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Operating Systems

Farted by Aleister Fawkes, February 19, 2019, 11:41:38 AM

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Aleister Fawkes

Do any of you use unix-based operating systems? What's your favorite? I've been using Ubuntu for a few years, I'm currently running Manjaro on my main system and I think I have CentOS installed somewhere from a proxy server I ran a while back.

Also: first post w00t w00t


l s deez nuts

I've been using Mac OS for the last ten years or so, switched over to Ubuntu because I moved and didn't want to lug a giant ass glass computer with me. It's on a shitty laptop but I can tell it's aight already, got everything set up back to how I like it. I'm about to make a new, real computer and it's gonna have Ubuntu too because I am a I'm a edgy teen linux baby

i guess i also technically use raspbian, but that's only SSHing into it and piddling around with a webserver and a few bash scripts


I use Debian as my daily driver, but that's just until I finish porting PalmOS to Android and x86
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