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Metroid Dread

Farted by Wegra2020, November 04, 2021, 06:55:01 PM

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Hot damn this game was well worth the wait. Really happy we ended up getting a new one since Samus Returns.


samus talking for the first time made me feel something
it was great


It's really good, but the shinespark bullshit really drags down the game. you can only use the analog stick and most of this shit would still be difficult if the controls weren't complete garbage in those specific sections. I wouldn't have gotten 100% if I knew in advance. also it got real fanfictiony towards the end I couldn't take it seriously, even if the initial twist is really good and explains why adam kept talking up how hard the final boss would be. great final boss though damn that was fun. that was less "we're morons and hampered your controls on purpose" and more "git gud". it plays very well overall and the levels are alright if generic. I give dread a competent out of ten.



I liked it for the most part. Most fun I've had with the switch in a while.

That said, I think I've kind of outgrown the series. Mercury steam is sticking to the traditional games and I can respect it but I'd love to see a proper Metroid Prime reboot.