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ye officiale prize winners

Farted by VCRClock, August 17, 2021, 06:01:37 PM

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I hope everyone had a smashing Clockday 2021!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We took a weighted vote in which Clock Crew voters ranked their three favorite submissions, and the winners of the grand prize(s) have been decided as follows:

🥇 $100 FIRST PRIZE: 26 pts FloundermanClock: FFFFFF: Final F
🥈 $75 SECOND PRIZE: 25 pts PannacottaClock: / StrawberryClock Chugs A Quart Of Laundry Detergent
🥉 $50 THIRD PRIZE: TIE! 13 pts InkwellClock / Pond of Phantasmagoria
🥉 $50 THIRD PRIZE: TIE! 13 pts PlugClock / BIG NEWS

Other movies our voters put in their top 3:
11 pts PhonographClock / The U1D70B U03BD U03BA Room
5 pts PinClock / Time
2 pts RadiotubeClock / OTB - 2001
1 pt SmegheadClock / SHC's life in lockdown

You may be thinking: "This is bullshit, everybody who won is already in the Clock Crew!" This is very perceptive of you. Don't say I never used the phrase "personal prejudice" to describe our voting process. But that's also why I wanted to make sure we gave at least one prize to someone we didn't know...

At the recommendation of two of our esteemed members, the $25 total stranger prize goes to Koogai, whose contribution Strawberry Cock was also a VCRCLOCK PRIzE contender, as it was created without using Flash or Adobe Animate, and as far as I'm concerned tequila isn't cheating.

But the actual winner of the $25 VCRCLOCK PRIzE is Merol, who sculpted some beautiful clocks in clay and submitted them to the Art Portal! I actually did look for Clockday submissions in the art portal as well -- also check out this pixel art by ScepterDPinoy!

Speaking of pixels... another strong VCRCLOCK PRIzE contender ended up being one of the winners of the raffle for Yarn's StrawberryClock plush dolls (you had to tag your submission #sbcraffle to enter!!!!):

That's Stepford, creator of I Wanna B The Clock, and our own UTF65536tothe4Clock, who threw BAD PEGGEY into the ring. I'll be in touch shortly to get your mailing addresses!!

Finally, not all of my favorite submissions won something. Clock Day 2021 Porno? Fucking robbed, man. StrawberryClock's Face Reveal? Criminally underexposed. Don't let the Establishment tell you what to watch!! Go explore the creative endeavors of people who use their free time to make fun stuff!!!
<Marlin Clock> This thread seems proof positive that divisiveness at any level is usually bad for the Clock Crew.
<PhantomCatClock> are we talking about the same clock crew




I'd like the thank the academy, jesus, the devil, and the pro-flounderman lobby for their tireless work in conspiring to win me first prize. ten million dollars in bribes well spent.


bitches. congratulations bitches.


Thank you and I'd just like to tell everyone what a good sport I've been throughout this competition

No dirty tactics were used whatsoever not even doping and I haven't complained for a second even despite the conditions we were forced to perform in due to my incredible (and increasing) mental fortitude

Only thing I could've added is more rewards for myself
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the post of a true clock

i regret not haunting the discord earlier, i feel like i missed out on you


OMG!!! Thank you everyone for nominating me, I am so humbled, it's been a great honour to have made something for you all to enjoy, I didn't need any of these priz......wait, I didn't win?! I BRIBED THE JUDGES AND EVERYTHING!!! FUCK SAKE!!!! I HAVE BEEN ROBBED, AND CONNED!!!!!

Congrats to all the winners!!!

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D.Va Clock? More like D.VA COCK!!!

Redbook Clock


the real clockday 2021 was the clockday 2021 we made along the clockday 2021 clock day 2021

Plug Clock

I was too busy being in hell and forgot this Clockday had prizez omg


Quote from: Plug Clock on September 01, 2021, 01:21:33 PM
I was too busy being in hell and forgot this Clockday had prizez omg

I tried to add/DM you on Newgrounds but send me your PayPal address to claim your $50
<Marlin Clock> This thread seems proof positive that divisiveness at any level is usually bad for the Clock Crew.
<PhantomCatClock> are we talking about the same clock crew

UTF clock

Since I won something, I feel like I have to do something with it. Maybe I could put it in a cartoon or something, but I have to ask Yarn first.


that's actually why it takes me so long to make cartoons i always ask permission for all of my assets