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Clockmas Collab and Good Riddance to 2020

Farted by pop-tart, December 26, 2020, 05:22:59 PM

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Greetings Clocks and friends.

Oh boy. Where to start?

So, we released our Clockmas offering this week, Clockmas 2020: Attack & Dethrone Santa. A breathtaking intro by Jelly, a masterful closing by Flounderman, and all sorts of creative goodies in-between.

We fell short of a Newgrounds daily due to some ill-intentioned haters, but were rewarded a Front Page feature by Mr. Fulp for our holiday merry-making. Congrats to Yarn who earned her first NG trophy for her contribution to the Christmas entry submitted by our friends over at Star Syndicate. Great job Yarn!

So this all brings us to the end of the insanity which is 2020. Geesh, who would have foreseen all this when we began this year?

It started out great. The return of the Flash Flood had us all riding high. Amazing entries by new and old Clocks, it was a magical moment in CC history. (I'm not going to post my favorites here, but feel free to comment with links to your must-sees!)

What we didn't know at the time was just how much the COVID-19 pandemic would turn the world upside down. Throw in some political turmoil, a little civil unrest... and we haven't even scratched the surface of how dark of a year 2020 was for humankind.

Still, we kept our heads up and went to work.

We released one hell of a Clock Day collaboration with Pass The Spam: Drei. We returned to the scene in November with Pass the Gravy II. Both receiving very positive reviews and a bunch of accolades on Newgrounds.

So, in the words of GnR, "Where do we go now?"

Well, the future is looking bright. Vaccines and elections and new console releases... All point to a better 2021.

Paving the way for a very big Twenty Years of B Clock Day. You mthrfkkrs ready to make some noise?

Hey. We outlived Flash and survived the Coronavirus pandemic. We can't stop now.


Whaaaat i didn't know i got a trophy.

2020 has sucked for many reasons, but im glad I found these groups and thanks to everyone for being so accepting 💗

Anonymous Frog

Fuck anonfrog


In eight short months the Clock Crew will be two decades old. Have no fears, we've got stories for years!


Wow I've almost been here a year

I did not expect to have as much fun as I did this year with you

Or make as many movies as I did

I'm not going to pick a favorite flash flood contribution because I think all of them are among the best stuff you guys have ever made

Thank you for this year; next year will also inevitably come

hard seltzer counter 2023: 4


I am sad I missed taking part in the Flash Flood, and some of the other collabs, here's to 2021! I will be more active in the CC!
D.Va Clock? More like D.VA COCK!!!

Redbook Clock


D.Va Clock? More like D.VA COCK!!!



More validation that we were targeted.

Or that we are a cult.

Either way, we'll take it.


I'm really looking forward to clock day. I know excactly what my clock day movie is going to be about and it feels good to animate again!


Quote from: InkwellClock on May 01, 2021, 01:06:21 PM
I'm really looking forward to clock day. I know excactly what my clock day movie is going to be about and it feels good to animate again!