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Post here if you want to be banned.

Farted by AbsintheClock, August 14, 2011, 03:10:22 PM

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Looking at a thread SockPuppet made, I'm just gonna leave this up.

The purpose of this is simple. If you feel you need to be banned just post here, and the length of time.

Need to concentrate on your clock day film? Got a big final coming up? Spend too much time on the site? Or do you really just like that duke nukem banned video? You've come to the right place.

If you need to be unbanned, just send a message to staff on IM or email. Usually there's a staff around somewhere on the blast chat who can help.


anyway you can ban me for a minuet? If not, don't!
Fuck anonfrog


Can I have one that ends right when it hits midnight?
Quote from: PezDispenserclock;1948598Abba, I might not smoke weed, but I experiancing it being hit with a crowbar on a modded TTT server. Flashing colours, screen flipped, screen flying. Yup, I know how it\'s like.


Done. Caddy will free you at midnight eastern time. I'm gonna get some early z's so I can be up bright and early for all tomorrow's festivities.


1 month please, i need to refocus. i love you guys but i need to get away from here for a while and start accomplishing the things i want to accomplish
Quote from: FLOUNDERINYOBUTT;1837615I think Kodiak is the only person on  this entire website who dislikes Slurpee. I still dont understand how  thats possible. He\'s so loveable and funny. Every guy wants to be his  friend and every girl wants to date him. Understandably Slurpee is not a  very happy person.


the rest of today and all of tomorrow

User was banned for this post -


3 month ban to focus more on having a life and playing video games

User was banned for this post - Let me know if you change your mind. Good luck.


can i be chilled for one day to see the current rotating images in action?

User was banned for this post - You got it. Hit me up on AIM if you want out.



d u m p y

please ban me until the 8th of october as i will be on a non-stop jet set radio future and cocaine binge until then as my religious customs dictate. thank you. :salute:

User was banned for this post - Good luck with that. Find me on AIM if you change your mind.


God speed dumpster.
(Ps, I don't need to be banned )
Fuck anonfrog


Quote from: VuBawlsClock;1920232God speed dumpster.
(Ps, I don't need to be banned )

Posting in here is serious business, son.


[19:30] dumpster clock: tell the clockcrew that i meant to say i only wanted to be banned til september 8
[19:30] dumpster clock: not october



Chill me for the rest of the day. I'll hit you up on aim if I change my mind.


Can you ban me until September 8th also? gotta gotta focuss

User was banned for this post - :(


One day, please.

User was banned for this post - You asked for it.