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Farted by SoBe Clock, August 26, 2008, 07:25:25 PM

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SoBe Clock

Since there's no active topic for TF2 discussion, and we seem to make new threads for every update and every organized game, I thought I'd make this thread so all future update and game discussion can be held here.

So they seem to have just nerfed the Pyro. The Backburner no longer gives a health bonus!
I actually think this is a good thing, and I'm a pyro fan. Having all that extra health made it way too easy to get in, wreak havoc, and get out alive. Plus, it made no one ever want to use the compression blast flamethrower. Now that the health bonus was taken away, both flamethrowers are a great choice to use. I personally am going to use the original now, because rocket and bomb reflection is sweet, and I have no need for critical hits from behind. If I'm about to take someone out from behind, I'll set them ablaze and use the Axtinguisher.
Also, is it me or did the flares in the flare gun get faster since it was introduced? I've taken a liking to the flare gun recently and I used to suck with it.


Was just playing some now. I still play the pyro to get some achievements since I'm pretty awful at most other classes including Heavy so the new achievements don't worry me.

I gave Coal a 1-month trial of TF2 for us to play together but looks like that rude little shit doesn't want to play after thanking me >:




Is there any news on what the next weapon/achievement update is?  Meet the ____?

Exclamation Mark

Quote from: MasterClock;1390043Is there any news on what the next weapon/achievement update is?  Meet the ____?

I don't think valve have even decided yet
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I sure hope it's gonna be Demoman. I love to play as him.

SoBe Clock

I take back what I said about not using the backburner anymore. If there's a lot of troublesome demomen and soldiers, I'll use flamethrower. Otherwise, I'll use backburner. If there's a lot of open areas and range, I'll use flare gun. If there's a lot of underwater or closed areas, I'll use shotgun. If I'm using Flaregun, I'll use Fireaxe, so I have something to use underwater. Otherwise I'll use Axtinguisher.

I hope the Soldier is next. I'd like to see him get seeker rockets, an automatic rifle with a slight zoom function, so he can have some range but with less instant damage, a damage boost to spade, and an asp or a riot baton or something that does less damage than the spade but slows targets.

Wind-up Clock

So what do you boys think of Natascha? I think she just sounds badass.


Marlin Clock

Quote from: Wind-up Clock;1390243So what do you boys think of Natascha? I think she just sounds badass.


Wind-up Clock



Sniper is the master race. Your all too ignorant to realize.

Marlin Clock

Quote from: TropicanaClock;1390654Sniper is the master race. Your all too ignorant to realize.
I did pyro for a bit and then sniper for a long time but then I had a taste of the other classes and it's hard to just be sniper anymore. It's entertaining on 2fort, but many other classes are too.


Demo, soldier, scout and spy are my favourites (I have many favourites.).


I hope spy gets a buff I love spy ;w;


SoBe Clock

I absolutely suck as the Spy. I like him, but I just can't play him. That's the only class I can't play.

Sniper is tough too because there are a lot of sniper players on the PC that can pull off instant headshots no matter how far away you are. I'm not bad with him, I'm just not quite as fast as a lot of the other snipers out there. Maybe it's because my sensitivity is only at 9.

I don't like Natascha. I can take on Scouts, Medics, and Pyros pretty well without it, and it makes it impossible to fend off another heavy. KGB and Sandvich, on the other hand, are great.

We should organize another cc match. How is Tuesday evening for everyone?


Man I am awesome with Scout...

SoBe Clock

Quote from: SockPuppetClock;1390829Man I am awesome with Scout...

Got any tips for staying alive with him? I can usually get in and get a kill or two but then I just get gunned down.

Marlin Clock

My favorites depend on the scenario. Many 2fort scenarios are perfect for the sniper, spy, or scout(my mains). Not all of them overlap, like if there's too many offensive demos, scouts, and soldiers, it's hard to snipe. If there's too much of a presence all around, then spying is almost impossible. Finally, if there's a turret in the main spawn and courtyard, scouting is almost worthless if not for the cheap sniper kills.


Meet the Gentleman

That would be so fucking awesome.
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SoBe Clock

Quote from: TrickyClock;1391297So there's this video made by EvilDeadalus, found it very useful myself and got ofcourse better after it, and now Scout is one of my main-classes.


Wow. That actually helps me a lot. I think I'm going to be much better at the scout now.

I'm going to check if he has a "How to Play the Spy" video.