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Brag about your Clock Day flash reviews here!

Farted by CaulkClock, August 15, 2009, 07:30:16 AM

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Quote from: killer34578nice

one of the funniest I've seen today

Quote from: CheesemaneatscheeseAmazing

This my friend is a masterpiece , it delivers the lulz...

Hell, I thought mine was shit


Quote from: by: [URL="[url=""][/url]"gygax[/url]]cool

but I am a gay robot but good flash

Quote from: by: [URL="[url=""][/url]"Losperman[/url]]Simple, but funny and well animated

I thought your art style was very smooth and crisp. The comedic timing was spot on, and I altogether I thought it was very well put together. Nicely done! {{{}}}

I got two others but I'm too lazy to copy those too. I love all my reviews though {{{people that reviewed}}}

The Spoiler

Quote from: CorpsegrinderClockPretty spectacular!
I liked this actually

camoclock is a great man

Quote from: weenie roast"i voted 5 on this movie 5 times"

5 times
5 times
5 times
5 times
5 times

Quote from: Losperman"This is what a classic Clock Crew movie looks like"

Some people might be turned off by the crude animation, but I feel like that adds to the hilarity of the jokes and general comedy of the movie. And your comedy is more than acceptable. In fact, I would say that it is quite profound, sir. Very funny movie. Keep it up! {{{}}}



Quote from: CaulkClock;1646286Hell, I thought mine was shit

No, I really liked yours.

Quote from: Lifesink"You're only limited by your own imagination..."

Or your terrible skills in animating. Its probably the second. Sorry, not probably, it is the second. Next time, don't bother writing the storyboard on the same toilet paper you've wiped your ass with.

oh boy :)

Quote from: Losperman"Although I do wish it were 'finished'..."

...I have to say it is stunning even as it is. The animated parts are amazing, and the little detailed parts (like the Indy tear) were great. The scenes were put together very well, too, and the music appropriate. I would like to see a "completed" version, but this one is still awesome on its own.

Might finish it exclusively for the CC, but it's staying the way it is on newgrounds :)
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Quote"I hate clocks"
by: ignight666

But this was nicely done. The comedic timing was spot on(agree srtrongly with losperman); among other things. and i believe you fulfilled whatever it is you set out to accomplish. Once again good job entertaining me!

Losperman writes the best reviews.

Quote"Over a thousand ways to fifen this movie"
by: Losperman

Hilarious. Really, the jokes were strong and the comedic timing was so perfect. If that weren't enough, your animation was so clean and colorful. You deserve a high five for this movie. {{{}}}


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Quote from: Losperman"Strong writing and animation"
I loved the plot and general writing behind this movie. Quite funny, I do say. The animation was also very good, and I am looking forward to seeing more like this from you. :) {{{}}}
Lospy is really nice fellow.
Quote from: CorpseGrinderClock"warm fuzzy"
Flash like this gives me nostalgia.

Happy clockday fella
Quote from: dulkintojas"lol at the ending"
It also had a Hollywood worth plot
I don't really get all the compliments about the writing, I appreciate them, but this isn't really my favorite script. The comments are nice though.


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:capn: BUSTAS! :capn:


"Unique and charming"
by: Losperman
date: 8 hours ago
I like the style you used. Very colorful and smooth. The humor was good, too, and I loved the Alien, heh. Great job, and happy Clock Day! {{{}}}

"That was great."
by: ClockRadio
date: 10 hours ago
Really had me giggling like a girl <3

"Jeeves and Wooster was a great show."
by: Twist
date: 5 hours ago
Also this is a very cool movie, so hoorah all around!


Quote from: Nexusoveridecan't believe that NG wastes a day for this crap...
  as for your flash.....
  problems are its way to short hard to follow and its these damn stupid clocks...

i like this guy.



Why would you need a thread for good reviews, who cares, its the bad reviews that get real entertaining sometimes.


I missed the general shock users have when they rate a Clock flash well. I've had five or so people saying "I... fived this?"


Quote from: SirClock;1646694Why would you need a thread for good reviews, who cares, its the bad reviews that get real entertaining sometimes.

Yeah I respond to all my reviews and the good ones get boring. There's only so many ways I can say "Thanks"

...not that I don't appreciate them :D



I was certainly not expecting to post in this particular thread. :o