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Games you got recently.

Farted by DeadTreeClock, December 20, 2006, 11:48:42 AM

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When you get a new game post here.

At the beginning of break I got:

Metroid Prime
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Now, Gamestop and EB are having a buy 2 get one free sale on used games this week so I went and bought:

Battalion Wars
Viewtiful Joe
Viewtiful Joe 2
Tales of Symphonia
Fire Emblem Path of Radiance
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

They are all very fun ;)


wow good bunch of games there, how much was it altogether?

apart from zelda, i got fahrenheit which is pretty rubbish so far really.
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i was surprised to find wind waker under my bed, not knowing I even owned it, so i'm playing through that now

I've got metroid prime 2 btw, it's hella good

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I got Ristar on the Wii VC recently, as well as Gunstar Heroes, classics.

In terms of proper games, I got Zelda TP, Wii Play and obviously, Wii Sports, this Xmas I will probably get Rayman Raving Rabbids and Super Smash Bros, and MAYBE Super Monkey Ball Banana Blits.


Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade

First game I've bought in ages.


I got Zelda, Trauma Center, and Call of Duty 3 with my Wii.

Other than that, I bought these for myself for Christmas:

Guitar Hero 2

A black DS Lite with:
Super Princess Peach
Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
New Super Mario Bros.
Animal Crossing
Final Fantasy III
Mario Kart DS
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I haven't really had too much of an itch to buy games lately.  I got Call of Duty 2 and Half Life 2 (for xbox) during black friday, but since then....  I am debating picking up Gears of War at Target when it goes on sale for $40 the week after Christmas, though.

I lost my DS power cord and my roommates are ALWAYS in the living room when I'm home, so I haven't been playing much games lately.  I shouldn't be either, since I've got competitions I still need to make games for :P


Thought this was kind of part of the review thread but whatever...

Most recent thing I bought was the Call of Duty War Chest on Steam during World War II week (OMG another 5% off!), which contains the first game, its expansion, and the sequel.


Well, the most recent game i got was Final Fantasy 7 because i lost the other two disks. :L

I'm stuck right now, and it's no fun. NO FUN AT ALL!


Garry's Mod 10

See my threads regarding these games.


Warhammer Dark Crusade for PC.  it's greattttt. already owned the orginal and winter assault, but Dark Crusade ads +100% fun. the Tau has become my new favorite race.. yes even cooler then space marines..  although those new Grey Knights are awesome.

Gears Of War for 360.
fucking amazing gameplay. this is what next-gen gaming supposed to be.

Rainbow Six Vegas. for 360  i love this game, great gamplay, looks awesome, cool guns, great ai, just perfect.
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Prime 2 was good, but I just couldn't get as into it as Prime 1.

I'm getting LoZ: Twilight Princess over break.


Metriod Prime Hunters for my DS.

Still waiting on my Wii and LoZ; Twilight Princess, but i've heard from the catalogue i ordered from it should be here by Jan 16th.


Lego Star Wars 2: Very easy, takes about 3 days to beat. Very fun though. I like it quite a bit.

I'm also getting Destroy All Humans 2 on Christmas.


Quote from: Biggskoo;619585I'm getting LoZ: Twilight Princess over break.

Same, and hopefully i'll get those new Final Fantasies XII and III. : )


Quote from: Mr. Strickland;619781Lego Star Wars 2: Very easy, takes about 3 days to beat. Very fun though. I like it quite a bit.

I'm also getting Destroy All Humans 2 on Christmas.

Days is an awful description of the game's length, because we don't know if you play 2 hours a day or twenty.

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I purchased Bully and Viva Pinata a couple of weeks before wii came out then when I got my Wii last month it came with Zelda TP and Monkey Ball Banana Blitz. Then they had some deal at Target where I get a $20 gift card if i buy 3 games, so I got Happy Feet for my girlfriend, Red Steel and DBZ Tenkaichi 2.

and now I dont see any games Im looking foward to untill SSBB. Woe is me.


Zelda:Twilight Princess
Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz

That's about it, both are great, hopefully more to come


Splinter Cell:Chaos Theory
Who cares if its old. Sam Fisher FTW.


Quote from: Colonel Buttplug;620185Splinter Cell:Chaos Theory
Who cares if its old. Sam Fisher FTW.

Best SC out there