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Favorite video game MUSIC.

Farted by NintendrCkolc, December 24, 2008, 12:48:18 AM

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Post the music that has touched you sexually.

top 10 fo me.

10. [U2]zsGA0Aiq6uA[/u2]
FFVI: Terras Theme

Sonic & Knuckles: Flying Battery Zone (Best sonic track ever. Fuck casino zone.)

As over rated as halo may indeed be, Marty O'donnel is fucking amazing.
Halo 2: Unforgotten

Duke Nukem 3D: Theme

6. [u2]ig-sR4DR_mE[/u2]
Star Fox 64: Meteo

5. [u2]ei3i996VsNQ[/u2]
FF7: Cosmo Canyon.

Chrono Cross: Scars of Time

3. [u2]gGTUz4OnzdM[/u2]
Diablo: Tristram Theme

Zelda OoT: Gerudo Valley
Often overlooked, simply orgasmic.

1. [u2]w_DwmMDCOQQ[/u2]
Metroid: Kraid

Shit tons more I could list..



FUCk yes the duke nukem 3D music

that music makes killing 10x more fun
the man, the legend


Quote from: Ninty(Best sonic track ever. Fuck casino zone.)

Sonic 2 boss theme FUCK YEAR



Quote from: FloundermanClock;1478474Sonic 2 boss theme FUCK YEAR



And no. But still awesome.


Quote from: FloundermanClock;1478474Sonic 2 boss theme FUCK YEAR


oh fuck here he comes

i fucking hated the casino night boss. it pissed me off because the rest of casino night was comparable to an orgasm
the man, the legend


Kirby 64 always


I like a shit ton of music, bro.

I will list a few of my favorites.

Agreeing with Gerudo Valley. its the fucking bomb.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - Ballad of the Wind Fish
Its short but it makes a lot of ambience, especially att the end of the game.

EarthBound - Pokey Means Business
One of the best fucking final boss themes ever. Just listen it a whole minute to see why.

Mother3 - Natural Killer Cyborg
Mother 3 has some of the best soundtrack on the GBA, and this is one of the tops.

Mother3 - GENE 163-1425
Yeah Mother3 has a lot of amazing boss music.

Crash 3 Warped - N. Cortex

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga - Rookie and Popple
The boss theme is great, but the Rookie and Popple theme is waaaay better

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards - 02
Holy crap

I think I'll post more soon

EDIT: Holy cocks! That versionof Terra's Theme is fucking fantastic


superstar saga is one of my top ten games of all time and that song is the best fucking song ever composed.

i don't know how bach and beethoven are still household names when composers like that have blown them away
the man, the legend

Marlin Clock

Quote from: FloundermanClock;1478474Sonic 2 boss theme FUCK YEAR

Hell yeah!
Basically anything Phoenix Wright. They pack a lot of good melody into those midis.
Phoenix Wright: Cornered. *Personal favorite.

Phoenix Wright: Inform the Truth.

Phoenix Wright: Reminiscence.

Phoenix Wright: Gumshoe's Theme.

Phoenix Wright: The Fragrance of Dark Coffee.
This user's got alot of 'em.

Five doesn't do it justice, but I don't want to stretch the page too much _poogle_
They sound even better as orchestral pieces, but every midi does.


Quote from: Clayman;1478547[u2]PndjJnL83Kk[/u2]
Crash 3 Warped - N. Cortex

DEAR GOD YES. I wouldve never thought of that.

As much as I HATED this game, it had some pretty decent music.

Super Metroid: Norfair

MGS2 theme

Inside the castle walls

Paper mario TTYD: Rogue Port


Quote from: Ninty;1478679[u2]3-HJY7Bx_Z0[/u2]
Paper mario TTYD: Rogue Port
Aww man I loved that game. :( I remember Rouge Port's music the most.


Final Boss music from Kingdom Hearts II

Boss Battle from Tales of Legendia is really catchy

I've always found Termina field to be superior to Hyrule field.

Song of Healing

Chemical Plant zone

Hailfire Peaks

Weldar Boss Battle

Kefka Dancing Mad

Everything from Donkey Kong Country 2


Quote from: TrickyClock;1478751Oh hey look, childhood memories.

That game was although damn hard, but yet fun.

Its probably one of my favorite games of all time.
I can beat it with my eyes closed.

Loki Clock

I have expounded on numerous occasions my favorite soundtracks, so I'll be conservative.

I used to wait for hours at the entrance of Gerudo Valley (before the waterfall becomes audible) just to listen to the music.
Glover - Atlantis, Stage 2
Banjo-Kazooie - Rusty Bucket Bay


Lol @ the lag in this thread

Its curious how after now I own it, I can look back Ocarina of Time and I find it really lacking of a lot of substance Majora's Mask has, like character development because as i start OoT you are like "HEY LINK GUESS WHAT YOU ARE THE HERO WOO GREAT NOW GET TO WORK" instead of "Look wood head! I hate to collaborate with you now but I need to find my brother and know what's going on"

Alas this thread is about the music so yeah its fucking fantastic

Also: [URL=]Super Mario 64 - Jolly Roger bay[/URL]
This song kept burned in my soul, its beautiful


I am not a big fan of Final Fantasy but I have always loved the prelude, so I will post the one of
Final Fantasy VI - Prelude
This piece is a classic, it marks the beginning of a great story with different emotions, especially FF6 which was fucking incredible to me.

Mario Kart 64 - Toad´s Turnpike
No idea why this song its so awesome. It just is.

Mario Kart 64 - Ending Credits
To be prized with this song in the first time you beat a whole game by yourself is one of the best feelings ever. Fucking underrated game song


my computer doest seem to lag this thread at all...


Windwaker: Dragon Roost island

OoT: Forest Temple
(The most unique of any dungeon music in any zelda game ever)

Zelda: Hyrule Castle

fuck zelda has too much good music.



I'll post what I did in another thread.
Quote from: William Murray;1387046In your opinion (obviously), what games have the best soundtracks?

One of my favorites is the Ratchet and Clank soundtrack.
Eurodia had awesome background music for it.
The section in the cliffs as well.
Quartu's background music also kicked ass.

I loved the whole electronica genre of the game.  The orchestral dingen was also pretty good, but wasn't quite as fun to listen to.  Later, on, the series went with less electronica and more orchestra-driven pieces, though there were still some nuggety good ones, like the song played when the player is working the jamming array in Maktar Nebula or at Slim Cognito's shack.

Ratchet: Deadlocked went for a more "heavy metal super extreme football" sounding theme going on with their songs.  Then again, that is Dreadzone's main theme motiff and all.  However, they had a couple cool songs, my favorite being the one played when trying to destroy the generators (although slightly later in the song the heavy metal sound makes a brief appearance.

I don't really remember any memorable songs from Up Your Arsenal or Tools of Destruction.  Doesn't mean the music was bad, I'm just not all that big on orchestra music, you know?
Either way, the Ratchet and Clank series has had some good music in the games.
Anyway, enough of my babbling what are some of your favorite video game soundtracks.

(By the way, I'm pretty sure the links are legal since Insomniac has never released soundtrack CDs or expressed any desire to ever release any)

And, to add to that, My Patch by Jim Noir was a song I found before it was put in Little Big Planet, and it, over time, has become one of my favorite songs of all time.
So, since it's in Little Big Planet, that can go on the list.

Video is pretty dumb, don't watch it.


Quote from: TrickyClock;1478748[u2]Ygz4OPam8DA[/u2]
LoZ , A Link to the past - Dark Overworld Theme

:this: x 1,000,000,000. Whenever someone asks me what my favourite video game music is, this springs instantly to mind.