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Games you got recently.

Farted by DeadTreeClock, December 20, 2006, 11:48:42 AM

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Thanks guys, I'm gonna go look at some game reviews and decide.


The last game that I picked up was Mortal Kombat Armegddon.
And i've recently been playing F-Zero GX again, until my memory card dicided to shit itself.

Hate Clock

Quote from: Pumpkin;620167I purchased Bully and Viva Pinata a couple of weeks before wii came out then when I got my Wii last month it came with Zelda TP and Monkey Ball Banana Blitz. Then they had some deal at Target where I get a $20 gift card if i buy 3 games, so I got Happy Feet for my girlfriend, Red Steel and DBZ Tenkaichi 2.

and now I dont see any games Im looking foward to untill SSBB. Woe is me.

How is Viva Pinata, is it so gay that it'll make me want to suck dicks or is just gay enough that I'll be able to play it without having to suck any dicks?  Because I'm anti-sucking dicks, but I'm pro-fun, so if it's a healthy balance of sucking dicks and fun then maybe I will purchase it.


Bully, Guitar Hero 2, Jak 3

Christmas is good times


Quote from: Adrenaline;626241Guitar Hero 2

Just got this, taking a break after playing it for four hours

camoclock is a great man

MK : Armageddon a few week ago and WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2007 Saturday.


I gots Oblivion and Hitman Blood money.




Quote from: Officer Cop;626323Just got this, taking a break after playing it for four hours

I've been playing through medium on and off through the day, I'm a couple songs away from the finish.  Then it's on to hard.  The setlist isn't quite as good as the first but it's still damn fun


Quote from: Mr. Strickland;619781I'm also getting Destroy All Humans 2 on Christmas.

Great game. Much better than the first. Hilarious too, a ton of great sexual humor involved. (being that it takes place in the 60's and you are the only one of your species to be gifted with genitalia)


LoZ: Twilight Princess: Awesome. Even more than i anticipated.

Final Fantasy XII: Fun, different, nicec plot, confusing, and all in all; great fun.

Final Fantasy III: Kinda difficult, can't give a complete opinion yet.


I just got Final Fantasy III today.
It's pretty fun, though a bit confusing at times.


Quote from: Colonel Buttplug;621069The words are unreadable unless you have a widescreen tv. Don't forget that.

This is true, also it has little things that start to get on your tits as you play(like always having your walkie talkie going off when fighting), But its fun to fuck around on.

I got Tony Hawks Project 8 aswell, I was shocked how good this game is, its fully gone back to its roots and I love the new trick mode.


Just got Gears of War for $40 at Target this morning.  I got moneyz for christmas and gave myself a christmas gift with it.


I got Vexx for Ps2 because it was $5 used.  It's not a terrible game, but on the crappy TV I'm using, it's impossible to do anything.  Needs gamma correction.


I got stepmania,Its a pretty hard game,but it's fun.


Beyond Good And Evil for the Gamecube, thx ZLC :)



I hope to get Elebits sometime this weekend.
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+Super Mario Advance: Super Mario Bros. 2
+Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World
+Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island
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+ lost planet. (limited edition)