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Farted by PhantomCatClock, October 17, 2022, 04:24:02 PM

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hello i heard that to become a better person you must surround yourself with people better than you at the things you want to be better at and i figured what better place for self-improvement than the clock crew forums i am looking for

- career
- be less homophobic
- be smarter
-be funnier

if you are better than me at any of these things please respond to this thread with your résumé and be sure to include a way to contact you in it thank you if you don't get a call back you can probably take it personally we're a small enough community


I could teach you, but my courses start at $15/mo and I don't know if you're ready for that sort of commitment.
I'm here to finish the fight...


this is the last time i link my alt to one of my threads


You know, I wonder... with inflation, your $15/mo joke, from the first time you said it to me would actually be $22.08/mo now, the fact you've been able to maintain this joke for over a decade with no increase in overhead costs is frankly quite impressive.
I'm here to finish the fight...