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Flash Flood 2020 Round-Up

Farted by pop-tart, March 01, 2020, 06:05:25 PM

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The idea was absurd.

Riding off the adrenaline of a few well-received collabs driven by RobClock, I suggested to him what could only be categorized as insane. A ten-year anniversary edition Flash Flood.

He shrugged. No one had time for such farcical frivolity in February.

Yet here we are.

We launched the month with The Making WAVs Collab, an experiment in creativity that got us all back in a "good-old-days" groove. New and old clocks doing what the Clock Crew does. Creating... something.

Then, it was on. 14 clocks submitted entries, with five going the distance. Two entries were frontpaged. And we gathered more than a few Newgrounds trophies along the way, including an unprecedented 14 (and counting) for the untouchable Thor Clock.

K-9 designed some snazzy awards and Rob snuck them into your stockings while you were sleeping. Accolades go to:

Submitting at least one flash to the Flood:
Flounderman, Inkwell, Clocktopus, K-9, Marlin, Switch, Vuvuzela, P-Cat, and Deodorant.

Submitting 29 flashes to the Flood:
Thor, Redbook, Phonograph, Pop-Tart, and Rob.

Being frontpaged on Newgrounds during the Flood:
Flounderman and Inkwell.

Turd of the Month award for the lowest scoring flash during the flood:

The False Pretender award, for the highest scoring flash during the flood and literally taking over the Portal:
The Almighty Thor

Lots of thanks to everyone. Those who contributed. Those who helped with writing, music, or voice acting for participants. And to those who cheered us on.

I think most of us our ready for a well-earned mental break.

A short break.


they said it couldn't be done! they said it shouldn't be done!

they were probably right the second time


Congratulations to all you beautiful talented people. BTW monthly voting has started on NG, make sure you vote for the three flash flood movies that made it in to ensure total clock crew portal dominance of the month. You've only got a few days left to do so!


Voted for my boys!

FM Robs a 7-Eleven has got to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Good luck!

Redbook, Thor, Rob, and Phono-G. Check your Newgrounds PMs for a note from Tom. (insert grin emoji here)


Also, please tag all your flood entries with " flashflood2020 " if you have not already. (Looking at you, Flounder)

Tom has already retagged the ones with the hyphenated " flashflood-2020 " for consistency.


Tom will also be reaching out to a few other participants. He can't get to everybody, so don't feel left out if you're not on the short list.

He's trying to put together a post and is just looking for some feedback.


went and added the official tag to my flashes. also responded to tom's PM.

Marlin Clock

I have never been more proud. My last award is nine years old, and look at me now!


fixed my tags and replied to PM. i had some as "Flash-flood-2020"
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QuoteWe all have a hidden clocksona deep within us, myself included.
i bet tom is either inkwell of flounderman