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2022 Official Bitching Thread

Farted by PhantomCatClock, January 19, 2022, 12:23:08 PM

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For when shit happens but you aren't exactly looking for a conversation about it. This is not a replacement for such posts on CCBHomogang.

Quote from: DiscoBallClock on March 03, 2021, 06:21:34 AM
we've been in lockdown since mid-january and this is to go on until april aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


pcat started a wordle game and when it came time for the big reveal he ghosted us
<Marlin Clock> This thread seems proof positive that divisiveness at any level is usually bad for the Clock Crew.
<PhantomCatClock> are we talking about the same clock crew


like a mighty Dungeon Master intent on murdering the player characters of his most competent friends, I was hurt on a personal level when you so effortlessly solved my most difficult puzzle


maybe if when I encounter a frustrating, nonsensical bug on something that should just FUCKING WORK THE WAY IT'S FUCKING SUPPOSED TO I just record it and post it here, I'll feel better:

google reverse image search gives you "visually similar images" and if you're curious about one and want to know what it is, clicking it just redirects you to





#2 the recently closed tabs list in safari for ipad jumps back to the top when you try to scroll down. there's a history of like 100+ tabs in there that you just can't look at, I guess


also I just realized the word "twink" is visible in one of the tab names in that video and I don't feel like rerecording it

so to clarify, it's just somebody on twitter whose display name contains the word twink, and it was this post:


not that I don't look at twinks, I mean


#3 my bluetooth headphones just stopped connecting, so I had to reset them
and, while resetting them, the button you have to press to reset them got stuck
*toilet flush*

I have literally never had bluetooth headphones go a month without issue, ever. they are such a horrible idea. they just do not work. they don't do the thing they're supposed to. they are worse than regular headphones. you should not, under any circumstances, get bluetooth headphones. I am seriously considering never buying another apple product as long as I live, because they got rid of the headphone jacks, and it was stupid and I hate them. Tim Cook can eat my shit and I hope Steve Jobs is burning in hell


#3.5 seriously fuck apple
if their shitty product breaks while under warranty, the process is, they send it off to a mysterious warehouse that will FUCCKING LIE and say that you got it wet when you goddamn know you didn't because you haven't been able to leave the fucking house since you got it, and there is no mechanism to challenge this short of filing a lawsuit.
next time, they tell you, shell out hundreds of dollars for "applecare+". if anything happens, including the product getting wet, they'll cover it no questions asked... for the additional charge of 29 fucking dollars, more than the cost of an actually good pair of headphones that you'd rather be using

fuck apple. they hate you, and they are trying to destroy love and happiness, because they are bad. I hope Tim Cook is having a bad day. I hope he gets testicular torsion and when the doctors go to fix it they accidentally rip his balls off


I hope Tim Cook gets diarrhea while walking down the stairs and he slips on his own diarrhea and he dies from falling down the stairs and shitting himself


I hope Tim Cook goes to hell and hell is a locked room with a keypad to get out and he knows the passcode but he can't put it in because the keypad only has one button because it was designed by Stupid Fucking Asshole Tim Cook the Button Hater and the useless mechanism to reset the keypad requires him to press the button and the button gets stuck so he stays locked in the room forever with diarrhea and the room slowly fills up with his diarrhea but he can never stop shitting and he can never take his pants off because his shitty pants were designed by Idiot Asshole Bitch Tim Cook the Button Hater and you have to issue a verbal command to get them off but it's not working so he has to reset them and the only way to reset them is to stop shitting yourself for five minutes and he can't


i had bluetooth problems but my bluetooth5® headphones work amazingly. I turn them on and they automatically reconnect and the battery lasts forever and charges fast and mmmmmmmwah

i have had so many bluetooth problems on linux but these headphones made me forget about them!! :) :) :) :) :)

so this week i took my $1000 laptop to work with some $6 earbuds and fuck me if i didn't waste my entire god damn lunch break not studying my videos because i forgot to get the earbuds working on the laptop at home first it was the most frustrating shit and i can't even hate tim cook about it (but will choose to)


I forgot to mention that I was having a bad day one time so I plugged in my REAL headphones with a REAL cord and they sounded like dog shit. I'd just gotten used to them. My old bluetooth headphones sounded worse than those and I just assumed it was all bluetooth, but bluetooth 5 is coolaroonie i guess


Quote from: PhantomCatClock on February 01, 2022, 09:51:14 PM
i had bluetooth problems but my bluetooth5® headphones work amazingly. I turn them on and they automatically reconnect and the battery lasts forever and charges fast and mmmmmmmwah


have you tried only spending $20 on them

I actually may have changed bluetooth software whatsits at some point. I was really pulling my hair out at the time, on my desktop computrix


it's not really apple or bluetooth I'm mad at, it's the fact that at some point everything electronic became a delicate fucking rose petal carved out of milk chocolate that will shatter forever if gazed at with an impure heart
and once that happens, you are not allowed to fix it. it will self-destruct
a fucking button got stuck. you know what's supposed to happen when a button get stuck? you smack it and it starts working again. and if that doesn't work, you get a screwdriver, open it up, wiggle stuff around, put it back together, and it starts working again. and if that doesn't work, you find the part that doesn't work, buy a replacement, take out the broken part, and put in the replacement part

what happened to that? why is my ability to quietly enjoy music instead at the mercy of the fickle whimsy of a wizard's magic crystals?

remember batteries
I recall once, a stranger's cell phone battery had died, and neither of us had a charger, so I opened my phone up, and he opened his phone up, and we switched batteries, because that was just something you could do back then, because they're batteries WHY WOULD YOU NOT BE ABLE TO CHANGE THEM what the fuck did steve jobs do to this planet


also I spent $0 on them, they were a gift, but that's neither here nor there


and I may or may not be bitching about this here because I don't want the person who got them for me to feel like it was a bad present

it was, though, I never would have asked for these. they might as well have gotten me a rolls royce. don't fucking buy people expensive ass shit that they didn't ask for that's also high maintenance and also sucks, wtf


mac powerusers generally have an easier time switching to linux due to the similarities

prove you really like the power to repair by getting a computer you have to repair ALL THE TIME!

(it really isn't that bad, just kind of a bitch to get how you like it in the first place. To this day there are a few things I insist on recreating from the Mac UX, like the keyboard™®©®©™Þ...æÆþÞ˚¬ḗå¯ and the annoying IT'S FIVE FIFTEEN voice)

where were w

oh yeah

fucking right to repair though

what a weird time for computers. am I the only person who's been confusedly applauding microsoft, recently? i still don't trust them but damn. OH AND HP LOST THE INK CARTRIDGE LAWSUIT HAHAHA FUCKERS