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teh clock crew apologizes for the outage

Farted by VCRClock, November 11, 2017, 06:39:04 PM

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for the tech savvy among you, I'd been using what had been our host's nameservers and they changed them without telling me, rendering unresolvable

for the less tech savvy, it's not my fault

sorry it took me a couple of days I assumed it wasn't a real outage

apologies to those members who just about have a heart attack and assume the clock crew is finally dead every time we go down
<Marlin Clock> This thread seems proof positive that divisiveness at any level is usually bad for the Clock Crew.
<PhantomCatClock> are we talking about the same clock crew



Thank you for getting the site back up, I was starting to worry



the 4 people who couldn't get on accept your apology