014's Flash Of The Month winner for flashflood2014.swf (aka Valentine's Serenade) featuring the new hit single "You Wanna Go Get A Taco?" now available on iTunes.

Still plenty of time in March to get in on this month's contest.

[flash=]width=450 height=300[/flash]


Link the purchase page for that song on itunes please.

Grats, Wobbuffet!


congrats, woob!

-also, renegade should get a honorary title/award/mention for his epic pop-tart 3-d dance-off.

good job guys, im looking forward for the next collabs

k -i raise dragons. here we go -click HERE- i mean click the eggs -and the dragons, until they become  adults.



Quote from: RobClock;1969095Link the purchase page for that song on itunes please.

OK, maybe coming soooon to iTunes?


Fuck anonfrog


[does a victory dance]
NG Audio won't take wav files, so I uploaded it here and enabled downloads
flash rules everything around me, f.r.e.a.m.??? get the fivens, portal portal spam, y\'all


You should get Audacity :)

Anyone who didn't see their submission in the voting remember.. you gotta post in the entry thread! I could have went thru and picked my faves n shit and justified it in my mind (I'm a Radiotube fanboy, BB is the nicest guy on Earth, Coolboyman is.. fuck, we all worship him, etc) but RULES IS RULES.