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The Clock Day The Failed Collab Collab

Farted by PolyhedronClock, July 16, 2023, 01:30:07 PM

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The Failed Collab (name pending) - open to suggestions

We're continuing the joke from April Fools. The idea is that we used everything earlier in the year, and have nothing left for the actual Clock Day. We used all our resources, have no funds left, and are just posting a movie for tax purposes. Oops we blew it.

The collab framing device will be a bunch of tired, exhausted, and hungover clocks are at a board meeting, and are trying to salvage what we can do for the holiday. We'll have an A plot story in-between the parts. A slight take on the "I didn't make a clockday movie, movie."

The parts that participants will submit can be things like unfinished movies, or anything related to the theme that you can pull out. It can be spammy or high quality, although if enough people sign up we might have to limit how long certain parts can be. We don't have enough time to do it with sequential parts ala PTF, so your parts will have to be independent of each other.


August 10th submission deadline - can be lenient if you're almost done - we need time to cobble the framing device between parts 🙇
Minute in length
Mp4 format
don't be a fuckhead

Let us know what type of part you are aiming for, it gives us space to figure out the pacing of the framing device and where to fit it in

1) Polyhedron Clock
2) Monster Clock
3) Pannacotta Clock
4) Filmcutter Clock
5) MTV Clock
6) Phonograph Clock
7) Vuvuzella Clock
8) Poptart Clock
9) PhantomCat Clock
10) Octopus Clock
11) Phonograph Clock
12) K9 Clock
13) Inkwell Clock
14) Juice Clock
15) Flounderman Clock
16) D.Va Clock
17) Prosciutto Clock
18( Thor Clock
19) Bolt Clock [maybe]
20) Jackfruit Clock



i'm DOWN!

here's some name suggestions:
- The Sloppy Seconds Collab
- The For-Profit Charity Collab
- Five and Taxes
- Time Is Money So There's None Left
- The Clock Crew Sells Out
- It'll Do Collab
- Half Assed Half Hour
- Introducing The BCU

i'll be down to make music for it too! here's some of my recent work :D




I want to join, I will make something shit with jpegs
D.Va Clock? More like D.VA COCK!!!


The Failed Collab is the best name, because It's a Collab named Failed, and implies that we actually failed. guitar emoticon


D.Va Clock? More like D.VA COCK!!!